How to Write Marketing Brief (12 Perfect Examples)

Every business person needs a marketing plan. It doesn’t matter whether you have a small scale businessman or you have a major business corporation spread within a wide region. One thing that will drive your sales is marketing. Therefore, successful business people devote their resources, time, and efforts to strengthen their marketing plans. With the rising number of competitors, among other marketing challenges, it’s important to stay alert so as to overcome business challenges. According to marketing strategies, developing a clear marketing brief unlocks new insights that help you get to the heart of these marketing challenges.

Marketing Brief Templates

Creating a detailed marketing brief can be daunting and tiresome. Therefore to simplify everything, you can download free templates/examples here. Our templates are simple but contain detailed information and can be used either for public relations campaigns, advertising campaigns, positioning campaigns, marketing communication, and etcetera.

email marketing brief template

marketing brief template hubspot

strategy brief template

creative brief

media brief example pdf

product brief example

internal marketing brief template 1

 digital marketing brief template 1

marketing brief template hubspot 1

email marketing brief template 1

strategy brief template 1

creative brief 1

    Defining Marketing Brief

    A marketing brief refers to a document that marketers use to ensure that their marketing and advertisement connect to their targeted audience in the most appropriate manner. With such a connection, you stand a better chance of getting the necessary information and strategies to meet the demands of your customers. Remember that the marketing brief doesn’t contain a complete analysis of what needs to be done. Rather, it highlights key issues to be addressed at hand.

    Elements of a Marketing Brief

    Creating a marketing brief can either define your success or failure. Usually, a well-written marketing brief does contain the following key elements.

    • Brief background information of the company, product, or service.
    • A brief definition of your purpose and objectives you intend to accomplish.
    • Target market. Ensure you identify the demographic of your clients and explain how you intend to communicate your message to them.
    • Execution plan. Marketing deliverables such as emails, postcards, flyers. In other words, how do you intend to reach your audience?

    Things to Consider Before Constructing a Marketing Brief

    Well, before thinking of having a marketing brief, here are some things to bear in mind.

    • Revisit your goals and expectations with a team of experts or stakeholders. This will ensure you achieve a high-quality marketing brief.
    • Avoid lingos, jargon, and acronyms.
    • Ensure the brief is simply structured and with all the necessary details.

    Objectives of a marketing brief

    • Usually, a marketing brief should be able to meet the following vital points.
    • Identify the best marketing strategy and its purpose.
    • Highlight the strategies that will effectively determine the marketing campaign.
    • Identify the target audience as well as the foreseen outcomes of the campaign.
    • Determine clear goals, responsible stakeholders, and deadlines.

    How to Create a Marketing Brief

    Background information

    First, you need to provide a brief summary of the product/service or brand you are offering. Plus, mention the company’s core values, philosophy, mission, and vision. Here, you need to be as much detailed as possible. Ensure that the company’s purpose is well understood by both the internal staff and other external stakeholders such as agencies, copywriters, and directors.

    Identify the company’s objectives

    Here, you can ask yourself why the importance of marketing brief to you. And what’re the overall objectives of the campaign? In other words, you should have the business insight at the back of your mind.


    You need to come up with a proper budget for your marketing brief. The budget will help you with effective financial management.

    Target market

    You need to identify your target market. Plus, identify if there are any segments within the market and how your product/service or brand will serve the target audience. Other factors you can look at here include personal consumer type, tastes, and preferences. At the same time, identify factors that affect customers’ purchase decisions and how to address these factors.


    Take some time and do your research on potential competitors within the surrounding market. Identify how the competitors are reaching the public. Also, look for ways to improve your outreach.


    Note down all the relevant stakeholders involved in the marketing brief as well as their responsibilities. For instance, list who is in charge of the design process? Who executes the marketing activity? Listing the stakeholders also makes the staff know whom they are working with.


    List down all the guidelines, legal requirements, deliverables, and other necessary information. Plus, ensure everything isn’t left unturned.

    Marketing briefs are an important marketing tool used to lay a framework and foundation for marketing initiatives. It provides brief information to directors, copywriters, and other stakeholders on the best methods to achieve public relations, advertisements, communications, and other useful marketing campaigns.

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