52 Best Authorization Letter Samples (Free Templates)

It is not uncommon to find yourself in need of an authorization letter sample. Very simply put, it is a document in which one party grants permission to another party to perform a specific action. A great example of an authorization letter is a permission slip for a school field trip. In that instance, a parent or guardian grants permission to the school to take his or her child outside school boundaries. More often than not, authorization letters are completed by using pre-established templates that are uniform and have already been reviewed so they include all the necessary information.

Authorization Letter Templates

The following are a few excellent authorization letter templates for you to download and use:

Free Authorization Letter for bank transaction in ms word download
    Health Authorization Letter Sample
    Letter to act on my behalf Sample
    Authorization Letter act on behalf Sample
    Act on my Behalf Authorization Letter Sample
    Authorization Letter Template to Act on Behalf

      Purpose of an Authorization Letter

      There are various purposes of an authorization letter such as:

      • In business, an authorization letter is necessary for carrying out different business activities. Not everyone is available all the time. Some people are successful businessman and they need to travel quite frequently for the purpose of business.
      • Children need permission from their parents in the form of an authorization letter when they have to go on a school field trip.
      • Many times a person is unlikely to be absent when there is a need to sign important documents at the bank and thus would require someone on their behalf to carry out the task. In such a scenario, an authorization letter can play a significant role.
      • It is important to deal with the property matters and many times a person cannot be available in the same city and thus would require a representative on their behalf to sign the important matters. An authorization letter would be important for dealing with important property matters.
      • A university student might have moved abroad but would need some important documents from a certain place and thus would be able to acquire the important documents.
      • An authorization letter can assist a person to collect medical records on behalf of someone.
      • An individual can give someone the authorization letter to sign the important legal documents.
      • An authorization letter can be handy when someone is not able to receive their package and thus is allowing another person on their behalf through an authorization letter to collect the relevant package.

      Similarly, there are numerous scenarios under which it becomes extremely necessary to let some do the task on their behalf by giving them an authorization letter.

      Authorization letter creator

      You can create an authorization letter with the help of the following tool or continue reading for sample letters and templates.

      How to Write an Authorization Letter

      Whether you are looking to authorize someone to temporarily act on your behalf in legal situations such as financial matters, health derivatives, or legal appointments, knowing how to write an authorization letter is very important. It is important to ensure that the authorization is properly granted, as in some cases, the person granted authorization may not be allowed to act on your behalf if certain key aspects are left out in the authorization letter. Here is a complete step-by-step guide with examples on how to properly write an authorization letter:

      Step 1: Authorization Letter’s Header

      Start by writing your name on the top left side of the letter followed by your address. leave one line and write the date. The date should follow the following format: dd/mm/yy and should not be abbreviated.

      Leave one line and include the recipient’s address. Ensure that there is a blank line between the date and the recipient’s address.

      NOTE: The recipient’s address should be that of the office or agency in question and not of the person you are looking to grant authorization to act on your behalf.


      John Doe
      6151 Valley Arcade
      New York, 762 NY,


      Paul Stephens
      863 Spring Road
      London 628,

      Step 2: Salutation

      After the header, the next item that should be included in the authorization letter is the salutation. Make sure to use proper salutations such as Sir., Mr., Mrs., Ms., and so forth if you know the recipient’s name. If you don’t know the recipient’s name, use the generic “To Whom It May Concern.”


      Dear Paul Stephens

      To Mr. Paul Stephens

      Step 3: Body

      An authorization letter should be short and direct to the point. This is to avoid stuffing the letter with lots of information that can lead to misinterpretation by the receiver.

      Start the letter by providing details of the person being authorized to act on your behalf. It is important to mention their full name, address, and contact number. You may also include their identification number or attach identity proof to prevent anyone who may want to impersonate them.

      After mentioning whom you are granting permission to, proceed to write what you are authorizing them to do. Explain in detail what you are authorizing them to do, and be as direct and precise as possible. Also, mention the dates on which the authorization is to begin and end in the letter.

      You may also want to mention why you are authorizing them to act on your behalf to justify why it is important to have them represent you.


      I, John Doe, hereby authorize and give full authority to Michael Pence to have the sole medical responsibility when I am not in the country. From 23/10/20XX to 20/12/20XX, you are expected to give him full access to my medical cabinets, medical history, and medicines at the prescribed time.

      NOTE: The authorities should be clearly mentioned in this section to avoid any kind of ambiguity. And the responsibilities/activities they have been authorized to do should be clearly mentioned with all their limitations.

      Step 4: Closing

      Close the authorization letter by thanking the recipient for their time and consideration. Use a formal closing such as “Sincerely,” “Yours faithfully,” “Yours Sincerely,” etc., and affix your signature. The signature should be handwritten and not digital to avoid cases of forgery.


      Thank you in advance for your corporation. In case of anything, don’t hesitate to contact me on 123-26328-282 or email me at [email protected]


      Your name


      Authorization Letter Types

      Authorization Letter for BankAuthorization Letter to Act on Behalf
      Hotel Credit Card AuthorizationCredit Card (ACH) Authorization
      Medical Authorization LetterLetter of Authorization from Property Owner
      Authorization Letter to Sell PropertyAuthorization Letter to Collect Salary
      Direct Deposit AuthorizationBackground Check Authorization
      Credit Report AuthorizationMedical Records Release Authorization
      Authorization Letter to ClaimAuthorization to Operate Bank Account
      Authorization Letter to Process DocumentsAuthorization to Transfer Vehicle Ownership
      Authorization Letter for a Child to Travel AloneAuthorization to Represent
      Power of Attorney AuthorizationAuthorization Letter to Claim Birth Certificate
      Authorization Letter for Cheque Book CollectionNotarized Letter

      Authorization Letter to Act on Behalf

      An authorization to act on behalf letter is required when there’s a need to perform actions on behalf of someone. Usually, this individual is either not present, incapacitated, or simply on vacation. Whatever the reason, this letter empowers the individual you select to be your ‘proxy’ or representative to do whatever you state in the letter, on your behalf within the time frame you specify.

      Sample Letter:

      Franklin Mounts

      333 Oak Lane

      Cambridge, IL 60606


      September 13, 20xx

      Ellen Zee

      543 S. Buttercup

      Vanden, WA 1010


      Re: Letter of Authorization to Act on Behalf of Franklin Mounts

      Dear Ms. Zee:I, Franklin Mounts, hereby give authorization for Giles Cliff, my partner, to act on my behalf in handling the affairs of my estate and business while I am away. The scope of this letter of authorization to act on my behalf includes any and all business dealings with said estate and business with no restrictions.

      This authorization to act on my behalf will begin on October 1, 20xx, and end on October 25, 20xx, during which time I shall be away in Europe on business. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me at 555-555-5555 at your earliest convenience.


      Franklin Mounts

      September 13, 20xx

      Authorization Letter Template to Act on Behalf

      (Your Name)

      (Your Address)

      (Your Contact Information)


      (Recipient Name)

      (Recipient Address)

      (Recipient Contact Information)

      (RE: Subject)(Dear Recipient Name: )

      I, (Your Name), hereby give (Appointed Representative) permission to act on my behalf with regards to making any and all real estate decisions. The scope (Scope of Duties and Responsibilities) of this letter of authorization includes handling real estate transactions, documents, and client affairs.

      This letter of authorization will be in effect from (Start Date), to (End Date). If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me at (Your Contact Information).


      (Hand-written Signature)


      (Notary or Witness if Required)

      Carefully proofread and edit your letter if necessary. Made certain that your appointed representative or ‘proxy’ has the original, and send off copies to anyone who may be involved, such as your lawyer or accountant. Remember to keep a copy for your own records.

      Authorization Letter to Collect Document

      An authorization letter to collect documents is a letter written to authorize someone to collect documents on someone else’s behalf. This letter is usually written when a person is sick, absent, or simply unable to collect his/her important documents.

      Sample Letter:

      Janet Thompson

      456 Lola Lane

      Compton, CA 90210


      September 14, 2018

      Ronald Geeson

      10 Cherry Blossom Lane

      Forks, FL, 60202

      Dear Mr. Geeson:

      I, Janet Thompson, hereby grant Coleen Dewly permission to act as my representative to collect my birth certificate in my behalf. In order to expedite the identification verification process, I am including the method of identity, start and end date, below:

      Authorized Person: Coleen Dewly

      Identification Type: Drivers License

      Drivers License Number: 18375938178

      Scope of Documents to Collect: Birth Certificate

      Sample of Signature: (hand-written signature sample)

      I grant permission for Coleen Dewly to collect my birth certificate from September 20, 2018 to October 4, 2018. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me at 555-555-5555 at your earliest convenience.


      Janet Thompson

      September 14, 2018

      Authorization to Collect Documents Template

      (Your Name)

      (Your Address)

      (Your Contact Information)


      (Recipients Name)

      (Recipients Address)

      (Recipients Contact Information)

      (Dear Recipient Name: )

      I, (Your Name), hereby grant (Appointed Representative) permission to act as my representative to collect my (Document Names) in my behalf. In order to expedite the identification verification process, I am including the method of identity, start and end date, below.

      (Authorized Person: Appointed Representative Name)

      (Identification Type: Identification document)

      (Identification document number)

      (Scope of Documents to Collect: Type of documents)

      (Sample of Signature: (hand-written signature sample))

      I grant permission for (Appointed Representative) to collect my birth certificate from (Start Date)to (End Date). If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me at 555-555-5555 at your earliest convenience.


      (Your signature)

      (Your typed name)

      (Date Signed)

      (Notary or Witness, if any)

      Authorization Letter to Process Documents

      In a document authorization letter, you’re giving someone you trust the permission to handle and sign documents on your behalf. These letters can be used for a variety of reasons, including:

      • Vital personal records such as Birth certificates
      • Handle financial documents
      • Handle real estate documents

      Below is an authorization letter to process the documents samples. Make certain to include any and all names involved, documents to be processed, and the start and end date. Check with your state’s requirements for additional data, such as the need for a notary public or witness. The document should be typed, using block letter business format.


      Steward Jenkins

      555 Apopleway

      Mirage, IL 60606


      September 12, 2018

      Myron Wyland

      533 W. Monroe

      Chempura, IL 60609

      773-555-5555Dear Mr. Wyland:

      I, Stewart Jenkins, hereby grant John Kransten the authorization to process any and all documents in my name, and sign on my behalf. In order to expedite the process, I’ve included information for identification purposes.

      Authorized Person: John Kransten

      Identity Type: Driver’s License

      Driver’s License Number: 5555555555

      Scope of Documents: Any and all

      John Kransten Signature Sample

      The permission to process documents in my name starts on September 20, 20XX, and ends on October 3, 20XX.


      Stewart Jenkins

      September 12, 20XX


      (Your Name)

      (Your Address)

      (Your Contact Information)

      (2 spaces)


      (2 spaces)

      (Recipient Full Name)

      (Recipient Address)

      (Recipient Contact Information)

      (2 spaces)

      (Dear Recipient Name: )

      (2 spaces)

      I, (Your Name), hereby authorize (Appointed Representative) permission to process, and sign any and all documents in my name, with no restriction. To expedite the process, I’ve included Identification information for verification needs:(Appointed Representative Name)

      (Method of Identiy verification used)

      (Identification Number)

      (Scope of Authorization: Type of documents to be processed)

      (Start Date)

      (End Date)Sincerely,

      (4 spaces)

      (Signed Signature)

      (Typed Signature)


      (Notary if required)

      Once completed, carefully proofread the letter. Next, give the original to your appointed representative or ‘proxy’, and copies to anyone of interest, such as a financial institution or lawyer. Remember to keep a copy for yourself.

      Medical Authorization Letter

      If you or a loved one find yourself in a situation where you’ll need to relinquish medical treatment decisions to someone else, then you’ll be required to have a medical treatment authorization letter. A medical treatment authorization letter is considered a legal document that can be used in a court of law. This letter allows you to select someone you trust to authorize medical treatment for yourself, a child, or anyone in the letter.


      (Name of Appointed Guardian)
      (Address of Appointed Guardian)
      (Phone and/or email contact information)(Recipient Name)
      (Recipient Address)
      (Recipient Contact Information)(Date)(RE: Medical Treatment Authorization for Name)  


      To Whom It May Concern:

      I, (Appointed Guardian), am the appointed guardian of (Name). I hereby give consent and authority to (Name, Address, Contact information of Appointed Caregiver) to authorize medical treatment for (Name, Address, Date of Birth of Individual).

      Medical Information:

      • (Name) has the following allergies:____________________________
      • (Name) is on the following medications: ________________________
      • Health insurance carrier is: __________________________________
      • Health insurance policy number is:_____________________________

      This medical authority treatment letter is granted on this day, (DATE) and will no longer be in effect as of (DATE).

      This medical treatment authorization letter is necessary as I will be unavailable during the dates stated above.

      Under no circumstances is (Appointed Guardian) to have access to my financial information.


      (Signature of Appointed Guardian)
      (Date Signed)
      (Typed Name of Appointed Guardian)
      (Notary Public if Required)
      (Typed Name of Witness)

      Once completed, proofread for errors, and notarized, give the original letter to the appointed legal guardian or ‘proxy’. Depending on your situation, you may want to give a copy to your local hospital, personal physician, lawyer, insurance carrier, or clinic. Remember to keep a copy for your own records.

      More authorization letter templates

      Provided below are additional authorization letter templates for your consideration:

      Health Authorization Letter Sample
      Letter to act on my behalf Sample
      Authorization Letter act on behalf Sample
      Act on my Behalf Authorization Letter Sample
      Authorization Letter Template to Act on Behalf

        Parties Involved in a Standard Authorization Letter

        There are basically three parties, which are involved in a standard authorization letter.

        First Party: The first party involved in a standard authorization letter is the rightful owner. For example, in the case of performing an important transaction in a bank, the writer of the letter is the rightful owner.

        Second Party: The second party, which is involved, is the institution or organization, which is involved. In this case, it is the bank.

        Third-Party: The third party, who is involved in a standard authorization letter, is the person who is acting as the proxy and in this case, it is the person who will sign the important documents for performing the transaction and collect money or document on behalf of the rights owner.

        The authorization letter is addressed to the second party, which explains the rights for the third party acting as the proxy in the absence of the first party. In scenarios, when a right owner is unaware of the second party, it is better to write “To whom it may concern” for the purpose of addressing the second unknown party.

        Authorization Letter Format

        It is important to learn how to write and format an authorization letter as there are possibilities of facing circumstances under which a person might not be able to attend a certain situation. Letting a family member or close friend act on the behalf of this person can be a great option to get the matters sorted and getting the work done as well. It is important to keep the following points in mind:

        • The top left-hand corner of the page should include name, address, and the date.
        • The name of the recipient and address would come below this information.
        • The opening of the letter should be with Dear, Mr/Ms, or “To whom it may concern”
        • The paragraphs should not be intended and the body of the letter should be single-spaced.
        • The letter would conclude with sincerely and would follow a handwritten signature and name.
        • The writing style of the body of content should be formal and it should be authentic providing the correct information.

        Many Needs of an Authorization Letter

        In a business setting, there are many needs for authorization letter samples. Most of them are designed to help and protect the business owner and its employees. By signing such a letter, senior management can effectively delegate while establishing clear boundaries and the latitude an employee may have. For example, an employee may be authorized to withdraw cash from the cashier up to a certain amount. Or a supervisor may authorize a set number of overtime hours to an employee and providing an authorization letter to payroll is what triggers appropriate compensation.

        An authorization letter sample is also useful for your clients. In a setting where you might collect client information, it is useful to share a template with them in terms of what they authorize the business to do or not do with their information. For example, in a medical setting through this letter they may authorize discussion of medical issues for billing purposes, but not for marketing or research endeavors. Whatever the case may be, an authorization letter sample may serve as a very useful guideline in protecting the business, its employees, and its clients.


        What is the purpose of a letter of authorization?

        An authorization letter authorizes someone else to carry out a certain action on behalf of another. The letter is usually sent to the recipient to inform them that the person mentioned in the letter is granted authority to perform certain acts on their behalf.

        Does the authorization letter need to be notarized?

        Depending on the type of authorization being granted, an authorization letter can be notarized to show that one is not signing the authorization letter under duress and that they are, in fact, the person giving the authorization.

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