5 Free Travel Log Templates to Keep Track of Your Travels

A travel log is a document that contains all the information about a traveler. It is used by companies to keep track of their customers. A travel log was originally used by travelers for personal reasons, which were to rate their experiences. Nowadays, many companies and organizations have adopted the culture of having a database of their employees ‘ trips. A travel log is designed in the form of a database with columns and rows and tables where your information is required. It is also self-updating. Where every key in does not have to be manually done. It automatically updates information on.

Reasons to use the Travel Log

People keep personal travel logs to help them remember the experiences they had at that time. You can add photos of the place or of things you enjoyed doing there. It helps someone share the time they had with their families and friends.

For an organization, a travel log helps them keep track of the expenses used. Once they have that amount, they can now present a detailed report for compensation. A travel log helps businesses know the cash spent over a time period.

Employees need to report about travel logs because they need to show in detail where the money dispatched went. If they do not, they will be held accountable for it and will have to pay from their wages and salaries.

They, however, do not have any effect on taxes.

What should a travel log include

This section describes what should be inserted into the travel log.

1. Destination

This is the place you intend to visit. How fat is from the place you are and how you intend to get there. It should also have the things you are likely to see and places you are going to visit when there.

2. Time

This includes the duration you will be spending at the place when you will be traveling to your destination, for how long and when you intend to come back. For some organizations, a schedule is provided where an event you do has to correspond with the time allocated.

3. Expenditure

This is where you indicate the amount of money used on the trip. You can have it at the bottom as the total cost or have a more detailed method where everything you spend is recorded to the activity. This helps to narrow down the spending, and if you intend to go back there, you will know how much you spent on an item.

4. Experience

Every activity you do has to be recorded. You need to show how you felt at the time. Did you enjoy it or not? This will help you steer away from it the next time you go to the place. Experience is very broad. It could be the people at that place, the food, the culture, the ambiance, basically, everything you do not have any prior experience with.

5. Pictures

If it is an informal one, adding pictures will not cost anything. You will get to share your experience with others and remember everything you did while there.

Free Templates

Our templates offer a convenient and organized way to keep track of your travel adventures, whether it’s for personal or professional purposes. Download and customize our pre-built templates to record important details such as destinations, dates, activities, and memorable experiences. Stay organized and create a beautiful travel journal with our ready-to-use templates, available for free download.

Business Travel Log Template 01

Business Travel Log Template for Excel®

Free Travel Log Template 02

Free Travel Log Template

Travel Log and Budget Calculator Template 03

Travel Log and Budget Calculator Template Excel®

Travel Log and Expense Report Template 04

Travel Log and Expense Report Template

Travel Log Template for Kids 05

Travel Log Template for Kids


To conclude, having a travel log is very important to you and for your organization. It helps share your experience and as well keep track of expenditure. A travel blog will have details everyone will understand, even if they were not there at the time.

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