43 Free Project Proposal Templates | Expert Guide and Tips

Project Proposal Template

A project proposal is a document that states the purpose of a project and describes how it will be executed. A proposal is meant to ask decision-makers or external parties such as sponsors to buy in and support the implementation of a project. It has not been deemed a contract as it doesn’t outline legal terms and obligations. Senior management … Read more

35 Successful Grant Proposal Examples (How to Write)

grant proposal

A grant proposal is a written request to an organization or government for financial assistance for ordinarily a non-profit project but can also be for a profit project. Once the proposal is approved and the grantee selected, the grantor becomes a partner aiming to achieve the goals laid out in the proposal. In most cases, the proposal must be aligned … Read more

How to Write a Policy Brief | 22 Great Examples


Policy Brief Template is created for government policymakers and other people interested in influencing or formulating policy in the proper format of a form. It is a short document that describes a particular policy issue or advocates for a particular position. They can also be given to students as writing assignments to be delivered to the professor and your class. … Read more

23 Free Sales Plan Templates | How to Create – Examples

Sales Plan Template

A sales plan is used by businesses and companies to document target sales and outline sales strategies required to realize the set sales objectives.   Business success can be directly attributed to good planning within the organization. EXAMPLE A strategic sales plan is usually designed to assist the company in driving sales to facilitate growth in the company’s revenue. It is … Read more

Case Study: How to Write (24 Free Templates)

Case Study Template

Case studies can vary significantly in scope and length as sometimes it is necessary to look into additional details revolving around the initial problem and solution. It usually focuses on a customer’s journey and interactions with a business and how their product or service solved a specific need/issue. A case study is a document detailing the process and findings after … Read more

22 Free Consulting Proposal Templates

Consulting Proposal Preview

In most cases where a prospective client has already declared their intentions to work with a consultant, they will often request a consulting proposal to get a better understanding of what is being offered. A proposal is merely a formality but can be a defining traverse in building a good-term relationship between a consultant and a client. Formally, we define … Read more

How to Structure a Business Report (with Examples)

How to Structure a Business Report (with Examples)

To examine the progress of different departments or projects within a company, management usually requests reports that expound on the same. The primary objective of a business report is to help in decision-making. Therefore, it can be defined as, A business report is a formal document that is used to analyze a given situation, issue, or project by providing a … Read more

How to Write a Business Case (20 Free Templates & Examples)

How to Write a Business Case (Free Templates)

A business case captures the reasoning for initiating a project or task. By definition, it can be stated as; A business case provides justification to management or stakeholders as to why a project or program should be implemented. It determines whether a proposed project justifies an investment by the organization. It defines the problem and its impact and carries out … Read more

24 Private Placement Memorandum Templates (Format) – PDF


Private Placement Memorandums are part of the private placement process and are defined as: A private placement memorandum is a legal document that is presented to potential private investors in an effort to sell stock or any other security, e.g., bonds, in a company when raising capital. A PPM introduces the investment opportunity to the investors and gives additional information … Read more

22 Free Policy Brief Templates & Examples

policy writing

Research proposals are often too complicated for the layman to understand. The contents, therefore, have to be broken down into a form or structure that just about any other person can understand. This requires the use of a simpler and more self-explanatory document called the policy brief. The policy brief is basically a small document that aims to break down … Read more

Free Moped (Scooter) Bill of Sale Forms | Word – PDF

Bill of Sale for Moped (Scooter)

A Moped Bill of Sale is a document formalizing the transfer of ownership of a moped from one party to another for purposes of trades or in exchange for an agreed-upon sum of money. The bill of sale for the moped must contain relevant details about the moped. in addition, it must also contain the buyer and seller’s personal information. … Read more

15 Winning RFP Response Templates (Word | PDF)

RFP response

A Request for Proposal that an organization (government agency or large enterprise) creates to mention the specification of their project. The RFP explains the customer requirements and the evaluation criteria on which the vendor’s proposal will be assessed. According to Ganesh Shankar of RFPIO, the chance of securing an RFP is under 5 percent. Yet companies continue to do so. … Read more

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