52 Best Authorization Letter Samples (Free Templates)

In today’s fast-paced world, time is precious, and life is filled with countless responsibilities demanding our attention. How often have you found yourself in a situation where you needed someone you trusted to act on your behalf? Whether it involves managing crucial financial matters, making healthcare decisions, or representing you in a legal or government context, the need for a reliable proxy can’t be overstated. In such situations, the solution lies in the power of authorization letters, which you can use to appoint someone to act on your behalf during your absence.

Also known as a letter of authority, it is a legally binding document that awards another party the rightful authority to act on your behalf. This allows them to perform the specified tasks or make decisions that would require your presence or approval. It can also be used to permit the appointed party to access information and resources such as bank accounts, medical information, etc. The appointed party can be an individual or entity. This letter is typically used when you cannot perform certain actions personally and must delegate your authority to another person or organization.

Types of Authorization Letters

They can be classified into various types, depending on the purpose and scope of the authorization. Some common types include:

To act on one’s behalf

You can use it to sanction individuals or entities to represent you in multiple circumstances. Thus, it is used in business and legal settings to delegate the legal authority to undertake specific actions and make decisions to the named party. This letter is useful in appointing representatives for company-related matters and granting power of attorney in different cases. Below are examples of letters under this category; 

Authorization Letter to Act on Behalf Sample in ms word free download
Authorization Letter to Act on Behalf Template in word format

    An authorization to act on behalf letter is required when there’s a need to perform actions on behalf of someone. Usually, this individual is either not present, incapacitated, or simply on vacation. Whatever the reason, this letter empowers the individual you select to be your ‘proxy’ or representative to do whatever you state in the letter, on your behalf within the time frame you specify.

    To act on behalf of a company

    In such a letter, the authorizing party is a company or organization that permits an individual to act on their behalf in specific transactions or for particular purposes.


    Letter of Behalf of a Company Sample Free download
    Letter of Behalf of a Company Template in ms word free download

      Power of attorney 

      A POA appoints an authorized party, known as an attorney-in-fact, to act on behalf of the authorizing party or principal in the named legal, medical, and financial matters.


      Power of Attorney Letter Sample in ms word free download
      Power of Attorney Letter Sample Free download in ms word

        Authorization letter from a property owner

        A property owner writes this letter to grant the named party permission to undertake specified actions within the premises. Such actions may include modifying, repairing, and maintaining the property.


        Authorization Letter to sell property
        Letter from the Property Owner Template in ms word

          To sell property

          Such a letter is issued by a property owner to appoint a real estate agent or named party to sell property on their behalf. The authorized party can be given the authority to negotiate, set terms, process paperwork, and complete the selling process with this letter.

          Letter to Sell Property Sample in ms word free download
          Letter to Sell Property Template Free download

            To sign documents on my behalf

            This letter is used to allow a person to sign documents, such as contracts, in the absence of the authorizing party. Through this letter, the authorized party’s signature is legally recognized, considered valid, and binding when supplied to the documents.


            Authorization Letter to Sign Legal Documents Format Free download
            Letter to Sign Documents on My Behalf Template in ms word

              To collect money on my behalf

              Such a letter appoints an individual or entity to collect money or payments, such as debts, on behalf of the authorizing party. This letter is utilized as a tool to streamline financial transactions on the principal/authorizer’s behalf.


              Legal Authorization Letter to collect money Sample
              Letter to Collect Money on My Behalf Template Free download in ms word

                Vehicle authorization letter

                This category contains a letter for transferring ownership of a vehicle from one party to another. It is meant to streamline and expedite the vehicle transfer and registration process even in the owner’s absence.


                Vehicle Authorization Letter Sample Free download
                Vehicle Authorization Letter Template in ms word

                  To transfer ownership of a vehicle

                  Such a letter allows the authorized party to facilitate the legal transfer of vehicle ownership from the owner to the buyer. It specifies that the agent will act as the vehicle owner’s representative. It also explicitly declares that the agent will oversee the transfer process, which includes processing paperwork and completing the needed protocols. 


                  Authorization Letter Sample for transfer ownership
                  Letter to Transfer Ownership of a Vehicle Template in ms word free download

                    Authorization letter to claim

                    It is used when you want to appoint someone to retrieve certain items, documents, or information on your behalf. It is thus commonly used to collect birth certificates, bank statements, passports, etc. This classification represents the following types of letters of authority.


                    Authorization Letter to Claim Template in ms word free download

                      To claim birth certificate


                      Free Authorization Letter to Collect Birth Certificate
                      Letter to Claim a Birth Certificate Template in ms word

                        To collect passport

                        This letter grants the named party permission to pick up the passport from the passport office or embassy on the author’s behalf.


                        Authorization Letter to Collect Passport Example Download
                        Letter to Collect Salary Sample in ms word free
                        Letter to Collect Passport Template in ms word format

                          For collecting birth certificates

                          Such a letter grants permission to a designated individual to collect the birth certificate on behalf of the requester.


                          Free Authorization Letter to Collect Birth Certificate
                          Letter to Claim a Birth Certificate Template in ms word

                            To collect documents from the bank

                            This letter appoints someone to gather specified papers from the bank on the author’s behalf. It enables efficient document retrieval while ensuring confidentiality and trust. 


                            Authorization Letter Sample to Collect Document free download
                            Printable Authorization Letter to Pick Up Documents FREE DOWNLOAD
                            Letter to Collect Documents from Bank in ms word
                            Letter to Collect Documents from Bank Sample IN MS WORD DOWNLOAD

                              For checkbook pickup

                              Such a letter names a designated person to collect the author’s checkbook from the bank. This letter specifies the authorized individual’s details and the purpose of pickup for authentication.


                              Authorization Letter for Checkbook Pickup Sample
                              Letter for Checkbook Pickup Template in ms word

                                To collect salary

                                Such a letter is written consent for an individual to receive the salary on behalf of the author, empowering them to act as the authorized representative for payment collection.


                                Letter to Collect Salary Template in ms word free download
                                Letter to Collect Salary Template Free downlaod

                                  Authorization letter for bank

                                  This letter is used to delegate financial or bank-related tasks to another party. Such tasks may include obtaining bank documents, managing a bank account, authorizing credit card usage, etc. Therefore, under this category, you will find the following different types of letters.  


                                  authorization letter to a bank sample in ms word
                                  authorization letter to a bank template in ms word free download

                                    Bank statement authorization letter

                                    This letter grants permission to a designated person to access and obtain the bank statements on behalf of the account holder.


                                    Authorization Letter Sample to Collect bank statement
                                    Authorization Letter for Bank Statement Template
                                    Letter to Collect Bank Statement Sample in ms word free download
                                    Letter to Collect Bank Statement Template free download
                                    collect bank statement sample in ms word free download
                                    letter to collect bank statement template in free downlaod
                                    Letter to Collect Bank Statement Sample in ms word free download
                                    Letter to Collect Bank Statement Template in ms word

                                      Credit card authorization 

                                      This letter is a written consent designating an individual or business to use a credit card on the cardholder’s behalf for specific transactions or purposes.


                                      Credit Card Authorization Letter Sample in ms word free download
                                      credit card authorization letter template

                                        To operate a bank account 

                                        Such a letter grants another individual the authority to access, manage, and perform transactions on the bank account holder’s behalf, ensuring smooth financial operations.


                                        Letter to opreate bank account in ms word
                                        Letter to Collect Documents from Bank Template in word free download
                                        Letter to Operate a Bank Account Sample in ms word

                                          Letter of authorization granting permission

                                          Such letters are used to give explicit consent to a second party to undertake certain tasks or make decisions on your behalf. Typically, it is used in scenarios where your consent is required, such as approval of medical decisions and travel permissions for minors.

                                          This category includes the following types of letters:

                                          Letter of Authorization Giving Permission Sample in ms word

                                          Letter of Authorization Giving Permission Template in word format

                                            Authorization to process documents

                                            In this document, you’re giving someone you trust permission to handle and sign documents on your behalf. These letters can be used for a variety of reasons, including

                                            • Vital personal records, such as Birth certificates
                                            • Handle financial documents
                                            • Handle real estate documents

                                            Below is a letter of authorization to process the document samples. Make certain to include any names involved, documents to be processed, and the start and end dates. Check with your state’s requirements for additional data, such as the need for a notary public or witness. The document should be typed, in block letter business format.


                                            Letter of Giving Permission to Process Documents Template in ms word free download

                                            Letter of Giving Permission to Process Documents Sample in word format free download

                                              For medical treatment 

                                              This letter grants a healthcare provider or doctor permission to perform medical procedures or treatments.


                                              Editable Authorization Letter to Release Medical Records
                                              Letter for Medical Treatment Template Free download

                                                To release information

                                                This letter permits a designated individual to access and disclose specific details about the author to a third party, ensuring compliance with privacy laws and allowing for the proper dissemination of pertinent data.


                                                Free Letter to Release Information Template in word format
                                                Letter to Release Information Sample in word format

                                                  Authorizing a minor to travel

                                                  This letter grants consent for the minor to travel without their parents in the company of an adult, ensuring that legal requirements and safety measures are met.


                                                  Free Authorization Letter for Bank Account
                                                  Minor to Travel Letter Template download in word format
                                                  Free download Minor to Travel Letter Sample

                                                    For a child to travel alone

                                                    Such a letter permits a minor to travel without adult supervision. It documents the travel or itinerary information, the legal guardian’s identification, and contact details.


                                                    Authorization Letter for a Child to Travel Alone Template
                                                    Letter for a Child to Travel Alone Template Free download in ms word

                                                      To travel with a minor

                                                      This letter authorizes a party to travel with a minor in the absence of their legal guardian. It documents the identification details of the child and the accompanying party and specifies their responsibility for the minor during the trip. 


                                                      FreeTravel with Minor Authorization Letter download
                                                      Letter to Travel with a Minor Template in word format free download

                                                        Why You Should Write an Authorization Letter

                                                        Appointing someone to manage personal matters, secure business interests, or ensure the well-being of your loved ones requires careful consideration. Writing an authorization letter is a proactive step toward designating trust, delegating tasks, and delineating decision-making authority. This is because it offers numerous benefits and serves as a powerful tool in these different situations. 

                                                        Here are some compelling reasons why you should consider writing a letter of authority:

                                                        The letter provides a legal framework for delegating responsibilities to someone you trust. It records the arrangement between you and the proxy. By recognizing their lawful authority, any actions or decisions they make on your behalf become legally enforceable and binding. 

                                                        Ensuring representation

                                                        When you are unable to attend to certain matters personally, the letter allows a designated individual to act on your behalf, ensuring you are well represented. It ensures that crucial actions or emergencies are responded to promptly without delay. 

                                                        Facilitating official procedures

                                                        Formal and legal delegation is essential for efficient operations in the corporate world or official proceedings in organizations such as healthcare facilities, banks, or government agencies. An authorization letter empowers partners or representatives to make decisions in your absence, allowing official procedures to be undertaken promptly and smoothly as required. 

                                                        Protecting your interests 

                                                        You can use the letter to define the limitations and conditions for a representative to exercise the authority granted in undertaking the specified tasks and responsibilities. Examples of such limitations include validity duration and the scope of tasks. This ensures that your best interests are respected even in your absence.

                                                        Enhancing trust and confidence

                                                        By permitting someone the authority to act on your behalf, you demonstrate a high level of trust and confidence in their abilities. This gesture strengthens personal relationships and illustrates to third parties the credibility and confidence in the authorized person. This prevents misunderstandings and disputes when conducting delegated activities. 

                                                        Meeting organizational requirements

                                                        The letter is used to comply with internal policies and procedures when you have to delegate official tasks and decisions in an organization. This promotes a structured approach to task delegation and decision-making, which consequently enhances accountability. 

                                                        Parties Involved in an Authority Letter

                                                        Typically, a letter of authority involves three parties – the authorizing, the authorized party, and the party who receives the letter. Below are the roles of each party:

                                                        Authorizing party 

                                                        The authorizing party is the person who grants the authority to someone else to act on their behalf. This individual is the rightful owner of the rights, privileges, or responsibilities that they are delegating through the letter. The principal is the one who initiates the letter and specifies the scope and limitations of the authorization. An example of a party is a legal guardian giving consent to a caregiver to make medical decisions for their child.  

                                                        Authorized person 

                                                        The authorized person is the individual or entity who receives the authority to act on behalf of the authorizing party. They are entrusted with specific tasks or decision-making powers outlined in the letter. They must be identified by name and contact information. This person can be a family member, friend, colleague, attorney, business partner, or any other trusted individual or organization. An example of such a party is an accountant permitted to access the authorizing party’s bank accounts. 


                                                        The third party is the person, organization, or entity with whom the authorized person interacts or conducts transactions on behalf of the principal. For instance, the bank becomes the third party in the authority letter and grants someone access to the principal’s bank account. The third party is the recipient of this letter.


                                                        The parties involved in the letter may vary based on the nature of the authorization and the specific circumstance at hand. Therefore, they must be clearly identified to represent their role in the arrangement and specific situation accurately.

                                                        Authorization letter creator

                                                        You can create it with the help of the following tool or continue reading for sample letters and templates.

                                                        How to Write an Authorization Letter

                                                        The effectiveness of the letter can be greatly influenced by how well you write and format it. So, you should pay great attention to the information you include and how you present it. It should use a business letter format.

                                                        Follow this step-by-step guide to format such a letter:

                                                        Write your name and address

                                                        Start with your name, address, and contact information at the top of the page, aligned to the left. Include your email and phone number for easy communication. Write each category of information on its separate line. 


                                                        James Kennedy
                                                        111 Merilyn Avenue
                                                        Anytown, NY 02833
                                                        (555) 5555-0001

                                                        Mention the date

                                                        After skipping a line, add the date of writing the letter below your contact information. Capture the day, month, and year using the date format you prefer. Write the date in full and not in abbreviations or numerals. The date is essential for record-keeping and reference.


                                                        August 05, 202x

                                                        Include the recipient’s information

                                                        Under the date, skip a line, and provide the recipient’s name, title, and address. Present it in the same format as your identification details. You should provide this information with specificity to ensure the authorization is transferred to the right person. 


                                                        Calvin Hardwick
                                                        Hush M Millers Company
                                                        14 Industrial Park Avenue
                                                        Anytown, OH 2993

                                                        Write the salutation

                                                        Greet the recipient with a formal salutation, such as “Dear [Recipient’s Name]” or “To Whom It May Concern,” if you are unsure about the specific recipient. Despite these two options, it is best to use the first format to ensure the letter addresses the precise authorized party. Write the name of the recipient and close the salutation with a comma. 


                                                        Dear Mr. Hardwick,

                                                        Specify duties, reasons, and key dates

                                                        In the following paragraphs, provide specific details of the authorization, including the reason for the authorization and what tasks, actions, or decisions the authorized person is allowed to perform on your behalf. 

                                                        Duties are the tasks or actions you consent to be handled by the authorized party. These may include accessing documents, making decisions, representing you in meetings, or overseeing financial transactions. You should also specify the scope of the duties and limitations of the authority. Then, briefly indicate why you are transferring the authority.  


                                                        I am writing this letter to formally appoint Margie Hill, resident at 55 Palm Tree Avenue, Palm Beach, CA 03083, to sign documents and represent my interests as prescribed in this letter. This authorization has been issued as I will be out of the country and thus unable to attend to certain tasks personally. During this period, Margie Hill will have my consent to undertake the following:

                                                        • Signing all official documents on my behalf
                                                        • Negotiate terms and enter into contracts
                                                        • Send and respond to official correspondence on my behalf

                                                        In a separate paragraph, provide a clear and explicit authorization statement that you permit the named individual or entity to act on your behalf. If there are any pertinent dates, such as the effective and expiration dates of the authority, you should indicate them. This ensures that the validity and duration of the authorization are clear. 


                                                        I hereby authorize Margie Hill to sign documents and undertake official actions on my behalf. As my trusted representative, Margie will have the authority to act in matters that require my signature from August 5, 2023, to October 30, 2023. However, without my written consent, she has no authority to cancel or terminate any existing or new contract. I retain the authority to revoke this authorization at my own discretion.

                                                        I have full confidence in Margie’s ability to fulfill the responsibilities outlined in this letter. I appreciate your understanding and cooperation in this matter. Kindly ensure that Margie is provided with any necessary information and access to facilitate her role effectively.

                                                        Finalize the letter

                                                        Lastly, end it with a professional closing, such as “Sincerely” or “Best regards,” followed by your full name after one blank line. Then, if you are using a physical letter, supply your signature just after your typed name.


                                                        Thank you for your prompt attention to this request.
                                                        [Your Signature]
                                                        [Your Typed Name]


                                                        If any supporting documents or materials accompany the letter, mention them at the end of the letter under the “Enclosures” section. Add this section by writing the word “enclosure” followed by a colon and the number of supporting documents. This guarantees that the authorized party has access to the necessary documents needed to duly and properly exercise their authority.

                                                        Infographic explaining format of an authorization letter
                                                        This Infographic explains the format of an authorization letter.

                                                        Template for Authorization Letter

                                                        [Your Full Name]

                                                        [Your Address]

                                                        [City, State, Zip Code]

                                                        [Email Address]

                                                        [Phone Number]


                                                        [Recipient’s Full Name or Organization’s Name]

                                                        [Recipient’s Address or Organization’s Address]

                                                        [City, State, Zip Code]

                                                        Subject: Authorization Letter

                                                        Dear [Recipient’s Name or Organization’s Name],

                                                        I, [Your Full Name], hereby authorize [Authorized Person’s Full Name], holding identification number [Authorized Person’s ID Number], to act on my behalf in regards to [specific action or transaction, e.g., collecting documents, managing transactions, etc.], effective from [start date] until [end date]. This authorization includes the ability to [mention any specific powers or limitations, if applicable].

                                                        Please find attached a copy of [Authorized Person’s Full Name]’s identification for verification purposes. I assure you that this letter is a formal delegation of my authority to [Authorized Person’s Full Name]. I understand that this authorization allows them to [briefly restate the actions or decisions they are permitted to make], and I accept any and all actions taken by them within this scope.

                                                        Should you require any further information or clarification, please do not hesitate to contact me directly at [Your Phone Number] or via email at [Your Email Address].

                                                        Thank you for your attention to this matter.


                                                        [Your Full Name]

                                                        [Your Signature (if sending a hard copy)]


                                                        Copy of [Authorized Person’s Full Name]’s Identification

                                                        Notarization Block

                                                        State of [State]

                                                        County of [County]

                                                        On [Date], before me, [Notary’s Name], a notary public, personally appeared [Your Full Name], known to me (or satisfactorily proven) to be the person whose name is subscribed to the within instrument and acknowledged that they executed the same for the purposes therein contained.

                                                        In witness whereof, I hereunto set my hand and official seal.

                                                        [Notary’s Signature]

                                                        [Notary’s Printed Name]

                                                        My Commission Expires: [Expiration Date]

                                                        Sample Authorization Letter

                                                        Subject: Authorization Letter

                                                        Dear Newtown Document Processing Center,

                                                        I, Johnathan Smith, hereby authorize Emily Johnson, holding identification number CT987654, to act on my behalf in regards to collecting my birth certificate and any other related documents, effective from March 1, 20XX, until March 15, 20XX. This authorization includes the ability to request, receive, and sign for any documents pertaining to my birth certificate.

                                                        Please find attached a copy of Emily Johnson’s identification for verification purposes. I assure you that this letter is a formal delegation of my authority to Emily Johnson. I understand that this authorization allows her to handle the collection of my birth certificate and related documents, and I accept any and all actions taken by her within this scope.

                                                        Should you require any further information or clarification, please do not hesitate to contact me directly at 555-123-4567 or via email at johnathan.smith@email.com.

                                                        Thank you for your attention to this matter.


                                                        Johnathan Smith


                                                        Copy of Emily Johnson’s Identification

                                                        Notarization Block

                                                        State of Connecticut

                                                        County of Newtown

                                                        On February 26, 20XX, before me, Lisa Marie, a notary public, personally appeared Johnathan Smith, known to me (or satisfactorily proven) to be the person whose name is subscribed to the within instrument and acknowledged that they executed the same for the purposes therein contained.

                                                        In witness whereof, I hereunto set my hand and official seal.

                                                        Lisa Marie

                                                        Notary Public

                                                        My Commission Expires: March 31, 20XX

                                                        More Authorization Forms and Letters

                                                        Provided below are additional templates for your consideration:

                                                        Health Authorization Letter Sample
                                                        Letter to act on my behalf Sample
                                                        Authorization Letter act on behalf Sample
                                                        Act on my Behalf Authorization Letter Sample
                                                        Authorization Letter Template to Act on Behalf

                                                          Importance of Notarizing the Authorization Letter

                                                          A notary public is a legally authorized official responsible for verifying the authenticity of signatures and the identity of the parties involved in executing a document. They also verify that you willingly and knowingly executed the letter. When it is notarized, it becomes a legally recognized document in a court of law or any other legal proceeding. This induced credibility and legality make it more likely to be honored by third parties, such as banks and government agencies, and in other sensitive situations, such as medical matters or business transactions. Notarization thus broadens the scope under which the letter can be used. 

                                                          Understanding the Process of Revocation

                                                          In order to revoke or nullify this letter, you must follow the appropriate procedure. This process requires the author of the original document to notify the authorized person in writing about their decision to revoke the authorization. This revocation letter must specify the scope and duration of the original authorization as well as the effective date of the revocation.

                                                          This is the date from which the authorization will no longer be valid. This date should give the authorized person sufficient time to wrap up any ongoing tasks or responsibilities. In some cases, particularly when the original letter was notarized, the revocation may also need to be notarized for legal validity. Lastly, keep a copy of the revocation letter for your records as proof that you have officially revoked the authorization should legal issues arise in the future.


                                                          Letters of authorization are powerful tools that allow you to delegate authority and grant legal permission to others to act on your behalf in various situations. They provide numerous benefits, including efficient representation, compliance with official procedures, and protection of one’s interests. Notarizing the letter enhances its legal validity and credibility, making it more likely to be accepted by third parties. There are various types of such letters, each tailored to specific circumstances, from travel permissions to medical decisions and financial matters. The process of revoking it involves notifying the authorized person in writing and specifying the effective date of revocation. Understanding and utilizing these letters can significantly simplify life’s complexities and streamline decision-making processes.

                                                          Frequently Asked Questions

                                                          What is the purpose of a letter of authorization?

                                                          It authorizes someone else to carry out a certain action on behalf of another. The letter is usually sent to the recipient to inform them that the person mentioned in the letter is granted authority to perform certain acts on their behalf.

                                                          Does the authorization letter need to be notarized?

                                                          Depending on the type of authorization being granted, it can be notarized to show that one is not signing the letter under duress and that they are the person giving the authorization.

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