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A gift certificate is a piece of paper or card that is purchased from a store, and it has a monetary value that can be exchanged with products or services.

This certificate can be given to another individual as a gift, or one can preserve and use it later to purchase products at the store. The details on the gift card clearly specify where the gift card can be redeemed in the case of chain stores, and there is a specified validity duration for the card.

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    Where, and When It Can be Used

    A gift card is used within the store or chain of stores from where it was purchased, and it is only valid within the specified period. This certificate can be used to purchase products or services as it contains a monetary value. It can be given to an individual as either a hotel, spa, or dinner gift certificate, and each certificate is used for the specified reason.

    How are Gift Certificate Templates Helpful?

    These templates are helpful in a business as they help in the continued business growth. Below are some aspects which show how helpful gift certificates are:

    • Help in Building Brand Awareness: Gift certificates are important to a business as they can be used as a method of brand awareness whereby the business adds important information concerning their products and services.
    • Gift Certificates Help in the Acquisition of Useful Information: Direct contact with customers is important as the business will be in a position to identify various useful information such as product preferences for customers, new products which are ideal for the business, or modification of existing products.
    • Gift Certificates Improve on Cash Flow: The use of gift certificates helps in the improvement of cash flow in that more customers are generated through the use of gifts. Additionally, once this certificate is sold out, it means that the business is getting income even before the actual sale of the products.

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    Editable Gift Certificate Template

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    Printable Free Gift Certificate Template in Word and PDF

      How to Plan Perfect Wording for a Gift Certificate 

      It is important to consider essential aspects when composing a gift voucher template to ensure that all the details needed to make it unique and valid are added. The aspects include:

      • The Name of the Recipient: A gift certificate should include the name of the recipient to show the personalization of the card and also to make the certificate appear as a gift. This creates satisfaction and a sense of appreciation for the recipient.
      • Amount of the Gift Card: The amount of the gift card certificate should be indicated to help the recipient determine the number of goods or services which matches with the provided value. This also helps the business in the determination of their sales.
      • The Expiration Date: A gift card certificate entails an expiry date which helps the recipient know the time duration available for the gift certificate. This time frame also helps the business improve on their competitiveness as they can include offers available at the organization during the period the gift certificate is valid.
      • Gift Certificate Number: A gift certificate number is added as a component of the certificate to enhance authenticity and help in reducing the risk of the creation of face gift certificates. The number in each certificate is unique and thus makes it impossible for one to create a fake certificate.
      • Business Name and Logo: A gift certificate should have a business’s name and logo for personalization. A short description of the goods or services provided can be added to the certificate as it is beneficial to the organization as it acts as a marketing method.

      Why Should I Use Gift Certificates?

      Gift certificates are important as they help an individual give the recipient an opportunity to choose their preferred gift. This is made possible by purchasing a gift certificate of a given monetary value; hence the recipient purchases products or services worth the certificate. Additionally, gift certificates help the business in the attainment of more clientele, especially during the festive seasons.

      Key Points of a Good Gift Certificate

      A good certificate should include the following key points:

      • The Name of the Store From Where it Was Purchased From: A good gift certificate should have the store’s name from where it was purchased to create a sense of authenticity, and it can also be used as a marketing strategy for the business. Additionally, this detail helps the recipient know the specific store where they are supposed to redeem the certificate.
      • The Value of the Gift Certificate: The value of the certificate is important as it helps the recipient match the cost of the service or product that they want to acquire with the value of the gift certificate. It also helps the business match products or services with the value of the certificate.
      • The Terms and Conditions Governing the Gift Certificate: This certificate should have terms and conditions which are put into consideration while redeeming the certificate. Once terms and conditions are violated, the certificate becomes invalid and cannot be used. For example, one of the conditions can be, “after expiry date the gift certificate becomes invalid.”
      • Recipient’s Special Message: A special dedicated message should be added to the gift certificate for the recipient to make the gift special and match the required purpose. A dedicated message makes the certificate more appealing to the reader.

      Are Gift Certificate Templates Editable?

      Gift certificate templates are editable to ensure that one can include their preferred details to fit the recipients’ specifications. Editable templates can be downloaded from this website to create ease of making a gift certificate. Below are some editable certificates: 

      Frequently Asked Questions

      How Do You Customize Gift Certificates?

      Gift certificates are customised according to the services or products the business is offering, and appealing specifications should be used to create interest in the recipient. It should include the name of the recipient, their contact details, or their address.

      Difference Between Gift Certificate and Gift Voucher?

      A gift certificate is a card or a piece of paper that is given to an individual, and its purpose is to cover their total expenses on a particular product or service and can be edited to ensure that an additional message is dedicated to the recipient. A gift voucher is a piece of paper that has a monetary value and is used to cater for a part of an individual’s bill and does not contain a special dedication message to the recipient.

      Can a gift certificate be revoked by the store?

      Yes, a certificate can be revoked by a certain store if the terms and conditions of use have not been met.

      Who can buy or use a gift certificate?

      Anybody who is capable of shopping at the gift certificate store is capable of buying a certificate. The certificate can then be used by anyone the buyer sees fit to use it by giving it to them.

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