60+ Free Marriage Certificate Templates (Word, PDF) | Edit & Print

Marriage is one of the few major and life-changing occasions in a person’s life. As it is a joyous yet very official occasion, a marriage certificate certifies it. Official marriage certificates may however not be as appealing, as we may want them to be. Sharing the official marriage certificates some time been a challenge to some owing to the poor designs used on them as well as other security purposes. This has stirred the need for an extra marriage certificate that satisfies the user’s aesthetic appeal. To this effect, you can now download a marriage certificate template that best symbolize your union.

Designed for Microsoft® Word

These beautiful and fancy marriage certificate templates are designed in Microsoft Word, which makes them completely editable as per your needs. You can type names, dates, addresses, add signatures, or anything required. After downloading the certificate template, just unzip the file, install the given fonts and open the template file in Microsoft Word. Take your time to edit and proofread the details, and just print out the final draft!

Marriage Certificate Templates

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Marriage Certificate Template

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Marriage Certificate Template

Marriage Certificate Template

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Marriage Certificate Template

    Marriage certificate templates offer their users a chance to get an extra marriage certificate that is aesthetically appealing. This can be framed up and hung on walls at home or even shared on social media. The users can get a beautiful marriage certificate that they can proudly share with friends and family. The extra marriage certificate, however, does not hold any legal ground and can only be only to be used as a ceremonial document. As such, it cannot be presented as an official document in any legal setting.

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