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As a recruiter or personnel in the human resource arm of a company, there are multiple skills required and necessary in carrying out the designated duty of hiring new staff members. One of such skill is drafting a proper appointment letter addressed to new employees. However, writing it professionally is an indispensable skill that many individuals struggle with.

Whenever a company employs a new individual in a job position, the appointment letter is the medium through which confirmation of the job offer is sent. The company’s human resources department handles this. This article will give a detailed explanation of what it is and provide a step-by-step guide on how to draft it effectively and officially.

It is an official document that outlines the terms, conditions, and other important information concerning the new employee’s role and benefits

After the primary recruitment process of application and interviews and specific candidates have been offered job positions, there is a need for an official confirmation of the employment of those candidates. This letter is issued to serve this purpose. When writing it, certain things must be included to make it as professional as possible. It is customized and arranged according to the type of organization and the job the recipient has been employed to do. It stipulates the designation of the new employees and other relevant information and job description.

Tip: When to provide?

This letter is usually expected to be issued on the first workday of the new employee. There must be a mutual signing of the letter by both the employer and the employee. The presence of the signatures of both parties confirms that the employee has accepted the employment contract terms and is therefore legally bound by them.

Sample Letters

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    Offer Letter vs. Appointment Letter

    An offer letter is often in conflict with an appointment letter. As a person working in HR, you shouldn’t make that mistake. While they share some similarities, they serve different purposes.

    An offer letter is issued after the company offers a job to the candidate. The candidate is expected to respond to the offer from the company within a specific time frame. On the other hand, an appointment letter is issued after the candidate accepts the offer. It is the final confirmation of the recipient’s employment.

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      Writing a Company Appointment Letter

      Writing it isn’t as difficult as it may sound. Following the necessary steps and guidelines listed below will help you avoid mistakes and create professional and straightforward letters of appointment:


      It should begin with the name of the concerned company. The company’s letterhead is the first item visible on the letter. A company’s letterhead is the medium for any official correspondence.

      The following information must be included:

      Employee’s name and contact information

      It contains the recipient’s details—the new employee hired by the company. These details include name, contact information (phone number, email), and address.

      The date of appointment letter issuance

      The date on which the letter is written should be added beneath the employee-to-be details.

      Add your company’s name and contact information

      On one side of the letter, add the name of your company. In addition, it should include address and contact information, such as email addresses and phone numbers.

      Mention the subject of the letter

       At this point, after the salutations, the reason for the letter should be highlighted. This is called the topic or subject of the letter. So, this letter should be given a subject that reveals what it is about.


      Salutations such as “Dear Sir/Madam” or “Dear Mr/Mrs/Miss/ with the last name of the employee-to-be should be used in them. Salutations should be cordial but professional.


      The introduction begins with the main body of the letter. First, congratulate the employee on securing employment with the company and welcome them as a staff member. This would give off a positive notion to the employee-to-be and anticipate resuming in a comfortable working environment.

      State the purpose clearly

      The letter’s purpose should be stated clearly.  It should be explained unambiguously that the letter is used to confirm employment and highlight the job description, roles, and benefits of the employee-to-be after accepting the job offer from the company.


      The body of the letter adequately outlines the significant content. This is the part where the letter starts.

      The letter’s body gives the job description as follows:

      Offer the position

      In this part of the letter, you are expected to officially present the position’s offer to the employee-to-be. Mention the job title they have been employed to fill up by the company. Once again, use a welcoming but professional tone to show how valued they are and how their services will help take the company forward.

      Place of posting

      If necessary and applicable, mention the location of their work placement. The recipients should be informed of where their place of posting is. In addition, the city and state of posting should be stated. Also, they may be transferred to other locations where the company has a business or eventually have some time in the future.

      Describe the responsibilities

      Next, you should provide a detailed description of the job and the primary responsibilities that come with it. This ensures that the employee-to-be understands what their new role entails as a new staff member. The description should not be vague; it should be as specific and expressive as possible to avoid any confusion on the part of the recipient.

      Clarify the starting date

      In continuation, the date on which the recipient is expected to resume employment duties should be stated and clarified in the letter. Again, the date format should be done in the commonly used mode for clarity and easy understanding.

      State job hours

      The working hours should be stated clearly. In addition, daily working hours, start and end times should be mentioned correctly in this letter of appointment for company addressed to the employee-to-be.

      State the leave policy

      The recipient should also be aware of the leave policy and the benefits they are entitled to as company employees.


      The number of available leaves per year should be stated. It should also be known if employees are entitled to special leave requests for childbirth/care, holidays, etc.

      Mention the duration of the probation period

      Suppose it is in the company’s policy to have probation periods for new employees before they are permanently employed. In that case, the duration of such a period should also be mentioned in the letter.

      Include the official salary

      During the employment process, the salary for the job role must have been concluded already. However, it is also necessary that the letter consists of the official salary that the company intends to pay the recipient.

      Explain other benefits

      You should also explain other benefits available to employees of the company such as health insurance plans, car loan facilities, pension package, etc.

      Include terms and conditions

      The terms and conditions of the employment contract, in general, should not be omitted in it. All working terms and conditions concerning the job position should be known to them. Nothing should be omitted, and the recipient should easily understand.


      After completing the main body of the letter, you need to complete it by concluding and stating if there is any other important thing the recipient must do before resuming their new job role.


      The deadline for responding to the application letter and accepting the job should be added in the concluding paragraph.


      To bring the letter to an end, add the word “Sincerely” just under the concluding paragraph as a final acknowledgment of the recipient.

      Your name and signature

      Complete the signing off by adding your full name and signature to finally bring the appointment letter to a close.

      Tip: Basic private company format

      This format is to be employed when writing this letter of appointment. The primary private company format to be employed contains the name of both the company and the recipient who is to be employed.

      It will necessarily contain other information such as the date of commencement of the job, the date of joining, the job title, the location of where the job duties are to be carried out, the roles and responsibilities that come with the job role, leave policy, salary, working hours, etc. The letter should be well detailed and contain all terms and conditions as earlier mentioned. A private company usually follows this format when drafting such a letter. 

      Company Appointment Letter


      [Recipient’s name]
      [Contact address]


       [Company’s name]
      [Contact address]

       [Subject of the letter]

       Dear [Mr/Mrs /Miss recipient’s last name],

      [Introduction paragraph with greetings and congratulatory messages]

      [Paragraph stating the purpose of the letter]

      [Paragraph offering the job position, place of posting, and describing responsibilities][Paragraph clarifying starting date, stating the hours of job, stating the leave policy, and the duration of probation period]

       [Paragraph describing the salary and benefits]

       [Brief paragraph describing terms and conditions]

       [Conclude by declaring the deadline to confirm the job]


      [Your name]


      Sample Letter

      Presented here is a sample company appointment letter, thoughtfully prepared to provide a tangible example of the professionalism and attention to detail required in official correspondence during the hiring process. 


      Dear Ms. Thompson,


      We are thrilled to extend our congratulations and officially welcome you to Evergreen Innovations Ltd. as Senior Marketing Specialist. After careful consideration of your outstanding qualifications, extensive experience, and remarkable accomplishments, we are confident that your skills and expertise will make a significant and positive impact on our dynamic team.

      Your anticipated start date is January 15, 20XX, and your initial assignment will be at our Marketing Department, reporting to Mr. Alex Rodriguez. Please contact Mr. Rodriguez at or (555) 123-4567 to coordinate further details regarding your responsibilities and to schedule an introduction to the team.

      Your compensation for this position is $75,000 annually, payable on a monthly basis. In addition to your base salary, you are entitled to comprehensive health benefits, including medical, dental, and vision coverage, as well as participation in our employee stock option plan.

      Please note that your employment with Evergreen Innovations Ltd. is at-will, allowing either party to terminate the employment relationship at any time and for any reason, with or without cause, and with or without notice.

      As a new member of the Evergreen Innovations Ltd. family, we believe that you will find our work environment challenging, rewarding, and supportive of both personal and professional growth. We encourage you to review the employee handbook, which will provide you with essential information about our policies, procedures, and benefits.

      We eagerly anticipate your positive contribution to our team and trust that you will find your career with Evergreen Innovations Ltd. to be fulfilling and successful. If you have any questions or concerns before your start date, please do not hesitate to contact our Human Resources Manager, Ms. Jennifer Davis, at or (555) 789-0123.

      Welcome aboard, and we wish you a successful and rewarding career with Evergreen Innovations Ltd.


      John Stevens

      Human Resources Director

      Evergreen Innovations Ltd.

      (555) 234-5678

      Key Takeaways

      Here are key takeaways on why the sample appointment letter is effective and a useful sample for someone looking to write similar letters:

      1. The letter follows a clear and concise structure, making it easy to read and understand.
      2. The tone of the letter is positive and welcoming, creating a sense of enthusiasm about the new employee joining the company. This helps set a positive tone for the beginning of the employment relationship.
      3. Specific details, such as the start date, initial assignment, and contact information for the supervisor, are provided. This helps the new employee prepare for their first day and establishes clear communication channels.
      4. The letter clearly communicates the at-will nature of the employment, providing transparency about the terms of the working relationship.
      5. The letter includes information on the compensation package and benefits, ensuring that the new employee is aware of their financial arrangement and perks.
      6. The letter encourages the new employee to review the employee handbook, emphasizing the importance of understanding company policies and procedures.
      7.  Contact information for the supervisor and the Human Resources Manager is provided, giving the new employee access to individuals who can address any pre-employment questions or concerns.
      8.  The language used is professional and avoids unnecessary jargon, ensuring that the letter is accessible to all recipients.

      Letter Writing Tips

      If you are writing it, these are significant tips that will help in creating well detailed but yet simple ones:

      Begin and end your letter in a friendly manner

      Remember to employ a friendly and polite tone while writing the letter. Also, maintain an optimistic language from the beginning to the end of the letter. 

      Adopt a professional format

      You may decide to write in the standard format of paragraphs while writing your letter. However, you can also write in key highlighted sections to make reading easy. Use your company’s official style when choosing a format.

      It should be easy to understand

      Make your letter as easy to understand as possible.


      Communicate your points without using ambiguous words or phrases.

      Apply proper writing tools

      Use the recommended font type, size, and required editing instructions. Outline the information being passed across to make the letter easy to read. Employing the use of outlines also ensures that valid information is not missed and muddled up in the body of the letter. The use of bullet points should be adopted where necessary.

      Avoid grammatical mistakes

      Be careful to avoid grammatical errors and mistakes. Edit the letter until you are sure there aren’t any mistakes. Make use of spell checkers and note how well punctuations are used.

      Do not omit any crucial information

      Input all necessary information required to be present in it. Don’t miss anything that you must compulsorily add to this letter.


      This article has expressed how to write this letter of appointment for company. It explains what it means and how it differs from other employment letters that the HR department deals with. It also provides a step-by-step guide on drafting it properly, complete with a template and a sample letter for those interested in drafting top-notch and professional letters of appointment.

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