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Firearms can be gifted or transferred between individuals, such as family members. This can be done lawfully through a firearm gift letter. This gift letter can be prepared using a template which is a predesigned fillable document used as a guide for what information must be conveyed to ensure the transfer is fully and duly transferred. 

The template has entries for the firearm owner (donor) details, recipient identification information, firearm description, statement of intent, signatures, and other mandatory information. It also utilizes language and statements that explicitly clarifies that firearm ownership is being transferred from one party to the next.        

This article guides you on how to use a template to create a letter for gifting a firearm by discussing its different components. It also discusses the legal considerations needed to make the letter enforceable and compliant. 

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    How to Write a Firearm Gift Letter?

    Our template offers you a starting point by highlighting all the fundamental sections of a letter for offering a firearm as a gift. It outlines generic terms and conditions but can be customized to incorporate unique information.

    Below is a step-by-step guide on how to fill this template:

    Date and contact information of the donor and recipient

    At the top of the template, indicate the date when the document was prepared, followed by the donor and recipient’s identification and contact information. For each party, indicate their name, address, phone number, and email. 

    Description of the firearm being gifted

    In the next section, describe the firearm in detail. The description may include the brand name/make, caliber, model designation, serial number, or any other identifying information. This ensures the firearm is specified accurately.  

    Statement of intent to gift the firearm

    Then, the template provides a statement of intent that clarifies the donor’s intent to transfer the firearm ownership to the recipient. This statement uses language that explicitly communicates your intention to gift the recipient without any monetary exchange. This prevents any misunderstandings.

    Confirmation of the recipient’s eligibility to possess firearms

    The template then prompts you to verify whether the recipient is legally eligible to possess the firearm being gifted to them. Use a confirmation statement that proves the recipient has met the eligibility threshold in line with the firearm laws in your respective jurisdiction – local, state, and federal. Eligibility will typically be determined based on the recipient’s age and criminal record. 

    Statement acknowledging the transfer of ownership

    Next, clarify in the letter that you relinquish your rights and responsibilities to the specific firearm as a consequence of the ownership transfer. The template includes a statement that acknowledges this transfer and absolves you of the associated rights and responsibilities.  

    Signatures of both the donor and recipient

    Lastly, the template prompts you and the recipient to sign the letter for transferring a firearm gift as an attestation of acknowledgment and acceptance of its provisions. You should also specify the date of signing. 


    The firearm gift letter is different from a firearm bill of sale.

    Essentials in a Firearm Gift Letter Template

    A properly designed template will save you time and effort when writing the letter transferring the firearm gift. It will also ensure that the firearm ownership is duly transferred and the legal requirements are satisfied.

    Below are elements of the template you should prioritize to increase its effectiveness:

    Clarity and format

    The different sections (headings and subheadings) of the template should be organized clearly to make it easy to distinguish the different information outlined in the letter. Statements in the template should be comprehensible to avoid misinterpretation. Also, the template should be in PDF or MS Word format to facilitate editing and printing. Such file formats also help in preserving the formatting used in the template. 

    Required information

    A suitable template should have entries for all the essential information needed for you to transfer firearm ownership to the recipient. Key details include date, identification and contact information, firearm description, statement of intent to transfer, and signatures. 

    The template should use legalese to explicitly communicate your intent to transfer ownership of the firearm gift to the recipient. This language should be used to acknowledge the transfer and release of liability associated with the firearm. 


    A customizable template is recommended so that you can modify different sections of the letter. Personalization can be done to reflect the specific circumstances under which you are transferring the firearm gift. This is because templates are designed to reflect generic or standard considerations, but situations may vary from case to case.  

    Compliance with applicable laws

    It is important to verify the template abides by the firearm laws and policies within your jurisdiction. This is because these laws vary from case to case, and if not complied with, the gifting process may end up unlawful and incomplete. 

    Optional sections

    You can also prioritize a template with additional sections that enhance the accuracy with which you capture the transfer. Such optional sections include the serial number, conditions, or purpose of the gift. Such information is optional but provides more context and improves the depth of the documentation. 

    Instructions or explanatory notes

    Lastly, choose a template with instructions on how to fill out the different fields properly. This way, you are able to understand which information to input and its importance to the overall firearm gifting process.   

    You should be aware of the applicable guidelines for transferring firearm ownership within your jurisdiction. A legally compliant letter for gifting a firearm protects you and the recipient from potential legal issues.

    Some of the legal aspects that you should understand include the following:

    Consulting local laws and regulations

    You should always research and review your jurisdiction-specific local, state, and federal firearm laws. Review laws guiding transfer, ownership, documentation, and use. Then, write the letter with these guidelines in mind.  

    It is highly important to understand the implications of non-compliance with applicable laws of gifting firearms. Such repercussions include fines, revocation of license, or even criminal charges. This helps you acknowledge the severity of the issue and helps you avoid actions that may lead to such consequences.   

    Lastly, always consult a legal professional, more so when there are concerns or incomprehensibility. Legal counsel can help you understand your situation better and offer guidance that is specific to your case. This protects you from any unforeseen consequences. 

    Final Words 

    Our template is designed to assist you by educating you on what information you should include in a firearm gift letter. It is designed to ensure you include all the essential information needed to make the gift lawful. However, its components can be customized to suit different terms and conditions. 

    It is advisable to seek advice from a legal professional when gifting a firearm using this template. This is because this is a sensitive transaction that must be executed in accordance with applicable laws to ensure firearm-owning individuals are eligible to do so. This also guarantees that the ownership and rights are transferred accordingly.

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