10+ Free Sports Flyer Templates (Word | PPT) – Edit & Print

A sports flyer is an eye-catching way to advertise a sporting event. Sports flyers are simply paper handouts that contain basic information about an upcoming local sports game. These flyers are used to attract fans, inform the public about the sporting event, and draw in crowds.

When are Sports Flyers Used?

Sports flyers are usually used for advertising a local or smaller-scale sporting event in a community or society. National sports events would be more likely to advertise on a larger scale that involves media attention. Sports flyers are appropriate and effective for advertising sports on a local or community level, as they can easily be posted at various popular gathering places around a community.

How Can I Create A Sports Flyer?

Sports flyers can easily be created with the help of a template. Having such a template is helpful in creating a professional and eye-catching flyer for any sporting event. You can easily create instant sports flyers by filling in the relevant information and personalizing it to fit your needs. These free templates are readily available to be used with any sport, and they have been professionally designed.

Sports Flyer Templates Features

The kind of sport being played, if it is a soccer match, it is illustrated who is playing

The venue of the match taking place

The date of the match

According to the organizer, the sports flyer templates may not include charges but in some cases, an understandable amount is put on every flyer template so as to help the team taking part, they may be youth or young school children where in exchange for the payment one is given a t-shirt for promoting the organization.

Free Templates

Basketball Presentation Flyer Template

Football Party Flyer Template

Outdoor Sports Event Flyer Template

Photo Football Flyer Template

Sports Day Event Flyer Template

Sports Event Flyer Template

Baseball sports Flyer templates for Microsoft® Word

Basketball Flyer Template for Word

    The sports flyer templates are the best way in helping the young generation to indulge in useful activities rather than idling around, it is also a way of motivating the young ones to join the organizations and help them in making use of their talent in a good way. One of the greatest advantages of this sports template is that it comes in more than 10 designs and all printable.

    Are Flyers Cost-Effective?

    Using a flyer to advertise local sporting events is, by far, the most cost-effective option when it comes to attracting a crowd. Local audiences for sporting events usually include 200 people at most, so distributing flyers throughout the community is a great advertising option. It’s simple and inexpensive to post flyers in community hotspots and hand them out to crowds. Since the materials needed to create flyers are easily obtainable, this is a very cost-effective option.

    Making Your Sports Flyer Digital

    Not only can you easily distribute sports flyers, but you can also post them online digitally. By scanning and uploading a digital copy of a sports flyer, a larger audience can be reached. Posing a sports flyer to social media, for example, gives people a quick and easy way to share the flyer with friends and family.


    Sports flyers can help draw more spectators to a local sporting event. They are simple to create, and the templates are very professional and customizable. It’s easy to distribute sports flyers in print and digitally, which makes it a very convenient option for advertising a sporting event and getting the community involved.

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