30 Free Exclusive Award Certificate Templates (Word, PDF)

An award certificate is a piece of paper that recognizes the achievements of an individual and usually has the award inscription on it. An award certificate is meant to celebrate achievements, merits, or honors sincerely.

You can receive either of these two types of award certificates as recognition of your achievements:

  • General Award Certificate

A general award certificate is usually meant for students and recognizes and appreciates different students’ accomplishments. This certificate acts as a form of student incentive and is issued by teachers or educators to students every school year.

  • Employment Award Certificate

An employment award certificate is usually given to an employee or a volunteer to recognize their efforts and hard work. This type of non-monetary award is meant to appreciate such people by highlighting and supporting their efforts. Therefore, such a certificate is more sincere than giving such employees money.

Importance of Using and Presenting Award Certificates

Using and presenting award certificates is essential and has proven to be an effective way of giving awards. Awarding people with money is not always the ideal method. At times, non-monetary gifts like award certificates are the most sincere gifts to give to people.

When gifting people, giving them monetary or non-monetary awards is based on the institution or company and the choices that will guarantee that your people are happy; hence better workflow. It is, therefore, essential to use and present award certificates to employees, volunteers, and even students.

For volunteers and employees, giving them award certificates shows that the employer values their work and efforts. Highlighting the achievements and skills of an employee or volunteer makes them feel more appreciated. It also helps to indicate better and sincere recognition of their work and efforts.

For a student and employees at times, an award certificate indicates that they are fit for that particular task and their excellence has been recognized. In addition, this non-monetary award helps to improve their confidence for better future results.

Employment Award Certificate Templates

It is essential to appreciate the efforts of your employees by awarding them with employment award certificates. It is straightforward to prepare custom award certificates for your employees to recognize their achievements. You should download employment award certificate templates and customize them.

You can use our professional and editable award certificate templates to create employment award certificates for your volunteers and employees. With our templates, preparing these award certificates becomes simple and faster.

Here are some Free Professional Award Certificates:

Free award certificate template

Editable award certificate template

Printable award certificate template

Example of award certificate template

Award certificate template in Word

Award certificate template in PDF

    Appropriate Times At A Workplace To Give Award Certificates

    Since you can either give people monetary or non-monetary awards, it is vital to know the appropriate times to give employees award certificates at a workplace. Giving award certificates can be beneficial if only you know the appropriate time to give them.

    With a properly established time and an effective way of presenting the award certificate, you can benefit greatly and motivate everyone at the workplace. Here are some of the appropriate times at the workplace to give award certificates:

    Year of Service Award

    Such service awards usually involve community services like building an animal shelter, cleaning the streets, or setting up a charity event. These activities also entail people working together in teams to complete the set activities. In the process, people come together, share, have fun, and complete tasks.

    Such a situation requires a non-monetary form of an award like the award certificates. It is an honest and more sincere way of being grateful and appreciating everyone for their efforts.

    Editable service award certificate template sample

    Word award certificate template sample

    Award certificate template PDF format

    Example of a printable award certificate template

      Great Job Performance Award

      An employee or a team of employees may have performed well in a particular project at work. The best way to congratulate them on their excellent job performance is by giving them award certificates. The appreciation is way better since it is tangible and can commemorate the employee’s achievements.

      Sample award certificate template

      Free editable award certificate template

      Printable award certificate template example

      Award certificate template form

      PDF award certificate template example

      Free printable award certificate template

        Good Behaviour Award

        This situation is most appropriate when it comes to students. For good behavior and character at school, giving your students award certificates is affordable and motivational for them. Whether it is a small or a big achievement, awarding students with these certificates is beneficial.

        The students will view the certificate as a form of appreciation, and since most children love gifts, they will feel appreciated and continue to keep up the good behavior.

        Free award certificate template PDF

        Printable award certificate template form

        Award certificate template example

        Editable award certificate template PDF

          Employee or Volunteer Best Performance Award

          An employer should take their time to congratulate and appreciate the milestones achieved by their volunteers or employees. Such situations usually require an appreciation for their best performance, especially if they have been working at that place for a while.

          Award certificates are more authentic and sincere, making them more effective for such a situation than money gifts. Moreover, with these certificates, the employer is bound to create a lasting and positive impression for better performances in the future.

          Sample best performance award certificate template in Word

          Free printable award certificate template example

          Best Performance Award certificate template form PDF

          Example of editable award certificate template

            Course Completion Award

            Most employees usually choose to continue their studies even while working. With such efforts, employers can show their appreciation and pass their congratulatory messages to their employees using completion award certificates. Once these individuals have completed their courses, receiving award certificates will be more appreciated than other wards.

            Also, employees can choose to display these award certificates to encourage one another to take and complete their courses. Apart from the employers, those individuals training these employees through their course should also create award certificates.

            Such certificates usually contain the title of the course, the date of completion, and other essential information regarding the employee.

            Word format completion award certificate template form

            Free award certificate template sample

            Printable completion award certificate template PDF

            Completion award certificate template example form


              Since creating and presenting an award, certificates are important and more beneficial in some situations than monetary gifts. Here are some tips you can observe to make the award-giving moments special and memorable.

              It is all about making the moment memorable by adding value and thoughtfulness to the award presentation.

              1. When preparing the award certificate, you should try and match the message describing the award with the introduction.

              That means that if the message of the award states “Best Performance Award Certificate,” then the introductory part of the certificate should also contain a message that matches and describes the award mentioned.

              • You should also add a certificate cover on the award certificate that matches well and allows for proper organization.
              • For the certificate, you should use an economical gold, silver, or any other bright colored seal and a gold-foil paper to prepare the award certificate.
              • It is best to already have in mind the touching messages you will share with the certificate received during the ceremony. You can even write them down somewhere for it to be easy to remember.
              • When presenting the certificate, you should try and gather others during the ceremony to make it more celebratory, memorable, and special for the recipient.
              • It is best to shake the recipient’s hand and whisper a congratulatory message before handing them the award certificate.
              • Every memorable event requires pictures to capture those special moments. You should, therefore, ask someone to take a picture of the moment and share it on social media.

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