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A Vehicle Inspection Form is a document that contains detailed information about the condition of a vehicle.

The form is meant to help ensure that the vehicle meets safety standards and regulations set by the local government or state. The form is used to perform periodic inspections of a car or other movable machinery in order to ensure its fitness for the road. The inspection form is intended to offer an unbiased, thorough, and honest assessment of the condition of the vehicle, offering guidelines to the owner regarding maintenance and repairs.

The inspection form is designed to evaluate each aspect of the vehicle, assessing its conditions, and rating it as “pass” or “fail.” The form is also used to record information that is deemed important, such as brake defects, excessive wear or leaks, etc.

The forms have many different uses; they can be used to assign a value to a vehicle’s worth, assess the car’s overall condition, and identify any defects that need to be replaced or repaired. The inspection form can be used by insurance companies to determine how much liability they will bear in the event of an accident.

It will always differ based on the kind of vehicle being inspected and the type of inspection, and you might have a different set of guidelines to follow as a result. While the majority of forms are typically intended for qualified mechanics and technicians, the goal of all inspection forms is to guarantee that the vehicle is roadworthy and secure.

What is a Vehicle Inspection Report?

After inspecting a vehicle, the inspector creates a report, which is known as a vehicle inspection report. The report provides an objective assessment of the condition of the vehicle. The report is intended to help vehicle owners and users understand the condition of their vehicles and what needs to be done for their overall upkeep.

Free Forms and Templates

It can be difficult and time-consuming to create the form from scratch, especially if it is your first time doing so. By using a template, you can make sure that no crucial information is missed during the inspection. A template also comes in handy when inspecting many vehicles simultaneously. It is also important to ensure that the template is customized to meet your needs.  

Word format

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    Contents of the Vehicle Inspection Report

    The form has sections that contain information on the vehicle’s condition. The format of the form must meet the standards set by the local government or state and sometimes by federal and national agencies as well. The standards must be impartial, thorough, and honest, and they should offer a clear evaluation of the vehicle’s condition as well as a suggested course of action for keeping it in good working order.

    Here are some of the things that should be captured in the form to make a report:


    The form should begin with a descriptive title that clearly outlines the nature of the document. For example, it may state, “Vehicle Inspection Report,” “Vehicle Condition Report,” or even something more elaborate such as “Report on the Condition of a Vehicle.”

    Your information

    The next item that should be captured on the vehicle registration form is your information as a vehicle inspector. This information should specify your agency of jurisdiction, name, address, and telephone number.

    Vehicle owner’s information

    The next section that should be captured in the form is the vehicle owner’s information. This may include their contact information, such as their name, address, telephone number, and email address. You can also include the name of the person who was present during the inspection.

    Vehicle information

    The next section of the form describes the vehicle as clearly as possible. This includes things such as the make of the vehicle, year, model, color, vehicle identification number (VIN), odometer, and any other information that you may feel is relevant. 

    Condition of the motor vehicle

    It is important to describe a vehicle’s condition in detail when inspecting a vehicle. The inspection form should indicate the vehicle’s overall condition and the condition of each part of the vehicle. It can be beneficial to use a “Condition Grading Scale,” which is usually specified by the local government or state. The standard grading scale is the same as the one used to grade a person’s physical condition and appearance.


    (A) excellent condition, nothing necessary

    (B) good condition, minor repairs required

    (C) fair condition, major repairs required

    (D) poor condition, unsafe to operate

    When examining the condition of the vehicle, some of the things that you would want to capture in the form are:

    Engine oil

    The engine oil should be checked with a dipstick, and the lever should be checked to ensure it is not bent. If the oil level is low, then the vehicle should be examined for oil leaks.

    Tire air pressure 

    All tires’ air pressure should be checked and noted in a specific section of the form. Any tire with noticeably low air pressure could be a sign of a more serious issue.


    Each of the vehicle’s lights should be checked and recorded. It is important to check the functionality of all the lights, including the headlights, taillights, signal lights, brake lights, and turn signals. 


    The horn should be checked and recorded in the specific section of the form. If the horn is not working, there is likely a serious issue, such as a flawed electrical system, which could cause serious harm if left unattended.  

    Windshield and wipers

    The windshield should be examined to check for scratches and any other damage. The wiper must be replaced or repaired if it is damaged because it will impair proper visibility.

    Vehicle documents and license plate

    The form should also mention whether all vehicle documents are present. The license plate should also be inspected to check if it is properly visible, present, and clean. It is important to note if the vehicle’s license plate or documents are missing or have expired.

    Engine sound

    When conducting the inspection, the engine sound should be recorded and evaluated. If there seems to be excessive noise coming from the engine or the engine seems to be shaking a lot, this may indicate that the engine needs to be repaired or replaced.


    The vehicle should be examined to ensure that there are no leaks coming from the engine or mechanical parts of the vehicle. A leak could be a sign of a more serious issue, such as an expensive electrical issue that could become very dangerous if left unattended.

    Other critical areas and items

    The form should also include a section that provides details on other critical areas and items that should be checked for. This may consist of any other significant repairs such as the headlamps, rear lights, acceleration, brakes, and steering systems. Or if the vehicle has not been inspected previously, this should be noted here.

    When examining the condition of a vehicle, you need to make sure that all the system components are running smoothly and effectively. Also, if there are any reasons why the vehicle should not be used, they should be mentioned here as well.


    Explain at the end why the vehicle was inspected and whether the vehicle is safe to be driven. Also, record if the vehicle needs any further repairs; if so, list them in this section.

    Signature and date

    After conducting the inspection, make sure to sign and put the date on the form. Care must be taken to accurately record the information when completing an inspection form. This can be achieved by checking the form for missing or incorrect information before signing it. It is also crucial to check that there are no grammatical or spelling errors and that all the information is clear and legible.

    Excel Format

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      Final Thoughts

      As a vehicle inspector, you must be fully aware of what should be captured in a vehicle inspection form. Since this information can be used to determine whether the vehicle needs to be repaired or replaced, it must be accurate. Additionally, you ought to explain any flaws and state whether or not they pose a risk to safety. After conducting the inspection, make sure to sign and date the form once you have filled it out. This can be used as strong evidence to support any reports that you have made about the vehicle.

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