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A Permission Slip is a written document usually prepared by either a teacher or a youth worker.

It is meant to obtain permission from the parent or guardian of a student. This document is usually used if a student is meant to travel for a particular event or field trip and the student is bound to be under the care of the school or organization.

The law requires that youth workers or teachers prepare this slip, especially when dealing with minors, to obtain consent to legally be the adult that takes care of them during the travel period.

The teacher or youth worker is allowed to travel with the child, either on a short or long trip, only if the student’s parent or guardian signs the slip. Teachers or youth workers use the consent form to share certain information with the parents. The slip also provides the parents with all the required information in case of an emergency.

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Example of a permission slip template

Editable permission slip template sample

Editable permission slip template sample

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Example of a printable permission slip form

Sample permission slip template with free access

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    Types of Permission Slips

    A teacher or youth worker can prepare two types of permission slips to obtain consent from a student’s parent or guardian. These two types of permission slips have their similarities and differences.

    They usually explain all the activities the child will partake in and the date plus time of each activity.

    These two, however, differ in the following ways:

    Blanket or general form

    For this slip, the teacher or youth worker informs the student’s parents that their respective organizations are not liable for any injuries sustained by the student during the trip, no matter what. This form usually has a complete waiver of liability.

    Most states do not approve of the blanket slips since the teacher or youth worker may not be held liable for accidents that occur to the students, even in the case of negligence from the adult.

    The informed consent form explains the activities to be handled with the child and the risks involved. If the teacher or youth worker receives a signed informed consent form, it means that they will not be liable for any injuries to the child.

    With a signed consent form, the teacher or youth worker is aware that the student’s parent has agreed to the fact that any injuries the child will sustain will not be the school or organization’s fault and the parent will have to take full responsibility.

    However, as a teacher or youth worker, you must remember that you and the school or organization are responsible for any injuries caused to the child due to negligence.


    The most important thing is that a teacher or youth worker can obtain consent from the child’s parent or guardian by using either of these two slips.

    Guide for Making a Permission Slip on MS-Word

    A youth worker or teacher needs to obtain permission from the student’s parents before traveling with them. With that in mind, you need to know how to prepare the slip to ensure all the required information is present in the slip. This process is made easier if a teacher or youth worker observes the following steps.

    Here is a step-by-step guide on how to make the slip in MS-Word:

    Step 1

    Open a blank document in Microsoft Word. Save the document on your desktop by clicking “File” and then “Save as.” Indicate the name of the document and ensure you save it on your desktop for easier access.

    Step 2

    Type in the name of the school or organization as well as the contact information. This information should be on the top page and centered. Next, highlight the text you have typed and then click “Home” and then “Paragraph”, then “Alignment” to center the text.

    Step 3

    Type the day and date of the slip preparation on the right side of the page. Highlight the text you have typed and then click “Home” and then “Paragraph,” then “Alignment” to place the text on the right.

    Step 4

    Type “Dear Parent or Guardian” on the left side of the page. The cursor is usually on the left side of the page, making it easier to place the text on that side.

    Step 5

    Start a paragraph by typing in all the information that the parent must know about the intended trip. This is meant to explain to the parents the reason for the slip. Mention the activities that will take place on the trip so that the parents can trust you.

    Step 6

    Inform the parent or guardian about the destination of the trip and the adult that will be with them, either a teacher or a youth worker, during the activities.

    Step 7

    In another paragraph, explain the activities the child is meant to partake in, while on the trip. Include information about who, what, where, why, and how each activity mentioned in the previous paragraph will be handled. Mention the risks involved, if any.

    Step 8

    Include information about how the child will be transported when they leave for the trip and when they will arrive back to the school or organization. There should also be a list of what the student will need to pack for the trip.

    Step 9

    Provide instructions on how the slip must be filled. Do not forget to include a dotted line to indicate where the form that is required to be taken back starts. Also, indicate the date and day when a signed slip is required back.

    Step 10

    Write a paragraph with blank spaces where necessary to obtain consent from the parent or guardian for the child to travel and partake in the mentioned activities. The blank spaces are meant to include all the required information from the parent.

    Step 11

    There should be blank spaces for the parent to fill in all the essential information about their child. This may include the child’s official name, date of birth, sex, allergies, and other medical conditions. In addition, there should be a section for emergency information, including the parent’s contact information, a doctor’s contact detail (if the child has a medical condition), and any other alternate emergency details.

    Step 12

    The last part should be a blank space to indicate the parent’s signature, which marks the end of the document. Type “Signed” and a blank space for the parent’s or guardian’s signature.


    Free permission slip template

    Printable permission slip example

    Editable permission slip form

    Sample permission slip template - School field trip

    Permission slip template for free download

    Word document permission slip template

    Permission slip template with editable fields

    Printable permission slip form

    Printable permission slip form

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    Permission slip template with customizable sections

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    Permission slip template with fillable fields

    Permission slip template for field trips

    Permission slip template with easy editing options

    Editable permission slip template

    Editable permission slip template example

    Permission slip template for free download

      Tips for Writing a Permission Slip

      When writing the slip, there are some tips that you should observe as the teacher or youth worker seeking consent from a student’s parent or guardian.

      Here are some of the tips you need to consider:

      • As you write the slip, ensure that your tone is polite. Avoid writing in a manner that seems like you are forcing the parent or guardian to make the decision.
      • Use a language that is convincing so that you can obtain consent to travel with the student, especially if the trip is academic or beneficial to the student.
      • Ensure you provide all the essential information about the trip that the parent needs to know. This way, you will earn their trust.
      • Craft the slip in a way that makes you sound trustworthy. The parents should be able to believe that you can take care of their child while on the trip.
      • The language used in the slip should be formal since it is an official way of seeking consent from parents or guardians.
      • Try to proofread your work before sending it to the child’s parent. Edit out any grammar and spelling mistakes to sound professional.

      Sample Permission Slips

      Here are two examples of permission slips that you can use to guide you to prepare the slip:

      Sample 1



      Permission Slip for a Field Trip

      Tuesday, 26/10/2021

      Dear Parent or Guardian,

      I would like to notify you about the (name the trip) that is supposed to happen (name the day and date). The trip is intended to help the students learn more about (reason for the trip). On the trip, the student will be able to participate in (name the activities) with guidance and supervision from the accompanying adults.

      For the field trip, the students will go to (name the destination) in the company of (name the adults, e.g., the teachers, youth worker, or even accompanying parents). These adults will supervise the child during the whole trip and also if the child decides to participate in any of the mentioned activities.

      On the day of the trip, the student will have to come to school where they will be picked by (mention the transportation means) at (mention the time) and head out for the trip at (mention the time). Since the trip is meant for one day, the student will return to school at (mention the time), where they can be picked up by their parent or guardian.

      For the trip, the student is supposed to carry (list all the things the student will need for the trip).

      To give consent for your child to go for the trip, fill out the blank spaces below:

      I (name of parent or guardian) give my permission for my child (full name of child) to go on the field trip on (day/date). My child can participate in the following activities, and with supervision.

      More information

      Child’s Official Name:

      Date of Birth:


      Allergies (or any other medical conditions):

      Emergency Contact Information

      Parent or Guardian Contact Details:

      Doctors’ Contact Details:

      Any other Emergency Contact:

      If you are not giving your consent, then fill in the blank below.

      I (name of parent or guardian) do not give my permission for my child (full name of child) to go on the field trip on (day/date). I believe alternate activities like, and will help my child gain the same experiences.

      Signed: (Parent’s or Guardian’s Signature)

      Sample 2

      Keyla Gallegos

      84th School District Board

      City, State, Zip Code



      Dear Mr. Schroeder,

      Our principal here at St. Francis High School of Learning, Arnold G. Putnam, suggested I send this letter asking for field trip permission from the School Board.

      The students in my ninth-grade class have taken our Introduction to Architecture studies quite seriously. I mentioned one of my favorite places to visit in the city, the Queens Museum, which contains a complete replica of City State City’s architectural design beneath a glass floor. They were both intrigued at the possibility of not only viewing the entire city block by block but excited about finding their individual homes. After one of my students suggested we should go there, I innocently blurted out that I would look into it. LOL.

      So after speaking with Mr. Putnam, I am sending this field trip permission letter to your attention. I have included various booklets about the museum and its exhibits. I think it would be an extremely proactive experience for the students. The museum has exceptional rates for groups and students. I have already spoken with the museum director who has offered to give us an additional 10 percent off if I can get approval from the School District within the next week.

      If you need any other information, please feel free to contact me at St. Francis by phone (212.888.5555) or by email (email@email.com).

      Best regards,

      Keyla Gallegos

      Final Thoughts

      A permission slip is a document prepared by a teacher or youth worker to obtain consent from a parent or guardian to allow their child to travel for a field trip. It is a legal requirement, and therefore, the slip must be signed before the teacher or youth worker can travel with the student. With the steps provided, you can prepare a detailed slip. You can also use the slip template as a guide to draft the slip.

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