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Prior to working on a project, the developers concerned will often have to sell the idea to the various parties involved in it. That requires them to generate a brief that basically summarizes the scope and the content of the project thereof. This is technically referred to as the creative brief.

It is basically an outline of the requirements of the projects, its overall objective, goals, and the resources that ought to be employed to actualize it. This brief is mainly targeted at the company or the client way before it is implemented or executed by the said entities.

Who uses a Creative Brief?

The brief is mainly employed by the following cadres of users:

  • Marketing managers
  • Project managers
  • Account executives

Free Templates

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    Reasons to use a Creative Brief

    Below are the reasons for using the creative brief:

    Defines the Projects: The first task is to define the scope and the extent of the project. In regards to this, the brief does showcase the finer details of the project, like the entire length of the project, start and end dates, the resources to be expended to actualize the project, and the purpose for which the project is intended.

    Creates Synergy among the Team Members: Next, it creates Synergy among the members of the team who are to implement it. The project does this, especially by way of defining the unique role that each player is supposed to perform in it. In this way, it leads to the projects being delivered strictly within the timelines that are set for the same.

    Eliminate Conflicts: By creating the synergies, the brief also eliminates all the conflicts that are bound to arise in the course of executing the projects. Thus, it makes the tasks flow smoothly all the while. Also coming along is the reduction in the amounts of wastes that may naturally arise in the course of executing the said project.

    Boost Productivity: When properly planned and executed, the brief also boosts the productivity of the affected project. This arises as to the sum total of minimal wastage, enhanced project execution, and the reduced conflicts that are naturally bound to come up while executing the stated projects.

    Expedite Accountability: It also makes possible for you to account for the project that is presently under execution. “Accounting for” here means it is simpler to keep track of the resources that are set aside for the execution of the said projects. This way, it stems from the losses and other loopholes that may compromise the project execution.

    The Target Audience

    The following are the target audience of the creative brief:

    • Web and graphic designers
    • Advertising experts
    • Marketing executives
    • Writers
    • Illustrators
    • Artists

    Benefits of Using a Creative Brief

    The creative brief is truly beneficial to the various parties to a project. Two main parties stand out. Here below, we list them and the corresponding benefits that accrue to them:

    To the Client

    • Spells out the objective and the goals of the project vividly
    • Communicates all the facts and the assumptions of the project clearly
    • Gives all the stakeholders the leeway to invest in the project
    • Improves accountability of the project by eliminating wastes and redundancies
    • Provides a clear assessment of the criteria set forth for executing the project

    To the Creative Team

    • Gives the team all the background information required for the design
    • Acquaints them with the brand of choice
    • Uncovers the personality of the customer as well as his preferences
    • Creates harmony and uniformity among the members of the creative team
    • Puts in place the assessment criteria

    Basic Contents

    These briefs vary significantly from place to place and also serve varying purposes. Nonetheless, they exhibit some distinct commonality. In this segment, we delineate and discuss some of the core features of a standard brief:

    Background: In this section, the details of the background of the company are detailed. These include such things as the year when it was founded, the kinds of products the firm deals in, the long term vision of the company, and the current product offering it intends to roll out.

    Core Objectives: Just what is the overall goal of this project? Could it be about announcing the launch of a new product, a sales drive, or simply a follow-up on a past marketing campaign? You have to state this clearly for the sake of avoiding any ambiguities that may compromise the quality thereafter.

    Target Audience: Who are you targeting, or would you wish to gain access to the project? Yet again, it is important that you delineate this one fully. Knowing your target audience also makes it possible for you to customize your marketing campaigns as clearly as can be.

    Message: What are the major points you need to push across? What are the various ways and means of delivering the message? At what times may the messages be relayed to the targeted persons? These have to be answered succinctly before making a move.

    Tone: This refers to the image and the colors that suit the specific client. It is important to have the right Tone on an order that the message is pushed across vividly. To do this, you may have to research the specific needs and preferences of the client at hand.

    Scheduling: Working within a stipulated timeline is, by all means, important. That ensures that there are timely deliveries and that there is no delay of whichever kind. Then again, making such a schedule sees to it that you do not delay in executing the tasks at hand.

    Assessing Competition: Obviously, you are not alone in the field wherein you operate. It is only fair and logical that you wake up to this reality as well. This requires that you assess the competition that is at your disposal to be able to make a successful campaign.

    Budget: When all is said and done, the amount of money that you are able and willing to part with matters considerably. You hence have to set aside and operate within strict budget space. That requires that you determine just how much you are able to spend and craft a budget around it.

    Checklist to Write an Effective Creative Brief

    Purpose of the Brief: Here, we answer this question, ‘What business problem is being solved?’ This has to be clearly stated for the avoidance of doubt and effective problem-solving.

    Aim of the Communication: Next, you should state the aim of communication. Just what purpose does this communication intend to serve? Answer this as succinctly as you possibly can!

    Target Audience: Every act of communication does target a particular audience. You must hence determine the person who is being addressed or targeted by the brief to be able to do a good job.

    Nature of the Target Audience: It is important that you line up the communication campaign with the needs of the audience. This requires that you find out what the target audience is currently up to before proceeding.

    Catchy Words: Each communication campaign, no doubt, has some catchy words that tend to distinguish from the others. This is the single most compelling idea we need to pass across. To be able to make your campaign all the more successful, you have to identify such words and make good use of the same.

    Why is this idea compelling?

    To make your communication more effective, you have to find out why the idea you determined was compelling truly was. You may have to carry out some honest assessment here, as this is a nerve-breaking task to do.

    Tone: The Tone you employ for the job no doubt has a great bearing on the kind of experience or success the campaign is bound to make. You have to find out the personality or style that fits the job before proceeding.

    Product Deliverables: When all is said and done, what products or formats do you intend to deliver to the target market? Knowing about these deliverables will definitely provide the guidance you need to serve the clients well.

    Legal Advice

    Many projects are governed by some legal regimes. You have to know more about them to avoid unnecessary problems and issues. Take your time to familiarize yourself with them before setting out. Then, incorporate them into your writing and project explanations.

    Closing Summary

    We bring an end to our long and detailed look into the matter of creative brief. We are now confident that you have what it takes to draft the brief carefully and diligently. Why not proceed now with faith and confidence? If you care for others around you, which I am sure you do, kindly spread the news abroad.

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