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Self-evaluation also goes by the name of self-appraisal. It is an annual review, which an employee has to provide. It is a reflection of what an employee thinks of himself or herself. It is important for employees to complete the self-appraisal as it gives them an idea of their overall performance.

There are various reasons, which can make an employee successful during the year while there are other things like laziness, lack of time, unnecessary information, which can drive them away from a self-evaluation. Self-appraisal is important for the performance review process. Employees should take some time out from their 9-5 job and make it a must to do the self-evaluation. It is a reflection of their performance during the entire year.

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Why is self-evaluation important?

There are many reasons, which can make a self-evaluation important such as:

  • A manager can remember the details through the self-evaluation of an employee. It is practically quite difficult to remember the details of each employee working for a particular company. A self-evaluation of an employee is like the branding of that particular employee. It depends on how much an employee has been able to present him or herself nicely on a simple piece of paper.
  • It is possible to let the manager know about the challenges that an employee has faced during the year. A manager can see the potential candidate for the company. It is important to be in the good books of the managers. They should know how much an employee is putting in as efforts. The performance output should reflect the success and growth of an employee.
  • An employee can mention his or her accomplishments in the self-evaluation. It is important to highlight all the important accomplishments over the year. It is crucial to include each important detail.
  • Apart from all this, with the help of a self-evaluation, an employee gets an idea of the difference of opinion between himself or herself and the manager. Not every person has the same thinking process. It is necessary to know what a manager thinks of the employee and what an employee thinks of his or her performance. It is possible to match the thoughts through the help of these documents and that is why self-evaluation is extremely crucial for the success and growth.
  • A manager is able to see the strengths and weakness of an employee through the self-evaluation. It is quite easier to recommend a solution to someone if his or her strengths or weaknesses are highlighted. A person with certain strength can be the best fit for a particular department whereas another person with some weakness can be taught on how to overcome that difficulty.

Therefore, it is wise to have a self-evaluation in order to make progress in personal growth and be a successful employee of the company.

5 reasons to conduct a self-evaluation

The main reason for self-evaluation is to get an idea about the critical picture of the overall performance.

  • An employee would know where they stand in terms of their overall performance in the company.
  • It can guide an employee to perform better in a particular section.
  • It can assist an employee to reflect on the 12 months of their performance.
  • An employee would know about their strengths and can use them in the right direction.
  • An employee can know about their weaknesses and can do something to overcome it.

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6 Steps to writing a meaningful and self-crafted self-evaluation

The following points can assist in writing a meaningful and self-crafted self-evaluation:

  1. Keep a performance journal as it can assist in keeping a track of the performance. It is quite easier to forget about each detail in a year. A performance journal, on the other hand, can assist in keeping a track of what was important during the 12 months process.
  2. Give information about what an employee learned in 12 months. The learning curve of an employee is important because he or she can understand about their weaknesses in greater depth. They can work on those areas in order to provide a better output in future.
  3. Highlight the challenges faced over 12 months and highlight what steps they have taken to overcome it.
  4. Give an honest review of the overall performance in 12 months.
  5. Do not rush to complete the self-evaluation. It is important to complete the self-evaluation keeping in view the essential details about the performance.
  6. Take some time to reflect on the overall self-evaluation. The result should be perfect in the view of the employees. A manager learns the strengths and weakness of an employee through the self-evaluation.

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12 Self-evaluation Example Statements

Given below are few self-evaluation examples:

  1. There was an increase in sales of 30% when I was in charge of the xyz area.
  2. I managed a team of interns for a period of four months.
  3. I coached an intern and was able to achieve a specific output.
  4. I was able to save $xyz, during my supervision at xyz area.
  5. I mentored an employee and his performance output increase by 40%.
  6. I reduced the company’s expenses in marketing department by 20%.
  7. I trained three employees in the marketing department.
  8. I trained four employees in the human resource department.
  9. I trained a team of interns to learn the sales strategies.
  10. I mentored the employees to learn customer relationship management.
  11. I reduced the expenses of administration department by $xyz
  12. I started a course on teaching basic computer skills to a group of interns.

Final Thoughts

Self-evaluation is the reflection of an employee’s performance over the period of 12 months. An employee writes about his or her accomplishments and about the challenges in a self-appraisal. It is extremely important from a manager’s perspective as well since it is a great way to know about the strengths and weaknesses of the employees. There are different steps, which an employee can take in order to write the self-appraisal. There are different examples, which can assist an employee to write a self-evaluation for the 12 months.

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