How to Pitch a Sales Letter (40 Examples & Templates)

Sales Letter

A sales letter is a correspondence made to promote a company’s products and services to enhance sales.

The essence of the sales letter is to ensure that people gain knowledge about your product and respond to the persuasive content that enhances sales. The sales letter is written so that existing customers continue patronizing a product while potential customers see a reason to buy the product.

Furthermore, the sales letter seeks to expand the brand’s reach or the product sold to the customers. Many businesses opt for sending sales letters to their customers because it is one of the most less expensive forms of marketing used today. Plus, it is effective and comfortable to implement in a company’s marketing strategies.

This is possible if the sales message is concise and persuasive enough. Additionally, a sales letter is great for a company because it reaches an area where a salesperson may not be able to reach and can influence many people simultaneously. Also, sales letters are easy to understand and make each detail of the product and service that is being promoted be identified appropriately.

Types of Sales Letters

Business owners write sales letters for different purposes; they may be to promote a new product in an existing series or for upcoming discount sales to promote the company itself. However, we have selected a few types of sales letters based on their purposes:



The introductory sales letter is used to introduce a company's product or service to the target audience. This is where potential customers are introduced to the company, products, and other relevant information that you as a business owner will like to make public. This type of letter is written for customers in the awareness stage of marketing.

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Product update

The product update is a type of letter that informs prospective and existing customers of the recent changes to existing products. For business owners, adding new features to a particular model or product, the sales letter will follow the product update line most of the time. Businesses usually send out product update letters to customers who have been clamoring for a change or an upgrade to a product. Other times, it is the prerogative of the brand to improve either its products and services.

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Selling incentive

This type of letter gives mouth-watering prospects to an existing product and motivates the customer to buy using a catchy call to action.

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Thank you

Thank you letters are usually written when your protest or company reaches a particular milestone, and it is one way of acknowledging the customers for their support and patronage.

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Holiday Celebration

Holidays usually come with biscuits and other exciting new features for existing grout; this letter, therefore, informs the customer of the discounts and gifts that the company has in store for them.

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This kind of letter is used to invite customers to celebrations, luncheons, and other kinds of events. It could be an auction, open house, or any event that will show the customers are special to your brand.

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Lost customer

This is a kind of letter that shows the company cares about every customer. This letter is sent to customers that have not been too active lately.

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    Writing a Perfect Sales Letter

    You need to have some guidelines to help you appeal to the recipient or the customer you are trying to persuade. As a result, here are some ways to attract the right people for your products, services, and businesses to thrive through your sales letter:

    Identify your target audience

    For any sales letter or any piece of writing in general, you need to be sure of the recipient that you are writing to. In other words, you need to know your target audience by doing either a survey, research or analysis.

    For example, if you are writing a sales letter to an IT firm, you need to use Information  Technology terminologies that show you are professional and effective in communication.

    Write a powerful, engaging headline

    The headline is meant to grab the recipient’s attention, so you need to capture the essence of the whole writing in a few sentences. A powerful and engaging headline sets the mood for the sale letter, it allows the reader to continue to read. So, you need to find something captivating that will grab the attention of the reader once they see it.

    For example, if you are looking to partner with a digital marketing company, you can say,

    “XTZ Software guarantees your business will help you to target your audience regardless of the social media platform they use.”

    Craft an intriguing introduction

    An introduction should just be as captivating as the headline so that the recipients can follow every detail you have written. The introduction should draw the reader closer and is the opportunity to sell your idea, product, and service to the reader.

    So, you need to find a way to engage them from the first line. If you are asking a question, do not make it easy for them to simply answer “Yes” or “No.” Ensure that you make them probe further into the letter to find the answer.

    For example,

    Are you tired of understanding how to breakthrough in the market even with your quality products?

    Pose a problem and then give the solution

    In your sales letter, you should pose a problem that the company will likely face or cookies in that industry and create a solution. You need to show that your product or service is the solution that the company needs. For example, a digital company is looking to get the contacts of leads that visit their website. Explain that your company can help generate the leads from their engagement on your website and send you their contact information.

    State the features and benefits

    After you have created the solution to the problem that you have posed, the next thing to do is show more of the features and benefits of the product or service. So, talking about generating more than 50 leads each week or ensuring the company converts the leads into customers with the service you provide.

    Do not worry about the letter length, you can send as many as five to eight pages. So, you have the liberty to list out all the benefits and expand on them. This will allow the reader to picture who you will benefit from.

    Include testimonials or stats as proof

    One of the best ways to sell your product and services to customers is to include a powerful testimonial. You should choose the shortest but meaningful testimonial so that people can see your product works.

    Offer an incentive

    The incentive you can offer may be a free trial which is one of the most popular ways companies use incentives. You can also offer gifts to the customers as well. Readers usually respond more to letters that have an incentive, it shows that you care about them.

    Give readers a call to action

    It is important to add a message that makes people act. From the get-go, ensure that your intention is to persuade them to act, whether it is to come to a location, call someone or buy the product. Also, you need to make the call to action easy and set a deadline so that they can have a sense of urgency.

    So, adding something like,

    ” Kindly include your email address and website, and we will run a free check on your SEO to improve your Google ratings.”

    Introduce a timeline for a deal

    The sales letter should ensure that the customers act fast. Therefore you can add a limit to the offer you’re giving them.

    For example,

    “Get 30 days free of social media content calendar planning if you sign up before December.”

    Add a postscript

    This is a great way to connect to the customers, to appeal to their personal beliefs to improve their business. PostScript, which is usually represented by P.S, is used to remind people of something you had earlier said in the letter. You can use the postscript to remind them of the deals, expiration date, free trials, and other important information you want them to take “home” after reading the letter.

    You can state something like this,

    “We hope you take advantage of this opportunity to improve your digital marketing strategies and convert more leads.”

    Sales Letter Templates

    As much as you have the ingredients of a sales letter, a template will help put everything you have learned so far in perspective. You get to see the structure and the way the language is used to persuade the customers. You can download our sales letter template if you are looking for a quality guide for promoting your products and services.

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      Sample Letter

      Here is a sample sales letter from a digital marketing software company seeking to improve another business’ digital marketing strategies to reach a global audience.

      XYZ DIGITAL can guarantee you reach a global audience through effective digital marketing strategies that have been tested and trusted by fortune 500 companies

      (Business Logo)

      David Bennett

      XYZ Road Drive


      AB, 76756

      Dear Cranium Global,

      It can be frustrating having a quality product that will benefit people, especially in the healthcare industry, but no one seems to know. As a result, you cannot create awareness and turn the leads you have into customers and then eventual ambassadors of the product you are offering. But the problem is how to get to this point. With XYZ Digital, we can help you maximize the digital marketing strategies and connect to your audience so your target audience will see your product.

      Here are three reasons why we feel we can help you increase sales and brand image:

      We have helped three fortune 500 companies scale up their businesses and improve their digital marketing strategies.

      We use SEO tools that enable us to determine what your target audience needs and then focus on meeting those needs.

      We can track the people that make their way to your websites and generate enough leads from there to promote your products.

      For us, we take pride in growing your business and letting people see that you have something worth every penny that it goes for. This is one of the reasons the CEO of Medicine Tech subscribed to our team; he said, “XYZ digital finds a way to harness the benefits of our products and promote these features so much that our customers do not need anything else than our product.”

      We have extensive experience ensuring that your target audience notices you and patronizes your product based on the content we help you put out.

      Get 30 days free of social media content calendar planning if you sign up before December.


      Tammy Ferguson

      Customer Service Manager

      XYZ Digital

      P.S. We hope you take advantage of this opportunity to improve your digital marketing strategies and convert more leads.

      Tips to Make a Sales Letter More Effective

      Here are some tips that you can follow to make your sales letter more effective and interesting:

      Always know your customer by name

      Customers are more drawn to an email or message that bears their name. With the amount of information that customers receive daily today, you need something to capture their attention. So, you should add, “Dear James or Dear Patricia.”

      Elaborate your sales message using subheads

      Your sales letter must be readable, and one way to make this a possibility is by breaking up the text. You want to keep sustaining the reader’s interest by pointing them to what you will discuss in each section.

      Constantly connect with the customer

      You need to introduce yourself and the product well by giving the customer something that they cannot resist. Use a friendly tie when writing the sales letter. Remember that you are talking to humans with feelings; therefore, do not use slang but be clever and funny.

      Use bullet points

      This helps the customer see the product features and benefits are clear. Plus, they aid comprehension; by keeping it simple, you avoid ambiguity and confusion.

      Use informal language

      Use a subtle tone that makes you feel human since you are conversing with people the same as you. Do not use slang but be clever in your use of words. Let people know that you care about them and their business.

      Organize your content

      Try to organize your content, let each point flow into the other. An effective thought flow pattern has to be established in each paragraph so that the customers can follow.

      Include exciting visuals

      It would be great to use visuals that are currently trending globally so that the customers can easily relate to what you are saying. Plus, do not stuff too many images in the letter but use a decent amount to elaborate your ideas.

      Use a suitable closing

      Your closing must carry as much weight as the introduction. The correct use of salutation has to be included in the letter, and you have to ensure that the complete details of the product are added as well. You need to reiterate the essence of your product to their customers’ success. Furthermore, add your name, signature, and position. 

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        Final Thoughts

        A sales letter is one of the most suitable ways of marketing your products personally to customers. It shows that you are deliberate with your actions by appealing to the buying power of the customers. Therefore, you need to be direct and understand the intricacies in persuading the customer through the letter. Finally, edit and go over the sales letter you write to ensure there is no mistake. You. still want to exhibit a high level of professionalism amidst being subtle and funny.

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