How to Prepare an Agenda for Event Planning (Free Templates)

Event planning is a task that starts at the concept idea of the event and does not end until the event occurs and sometimes even after. The event planning agenda deals with everything from the budget to the invitations.

When planning an event, coming up with an effective agenda for the event is a crucial step. An agenda helps ensure that the content and event schedule are well organized and easily accessed by all guests and attendees.

As an event organizer, an agenda serves as your roadmap. It helps you track all the activities going on while at the same time monitoring audience engagement and feedback. Drafting an engaging event agenda is key to the success of your event or conference. To that end, here are some vital things to include to help you create an effective event agenda that makes people feel like they need to attend your event!

Free Templates

Sample of Event Management Planning Agenda

 Event Planning Agenda Format

Sample of Wedding Reception Event Agenda

Wedding Event Planning Agenda Example

Free Download Business Event Agenda

 Wedding Event Agenda in Word

Meeting Event Agenda Example

Proposed Event Agenda Format

Sample of Professional Development Event Agenda

Network Launch Event Agenda Example

Business Event Agenda Format

    A well-structured agenda includes:


    Once your meeting with the client is scheduled, you need to begin preparing. You can begin preparing by asking a few simple questions.

    • What are you and the client wanting to get out of the meeting?
    • What representatives of the client will be at the meeting?
    • How and where the meeting will take place?
    • How long will your presentation be?

    When preparing for the meeting you must consider time restraints, who will be conducting the meeting, would it be beneficial to have a recorder at the meeting to take notes and alert you when time is almost up, when picking a recorder be sure it is someone that is capable of keeping up with the discussion, can recognize important information, and can assist in scheduling follow-up communication with the client. You must always be aware of your client value, time is money, be sure not to go over the allotted time.


    As the Event Planner it is your responsibility to develop and maintain the budget. These budget planner templates can help.


    You will more than likely have to give the client options on where the event will take place. To make proper suggestions you will need information (how many people, formal or casual, topic of the event and budget).


    You will be responsible for negotiating  and signing commercial contracts with hotels if necessary.

    Vendors & Caterer

    The event planner will be hiring any outside vendors and caterers that can provide the service required for the event. When selecting the caterer, you want to be sure it is someone you can work with because it is your job to plan the menu as well.

    Speakers & Entertainment

    Another job for the Event planner is to create a guest list and schedule any guest speakers and entertainment for the event. You will need to come up with multiple options, prior to making the arrangements in case your first selection is not available.


    The guest speaker/entertainment will require transportation to and from the event and that again is the job of the event planner.

    After the meeting follow-up

    You want to get the meeting notes sent out as soon as they are transcribed and ready. Delegate tasks and set deadlines for the completion of action items as soon as possible and keep a copy of the meeting notes in a secure location to prevent loss and make them easily referenced.

    Since meetings are the backbone of planning a significant event, you must know how to prepare to make sure that the event becomes a success. To ensure that everything comes together seamlessly for your event, make sure to follow the template structure provided above so that you can start running effective meetings right away.

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