The Ultimate Travel Packing Checklist (28 Free Templates)

Traveling, be it for a vacation or official purposes, is a fun and exciting experience. We all know that joyous feeling we get when we look forward to being in a new place. That happiness to stay in that hotel room or camp as you unwind and enjoy is beyond this world. The desire to meet new people, experience different cultures, and get your agendas done makes traveling a lot of fun.

But, remember that part of traveling we all dislike? Yeah, you guessed it right, packing! Packing for a trip is a chore most of us do not appreciate. It is tiring and mind-wrecking. For most of us, it ruins the whole traveling plan we had. Travel packing can suck the fun out of the whole trip. 

You know that gut feeling you get when you are not sure if you have packed everything? Or that stress that emerges when you think you have either over-packed or under-packed? Maybe the hustle of deciding what you need when you travel is what gets to you?

Well, do not worry, you are not alone! Most of us dread packing when it comes to traveling. However, this travel packing list will help make it easier for you. We will breakdown for you the essentials of travel packing and how to go about this tiresome chore.

Furthermore, there are Travel Packing List Templates that you can use to make it easier and even fun to travel pack.

Free Travel Packing Lists

To ensure you eliminate those awful packing jitters that might arise with traveling, we have made it easier to accomplish this chore. Apart from establishing the necessary items, you need to pack and their importance; we are providing free templates to make work even easier.

Download our free travel packing list templates here today! Let’s make packing easier for you when you plan on traveling.

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    The Packing Checklist

    Here, we focus on the essentials that we might all need when we want to travel. Some may not be relatable depending on the length of your trip, your destination, the weather, or even the type of vacation. However, this is the ultimate packing checklist that will make travel packing easier and more fun to handle.


    • 5- Day clothing plan
    • Clothes and shoes for clubs
    • Comfortable walking shoes
    • Slippers
    • Pajamas / Sleepwear
    • Underwear
    • Socks
    • Bras
    • Suits
    • Hats
    • Gloves


    • Power banks
    • Camera
    • Smartphone
    • Global SIM card
    • Travel adaptor
    • Extension cord
    • Chargers and cables
    • Film or memory card

    Backpack essentials

    • Photocopy (and Digital Copy) of passport
    • Refillable water bottle
    • Waterproof file for important documents
    • Travel pillows
    • Sunglasses
    • House keys
    • Paper/pen
    • Snacks
    • Maps
    • Credit/ATM Cards/ Cash
    • Passport/Visa/ID

    Hygiene Products

    • Hanging toiletry bag
    • Microfiber travel towel
    • Travel detergent
    • Dry shampoo
    • All-purpose wipes
    • Toothbrush/Toothpaste
    • Deodorant
    • Soap
    • Shaving supplies
    • Lotion

    Miscellaneous Items

    • Spacious daypack
    • Pocket umbrella
    • Personal medications
    • Multi-purpose ointments
    • Immunity boosters
    • List of medications
    • Emergency contacts

    Packing tools and aids

    • Carabiners
    • Duct tape
    • Padlock
    • Swiss army knife
    • Packing cubes
    • Zip lock bags
    • Disposable shower caps
    • Proper backpacking bag

    Now, theses are explained in detail as;


    The real struggle of travel packing lies here. We all wonder about which piece of attire to pack or what we might need. Worry not! Pack clothes depending on the length and type of your trip. Use this clothing list to help you narrow down the attires you will need when traveling. We will try and breakdown for you the necessary clothes that you must pack when you want to travel.

    Have a 5-day clothing plan; this means that you should pack clothes that can fit a five-day span. Focus on dark or neutral colors; this way, you can be sure that they will go well with one another. Also, try and pack less, especially if you can access laundry on your trip.

    Another important note when you pack is clothes and shoes for the club. In case you plan to go clubbing, packing one piece of attire for that. For shoes, pack something comfortable for other activities and still pretty enough for clubbing.

    Pro Tip: To avoid wrinkling your day clothes, pack two sets of sleepwear. Go for something warm and still comfortable that you can still walk around in to reduce your luggage load.

    Since traveling will involve a lot of exploration, pack comfortable shoes like sneakers and hiking shoes. Have durable shoes that can withstand all weather and dirt but are still stylish. Also, pack about five pairs of socks to make it comfortable when you wear shoes. Don’t shy away from having a pair of leisure shoes. Be careful not to spoil them though! Let you type of vacation determine the shoes you might need.

    For slippers, pack a pair especially for the beach or to use in the showers and any other areas you might share with other people.

    Hygiene Products

    It is understandable for traveling to take a toll on you. It might not be easy to wash your hair or even take a bath when in a new place. Hence, you need to pack some essential hygiene products to help you stay fresh and keep clean. With these products, you can comfortably observe your grooming routine.

    Although it might seem expensive, a hanging toiletry bag is a must-have and a life-saver when traveling. No one wants slimy and yucky toiletries. The bag will prevent toiletry from spilling on your other items in case you forget to close them well. The hanging toiletry bag also prevents moisture from being trapped in, and enables the organization of your hygiene products.

    Just in case your destination and reserved stay place does not offer towels; a microfiber travel towel is the best type of towel to have. It is compact when packing and dries faster. Furthermore, this towel can be convenient when you want to visit the beach.

    Want to keep your hair clean and not greasy even as you travel? Dry shampoo is the answer to your trouble. It is appropriate for traveling as you can use it even in areas without shower amenities.

    When it comes to hygiene products, it also depends on what you need as an individual on a personal level. Ladies, you might need to pack sanitary towels, which are not something a man might pack when traveling. Well, men, don’t forget to pack your shaving supplies! You might also need retainers for your teeth while another might require contact lenses.

    If you can do some laundry while on the trip, then, packing your own travel detergent might save you cash. There are compact tubes that you can buy to store these detergents and make some travel detergent easier.

    Why carry several sets of products for washing up when you can pack the all-purpose wipes? You can use these wipes to remove your make-up, clean your hands or wipe surfaces like toilet seats when water is not available.


    Although they are necessary for capturing special moments or for those traveling for business purposes, knowing what to pack will come in handy on your trip. To avoid over-packing, some essential electronics are as follows.

    Power banks are among the most essential electronics especially if you are going in an area with no electricity or with electricity problems. Therefore, you can pack at least two banks to ensure gadgets like your phone or camera have power throughout. Don’t forget to pack a charging cable alongside these power banks.

    A camera is a must-have when traveling. Capturing those beautiful sites and moments makes traveling memorable and more fun. Pack your camera, its battery plus an extra one and a charger to enjoy your trip to the fullest.

    A smartphone is the most important electronic when going on a trip. Have your smartphone always, and don’t forget its charger. However, if your plan is to detox from the digital world, then carry it and keep it off. It might come in handy when stuck and need help.

    Most Important: Have your phone, camera, laptop chargers and any other device you might have. Additionally, do not forget to pack cables, especially the USB cable, as it will come in handy in most situations.

    Having a global SIM card is important especially if you are visiting a different country. With this on your travel pack list, you are sure to communicate with others from wherever you are and still save on the extra charges.

    A travel adaptor should definitely be on your travel packing list. It enables you to charge your device even when in a foreign country with a different wall socket type; this way all you devices will have enough power to serve you while touring around.

    An extension cord is convenient; it allows several devices to charge at the same time. It is compact and an essential electronic as you travel pack. It may not be so necessary but it is important to have one anyway.

    Miscellaneous Items

    Other essential things that do not necessarily need classification but should be on your travel packing list are as follows.

    You need to have a daypack that is spacious enough to carry your things as you go around exploring new places. It becomes more comfortable to have free hands to take pictures or gather souvenirs without bothering other travelers. To ensure your items stay safe, it is preferable to have a theft-proof daypack.

    As you prepare to travel, please do not ignore the weather, as it might ruin your traveling experience. Instead, pack an umbrella or a compact raincoat for a rainy place. The umbrella might also come in handy if you are traveling to a sunny place; this will also prevent you from sunburns.

    Pack some over-the-counter medication for colds, flu, and other diseases like diarrhea. New places tend to affect your body. Having your medications will ensure you do not stay under the weather for long, hence enjoy your vacation fully.

    Remember! If you are allergic or have illnesses like asthma and diabetes, don’t forget your personal medications. It will prevent any inconveniences when you need them the most.

    It is necessary that you pack ointments like lip balms, lotions, and Vaseline that can satisfy your skin needs in different weather. It might get dry or cold, and having multi-purpose ointments will serve you throughout your trip.

    It is really important to carry with you some immunity boosters. Mot of us tend to be healthy until we plan to travel to a different place and our bodies misbehave. Therefore, carrying a few immunity boosters will help protect you from catching viruses. Pack a few Vitamin C tablets and probiotics.

    Backpack Essentials

    It is advisable to have a backpack where you can keep some of the essential items for your journey. The essentials for a backpack are important and often needed along the way and even during your stay at your destination

    Apart from your original passport, it is safer for you to have a soft and hard copy of your passport. You might misplace your original passport, and having a backup of your passport and other essential documents will ensure you don’t get delayed or detained.

    Reminder: It is important to hydrate sufficiently.

    Therefore, you can avoid the hustle and spending extra cash every time you need to quench your thirst when you are on a trip by having a refillable water bottle on your travel packing list. You can refill your drinking water and have enough for free.

    Though we have most of our documents on our phones and laptops, having hard copy backups is necessary. Hence, having a waterproof file for our important documents is an essential item when travel packing.

    Handy Tools

    These are items that are helpful and useful when you need to fix a problem when traveling. One might find them strange, but they sure do come in “handy” and should be on your travel packing list.

    Buy some carabiners when you want to travel. They are metal loops that can be opened on one side. For traveling, they come in handy when you want to hang extra things like water bottles on your daypack. They work like portable hangers and are very convenient especially for a vacation that involves a lot of sight-seeing and walking.

    It is important that you carry a duct tape. It sounds strange but it will help you fix any of your broken stuff temporarily as you are on your trip.

    Choose wisely: A duct tape may not seem necessary at all but imagine how important it will be when you want to fix something.

    In case you find yourself staying where they do not offer locks, having a padlock will come in handy. So, pack one if you are not sure about the nature of your accommodation at your destination point. If by any chance you forget to pack a padlock from home, you can buy one on the way to your destination.

    Another necessary tool is a Swiss army knife. It is really useful for safety and outdoor activities especially if you are camping. Although durable and useful for air travel, a Swiss army knife may be confiscated. It is important to note that a Swiss knife is equally dangerous to you as much as it is to those around you. Therefore, be very careful when using it.

    Packing Aids

    Packing aids are items might not necessarily leave your bag but will assist you in accomplishing your travel packing successfully.

    Get yourself some packing cubes! Packing cubes will help you when you are packing and have limited space in your suitcase. They ensure that you can organize and separate your clothes as you pack them. Also, they are beneficial when you need to compress your clothing without disorganizing them. 

    Zip lock bags are other necessary packing aids. They will be helpful when you want to store wet or soiled clothes. You can also store any small miscellaneous items that can easily get lost. Zip lock bags can also come in handy as a waterproofing material for documents and electronics.

    Heard of disposable shower caps? Well, you are in luck! With disposable shower caps, you do not need to carry an extra bag for shoes. They are useful for covering shoes to prevent dirt from affecting your clothes or other items.

    When all is said and done, you must have a proper backpacking bag on your travel packing list. A good type of material ensures that weight is evenly distributed on your back hence no pains or being tired.

    Specific Vacations

    In case you are traveling for a maximum of 5 days, a short trip, you can manage with two casual attires and two pairs of shoes. Pack only a pair of underwear and socks for each day. Also, have one pair of pajamas and one or two clubbing outfits.

    For a trip that lasts for more than one week, you can manage four casual attires and two pairs of shoes. Pack only a pair of underwear and socks for each day. Also, have two pairs of pajamas and one or three clubbing outfits.

    Beach vacations may require certain types of clothing and gear that might be different from other trips. You will need a bathing suit, extra towels, maybe a snorkel, and sunscreen on top of the clothing and gears already mentioned.

    Packing Toiletries and Medication

    When it comes to packing toiletries and medication, you should observe the following three important rules that will guide you effectively.

    • Pack your essential toiletries and medication to avoid over-packing or forgetting what you will actually need on your trip.
    • To avoid leakage and enable easier reach, pack your toiletries and medication in your carry-on bag instead of your suitcase.
    • No matter your destination or type of vacation, try to pack a first-aid kit always.

    Useful Tips for Packing

    Apart from knowing what to pack, it is essential for you to understand some basics of proper packing. This way, you have lighter loads with everything you need packed.

    • When packing, consider the length of your trip. Check out the number of clothes you need for a shorter and longer trip in our travel packing list.
    • You should decide on whether you will need a carry-on and a suitcase or a suitcase only. This way, you know the limits of your packing.
    • When traveling, it is necessary for you to focus on packing layering clothes, especially in neutral or dark colors. Layering clothes is necessary when traveling between different climates, that is, from a cool climate to a warm one. Dark or neutral colors offer outfit versatility.
    • Try and pack clothes that do double duty. You should focus on outfits that offer multi-use and not only offer basic wearing.
    • Always pack your accessories for traveling. This may include things like water bottles, travel pillows, and power banks. Other essential accessories you might ignore include a whistle, an electronic tracker, a decoy wallet, duct tape, and toilet paper.
    • Also, try and invest in special travel gear when travel packing. This will depend on your type of vacation. For instance, you will need a bathing suit, formal wear, and seasickness remedy for a cruise trip.
    • Focus on the weather of your destination as you travel pack.
    • Lastly, always know what you want to pack in your carry-on bag. Pack essential things like toiletries and medication in your carry-on bag.


    Is it better to roll clothes or fold?

    Rolling clothes saves a lot of space in the suitcase as compared to folding. However, you need to be careful about which clothes to roll and which ones need folding. Lightweight clothes are easier to roll and save on space as compared to heavyweight clothes.
    You can roll socks, underwear, light t-shirts, tops, and skirts, but you should fold sweaters to create extra space. Finally, rolling clothes also enables you to access your clothes without disorganizing the others.

    How do you roll clothes without packing wrinkles?

    To ensure you roll clothes without packing wrinkles, avoid rolling ones made out of cotton and linen. Also, do not roll button-up shirts or any official wear.

    Should I iron my clothes before packing?

    You can iron your clothes before packing, but it is advisable to iron them hours before packing time. This way, you reduce the chances of having wrinkles and creases on your clothes.

    Key Takeaways

    Traveling is so much fun. However, this fun can even get better when you do not have to worry about packing. It is an important chore that most of us do not like. With our travel packing checklist, the jitters and stress that arise from packing get canceled.

    Why spoil the fun before it even begins? Check out our travel packing list to make packing easier and even more fun. To make it even more comfortable, download our travel packing list templates that cater to your packing needs. No matter your destination, length of trip, or type of vacation, our free templates got you covered.

    Well, happy packing travelers!

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