How to Accept an Interview Invitation (Sample Emails)

An email/email of acceptance written as a response to the employer allows you to demonstrate your professionalism and make sure that there is no confusion about the precise terms of the offer during the interview as well as show enthusiasm for taking on this new role. A confirmation email for an interview indicates that you are interested in attending the interview; confirming the interview’s time and date. This email is usually sent after the hiring manager contacts you to extend an invitation for the job interview.

Why It’s Important to Send An Interview Acceptance Email?

An interview acceptance email is one of the first messages the hiring team receives from a candidate. It says a lot about you, the way you approach upcoming appointments, and the language you use in professional communication.

It also allows you to be sure that you have all the correct details about the interviewer(s), interview format, the duration of the interview, and any specific thing(s) you would need to bring along.

Some fields like programming, technical writing, data analysis, and others may require you to demonstrate your skills, or the employer may take a brief test of your skills. An email of acceptance provides you an opportunity to ask if any test will be conducted.

Free Email Templates

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    How to Write an Acceptance Email

    The interview acceptance email is part of business communication which has some standardized rules and some necessary components.

    What follows are the essentials that employee must include in this email:

    Set a proper subject line

    Subject lines are one’s first impressions. It says a lot about your communications style and how you put the word to your interview confirmation to the hiring manager. Your subject line includes the basics like interview confirmation, job title, and your name while still keeping it brief. A name will assist the hiring department in sorting your email more efficiently. The hiring manager may forward your email to a colleague, so the subject line will no longer display your name, but the colleague will still see who sent the email. It shows that you are considering the hiring department, and that’s a plus.


    Junior Data Analyst Interview Confirmation: George Hamilton

    Gratitude and greeting

    Briefly demonstrate how grateful you are for the opportunity. You can mention why you are excited to work at the company, such as your desire to contribute to a sales team, or your passion for any other role you will have.


    I appreciate the opportunity to work for [company name]
    I hope to start working soon, and I thank you for trusting me for the position.

    Also select the email’s greeting line which sets the tone, especially about the message’s formality level. You can determine this company’s formality level simply by checking the interview invitation email if there is one. It will be a bit more challenging to gauge formality if you received a phone call to schedule the interview, but you can find a lot of information on the company’s website. The two best options to greet are: Hi and Mr./Ms

    Email’s greeting line sets the tone, especially about the message’s formality. You can determine this company’s formality level simply by checking the interview invitation email if there is one. The two best options are: Hi and Mr./Ms

    Availability status

    Share your availability for the interview based on the date and availability for any further questions. Even if you are not currently employed, it is still possible to already have something scheduled for that day, in that case you would need to tell the interview scheduler that the time and date do not work with your schedule.  It is always recommended to include your email address and phone number as part of your message signature. Also, you should include any contact details that you know are used by this company. In this way, you demonstrate how attentive you have been and that you are willing to make it easy for them to contact you.

    Things to bring

    It is usually recommended to have 5 copies of your resume in an interview as there may be a panel of interviewers. If you are an artist, developer, or someone who can carry around things and has previously worked on them, ask if they need you to bring any project document. However, one should only bring material that does not go against copyright infringement laws. In some cases, you can share the link to your online portfolio and projects. If the interview is virtually conducted, you can show your previous project through screen sharing, but it is best to ask for the rules.

    Schedule and location

    To avoid any confusion on the day of the interview it is considered best to confirm the schedule and location of the interview beforehand. If it’s an in-office interview, ask where the office is located. There’s a good chance that interviews might be conducted virtually because many companies now use remote work practices and online interviews. Ask your employer about the tools you will need to get familiar with and whether the interview will be audio-only or video. Depending on who you will meet with, you can figure out the duration of your interview. The company should tell you, though, instead of you guessing.

    The interviewer and format

    Preparation for the interview is essential for success, and knowing who will conduct the interview and what is his position in the company helps you in researching and preparing. Another thing that helps prepare for the interview is the interview format; knowing it beforehand can be helpful as a company can have a panel, group, or one-on-one format interview, therefore, it is essential to include a section regarding requesting this information in the email.

    Professional Email Samples

    Reply to an employer who requests an interview

    Your email should be brief, but it should contain thanks and appreciation for the opportunity, acceptance of the job offer, and the date and time when you are available


    Subject: Senior Data Analyst Interview Confirmation: Name


    Thank you again for the opportunity you have given me to interview for the position of a senior data analyst. I look forward to hearing more about how I could contribute to the success of ABC Ltd.

    That said, I confirm my presence on June 12, 2021, at 10:30 am in your office. I will bring copies of my CV and a list of references.

    Please let me know if there is anything else I need to have on hand.

    I remain at your disposal for any clarifications.



    Contact details

    Reply for a call of the interview

    If the employer wants you to schedule an interview overcall, it is recommended to avoid writing a detailed email; however, you can confirm with a short email.


    Subject: Senior Data Analyst Interview Confirmation: Name


    Thank you for giving me the opportunity to the position of data analyst. As requested, I will call you on the date and time specified for an interview.

    I look forward to speaking with you. I remain at your entire disposal for any clarifications.



    Contact details

    Replying employer about scheduling an interview

    In some situations, candidates are asked to write an email to another person in their management, often this person is someone who you have not contacted previously. To arrange an interview, you will need to write two emails: one will be written as a response to the employer’s email and one as a response to the person who will set up the interview. Likewise, it’s essential to respond quickly to the employer and keep your response brief. If you have a specific reason to write the second email, you will need to specify it.

    To make it easier for you to manage both situations, we are providing you with these two templates:

    To the employer


    Thank you for considering me for the data analyst position at XYZ Ltd. As requested, I will email John Harvey to arrange for an interview. It would be a delight to speak with you and members of your team.

    In the meantime, let me know if you need any more information.



    Contact details

    To the person arranging the interview


    I received an email from XYZ requesting that I contact you to schedule an interview for the data analyst position at LMN Ltd. Feel free to let me know when you have time available to meet.

    I look forward to speaking with you about the opportunities. I remain at your entire disposal for any clarifications.


    Contact details

    Replying Follow-up Questions

    Your prospective employer may have several follow-up questions, so you should be prepared to answer them.  For answering the company’s question, it is always recommended to research the company through its website and social media handles to provide a detailed answer.

    Another question that the employer may ask is about the expected salary. It is not always recommended to answer this question immediately. You have to consider other forms of compensation, such as a health insurance account; however, you can give a range rather than a number if you have thoroughly researched.


    I envision a gross annual salary between 10,000 and 15,000 dollars.

    Moreover, one should answer the question regarding career path and the skills you have to be honest and create a link between the previous experience of developing skills and the job position offered.


    As a data analyst, I learned R programming while working as an intern and I am confident that I can learn the XYZ skill which is helpful in this position.

    Scheduling An Interview Acceptance Email

    If you received an email or email inviting you to a job interview, this is already a good sign that you have passed the first phase in the recruitment process. Ideally, you should send an interview acceptance email/email as soon as possible. Don’t waste too much time answering; employers are usually busy people who need to manage their schedules effectively.

    Taking days to respond can give the impression that you are not interested in the vacancy or already got an opportunity elsewhere, costing you the job. Check your email service inbox at least once a day to check and respond to the email.  Responding quickly and maintaining formality can be a differentiator in the hiring process. The hiring manager may, however, tell you that you will receive a confirmation from their end. If not, inquire about how soon you can expect to receive that confirmation.

    Tips to Consider

    Receiving an email with an invitation to a job interview brings a mixture of happiness and anxiety to a candidate in the selection process.

    Here we have given you some tips on how to confirm a job interview via email:

    Writing and sending email tips

    Just as writing a proper email is essential, so is sending it properly to the employer. Following are some tips that will help you in both processes:

    • Attach a calendar invite: Remind the recruiter with a calendar invite to the interview when all the interview details have been confirmed. This way, you are considerate about the recruiter’s time as they do not have much time to read all the emails and show professionalism and adaptability to modern technology.
    •  Formal & informal tone: Currently, not all selection processes have a formal tone. Especially in areas related to creativity and communication, formality has given way to a more relaxed environment. It is essential to understand the tone of the message you received to respond to it in the same way. Responding to an official email in a relaxed manner can make it seem like you aren’t taking this opportunity seriously, but responding to an informal email in a formal tone may show that you don’t exactly fit the company’s profile. Analyze the overall tone of the email and try to write your response the same.
    • Prepare for the unexpected: Even if you prepare thoroughly for your interview, an unexpected event may occur. That is why it is essential to prepare for unexpected situations, which can be done by remaining calm and composed.
    • Reply or reply all: The Reply option allows you to reply to an email to a single recipient, be this the original writer of the email or the last one who forwarded it. The Reply to All option is the ideal one when you must reply to all the members of the email chain. If you use this option, all recipients will receive the email in the To field or the CC. Select Reply to All if more than one person was CC’d in the interview invitation email.
    • Don’t giveaway the edge: If you have received the invitation for an interview, you have a certain degree of advantage, therefore, do not simply give it away. Write tactfully about the job offer including personal information without appearing over-enthusiastic.
    • Send a copy to yourself: A great way to review is to send a copy of the email to yourself. Having one copy in your inbox will ensure that you don’t have to spend time searching for it before the interview. You can also use this technique to proofread the text.
    • Proofread the text: Proofread the text you just wrote: note if there are any typos, whether the tone is appropriate, and whether the email answers the employer’s questions in the email you received as your professional communication skills are reflected in this simple confirmation email.
    • Avoid emojis and slang: The interview acceptance email and email are part of business communication. You have to maintain a certain degree of formality; therefore, avoid using emojis, slang, and emoticons in the email to show professionalism.
    • Respond professionally: When sending an email inviting a candidate to an interview, a recruiter expects a professional and objective response. Avoid curling or trying to make the email larger than it needs to be. Go straight where it matters but remember to keep the tone polite and straightforward.

    Pre-interview tips

    There are pre-interview practices which if done correctly, can help you go through the interview process smoothly.

    Below we have mentioned some of them:

    • Know your interviewers: As discussed above, it is always considered good practice to research and collect as much information about the interviewer and his job position. However, be careful during the process as researching their social media handles may turn into stalking, which is considered unprofessional.
    • Pre-selection of interview outfit: You should find out what employees typically wear before choosing your interview outfit, whether it’s an on-site interview or video interview. If necessary, wear a more formal outfit that looks professional while not overdoing it. Before finalizing, check to make sure everything still fits and you have the accessories you need. If you are not purchasing new clothes then the best practice is to save enough time to get old clothes and accessories cleaned or in some cases repaired.
    • Have a travel plan: Make sure you know how long it will take you to get to the interview location. The extra half hour can save you from taking the wrong turn, getting off at the wrong stop, or running into unexpected traffic. Fill up your tank the day before the interview if you are driving. As a result, you will avoid having to stop on the way to the office.
    • Choosing a schedule: Choosing a proper schedule for an interview can make a lot of difference. There are certain things that an employee should consider in selecting the schedule. It includes not selecting early morning slots as interviewers may have tasks pending from the last day which is why they could possibly be in a stressed state of mind; similarly, it is recommended not to schedule an interview on Monday or Friday.
      The interviewer may have a weekend hangover or a sense of urgency due to any personal reason. Interviews scheduled in the middle of the day are considered best as the interviewer neither has pending work from the previous day and in the morning, nor energy drained.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How do you respond to availability?

    You can respond to availability by expressing gratitude and mentioning the date and time when you will be available.

    How do you thank someone for considering you for an interview?

    You can thank someone for considering you for an interview by saying the following:
    I appreciate the opportunity to work for [company name]

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