Free Expense Tracking Templates (Weekly, Monthly) – Excel, Word

Free Expense Tracking Templates (Weekly, Monthly) – Excel, Word

Often when we have the money or after being paid, most people have the feeling of being the richest, and you end up spending on mindless things. The last thing that comes to your attention will be that you no longer have enough money. It is a common problem for most people, which is dangerous mainly due to the economic recession and leads to stress, which eventually causes many stress-related diseases.

Are you tired of living such a kind of life and you want to improve your spending habits? We will take you through expense record sheets that should help you to monitor the spending.

An expense record sheet is a detailed report on the weekly, monthly, quarterly and year that accounts for the expenses a person or business has incurred; it merely tracks money spent. You can make your expense sheet using the below guidelines;

Focus on creating a sheet that is perfect and effective to suit you. Always be realistic to yourself.

Start with a clean sheet

Once you set yourself to creating, take the advice to you to use a clean sheet. It will help you t have a clear mind and personalize it relating to your kind of expenses.

List all the expenses.

Listing them down will help you create categories or add them correctly to the existing group.

Sort expenses to categories

From your list to group, the operating cost into either a fixed, variable, or periodic expenditure.

Be honest with yourself.

Do not exclude other purchases, because you will give yourself the opportunity for improvement. The next time you will focus on the right things. Never fool yourself because you may never improve.

You can make them or use the free template that is more professional and efficient. Below are brief descriptions of our expenses tracking sheet free templates;

Personal expense record sheet

It records the private spending on a weekly basis. Its features include a table with columns on days of the week where you register the money and daily/ weekly totals at the end of the period.

Excel Spreadsheet Templates For Tracking


An Income and expenditure sheet

Have places to feed your details such as name, date, number of people, and address. It has a table for putting the total income from all sources weekly and monthly and another table with the same structure for expenses. It closes with the difference in the revenue against expenditures and all priority debts.

Monthly Business Expense Template


Personal Expense Record Spreadsheet

It is perfect for a business to record costs incurred in the cause of government compliance and the ones accrued from office and other equipment. On both sides, initial and monthly spending is marked and ends by giving the total of initial and monthly expenditures.

Personal Daily Expense Sheet Excel


Annual horse template:

It is right for budgeting of horse ownership. It has columns/rows with categories, and the left side column is for indicating the items and the right-hand columns for the cost. Each group ends with a subtotal that will make the final costs.

Personal Expense Tracker Excel


Weekly expense record template:

Accounts for the significant items spent on the whole week and the total of each day.

Daily Expenses Sheet In Excel Format Free Download


The spending record worksheet template:

It is a chart that will help you to track all items bought in a day and the sum.

Small Business Spreadsheet For Income And Expenses


Weekly budget and expense record spreadsheet:

It is more advanced, apart from the items listed, days, and total, it has a column for the budget and another one where you record if the spending was over or below.

Weekly budget and expense record spreadsheet


Budget Spreadsheet Template:

It is for documenting the income against the outgoings on a weekly and monthly period. It will show you the available revenue. It has an additional of two charts that to spread the income on priority and those not debts.

Free Monthly Expenses Template


Try either of the templates that suit you and improve on your saving.