Free Recreational Vehicle (RV) Bill of Sale Forms

Free Recreational Vehicle Bill of Sale Forms Download

A recreational vehicle is one fitted with facilities that enable the vehicle to offer basic facilities found in a typical house. It’s abbreviated “RV.” Common types of recreational vehicles include campervans, motorhomes, truck campers, caravans, popup campers, and wheel trailers; RV’s can be self-motorized or trailers. Amenities found in an RV include a kitchen, a sleeping room, and a bathroom. RV’s differ in complexity. A typical RV will contain a sleeping area and a kitchen, while most complex RV’s will have luxurious features such as water hearts, air conditioning, satellite receptors, and television. Depending on your need and capacity, you can opt for a single deck or a double deck RV.

When Do I Need an RV Bill of Sale?

An RV bill of sale is a legal proof that a transaction that involved a recreational vehicle took place between a buyer and a seller. The document facilitates the transfer of ownership rights from the seller to the buyer.

Any moment you want to purchase a recreation vehicle from a seller, it essential to use an RV bill of sale to make sure you have a legal document for the asset.

Besides serving as an agreement that the buyer and the seller agreed to transfer an RV to the buyer, this document protects the interest of both parties. It shows the buyer agreed to pay a specified amount for the RV and to purchase the vehicle in its current state.

What to include in RV bill of sale?

The RV bill of sale must include relevant details such as:

  • Name& address of the seller
  • Name & address of the buyer
  • Time and date of the transaction
  • Year, make and model
  • VIN
  • Manufacturer
  • Body style
  • As- is clause
  • Price of the RV
  • Odometer readings
  • Printed names of the buyer, seller, and witnesses
  • Date signing the agreement
  • Place of the transaction (state, city and zip code)

TIP: If you’re in the US, check with your county clerk for details to include in the bill of sale. The requirements in the document may vary from one state to another.

Before any party signs the RV bill of sale they must confirm to make sure the details in the document are correct. After signing the document, each party should get a copy. The RV bill of sale will only be valid if both parties involved in the transaction have signed it.

Free RV Bill of Sale Forms

RV Bill of Sale Form 01

RV Bill of Sale Form 02

RV Bill of Sale Form 03

RV Bill of Sale Form 04

RV Bill of Sale Form 05

Sample RV Bill of Sale

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