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Congratulating a friend or maybe a relative after doing something special, nice or on an important event, makes one feels appreciated. This also helps to motivate them to keep on or do even better in the future. Congratulations greeting card template will help you have a congratulation greeting card cheaply and easily to send out to your loved ones for any occasion. Sometime you may not be in a position to buy a big gift or you might buy a gift but you need to put in a personal congratulation message to accompany the gift.

Congratulations greeting card templates feature images and allow one to add any type of message. There are many types of templates to choose from and they come at a cost-free price, all you do is choose the best one and add whatever message you want and then print. Some of the congratulations greeting card template designs include Christmas ornament, happy holidays with shimmering lights, seasons greeting with a holiday box on top, one with a blue ribbon on the top and a congratulations text on top and many more designs available online. With all these congratulations greeting cards template designs with different themes and color and events choice, it becomes easy to choose the desired style and add any information you want and then print.

Thus the Congratulations greeting card template come in handy These cards simply have a cover of congratulations and space on back to write custom congrats and greetings message. This card template can be used to offer greetings to anyone or on any event for their achievements. Congratulations greeting card templates are also printable and one can print as many cards as possible to give out. There are several themed congratulations greeting card templates to choose from according to the event you want to congratulate. Most of the Congratulations greeting card templates are blank on the inside to allow your own customization and creativity of words to that special someone you want to congratulate.

When to send this card?

A congratulation Greeting card is simply a letter sent to someone with the aim of letting them know that you appreciate and support them. There are different types of greeting cards. They include.

Birthday greetings

This type of greeting card can be sent to a son, daughter, parents or even friends. The birthday greeting is simply a friendly message sent to an individual during their birthday.

Christmas Greetings

Christmas is one of the great days in a year. It is a time when families and friends reconnect. Christmas greetings are friendly messages sent to families and friends wishing them a happy merry Christmas. Usually, the greetings begin with Christmas saying.

Wedding Greetings

A wedding is usually a very special day for the individuals involved. It is a day full of love and happiness. It is very important to send wedding greetings and congratulations to your friends and relatives during their wedding day. A wedding greeting is a friendly message sent to someone during their wedding day.

Baby Shower greeting

This is a card with a friendly message sent to an expectant lady or woman who is almost to deliver. These baby shower greetings are meant to encourage them for the new beginning that they are to start and wishing them the best in life.

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    5 Reasons to send a greeting card

    1. Appreciation and recognition. One will send a greeting card to someone to express their appreciation for the efforts done in their favor.
    2. Encouragement. One will send a greeting card to their friends to encourage them from the loss they encountered.
    3. Birthday greetings. A greeting card will be sent to appreciate the other person’s birthday.
    4. Friendly greetings. One will send a greeting card to their loved one or friends, just for the appreciation. This shows that you think about him/her.
    5. Congratulations. It is good to send greetings to someone to show that you appreciate the small achievement they have made.