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Free Printable Event Ticket

Many of the people who are organizing major events at schools or at work are going to have a lot on their plates. Getting all of that in order is going to be difficult for anyone, including for the people who organize fundraisers and similar events professionally. Using an event ticket template will make their lives much easier since event tickets are going to be an essential part of the festivities and someone is going to have to design them. By using an event ticket template, at least that part of the proceedings is going to be free and easily taken care of, which is more than can be said for the rest of events like this.

The guests are all going to need event tickets. These event tickets cannot be too complicated, but it still needs to be very clear what they are and what they are for, or it will cause confusion. People want to be able to just wave their tickets in front of the ticket takes, and the event planners who have done their job will make that part of the process as easy as possible. Using an event ticket template will make a huge difference in that part of the process. Event ticket templates help emphasize the essential uniformity of event tickets.

Event tickets do not have to be works of art. Event ticket templates will usually help people design simple and straightforward event tickets. They will instantly look at event ticket templates and realize that they have seen them before many times and that the event ticket templates are invoking familiar images. If that is the case then the templates are doing their job. People who are planning events can use these tools and then get back to the rest of the challenging parts of the process.

Free Printable Event Ticket Template

Free Printable Event Ticket Template

Free Numbered Event Ticket Template

Event Ticket Template for Word

Concert Ticket Template Word

Concert ticket template word

Editable Ticket Template Word

Editable Ticket Template Word

Event Ticket Templates for Adobe Illustrator

Music Festival Event Ticket Template FREE

DJ Event Ticket Template Adobe

DJ Event Ticket Template Adobe

A ticket is generally a piece of paper authorized or distributed to a given set of people; either in form of physical paper or online. Tickets represent what your event is about and are a fantastic opportunity for you to make an impression long before the actual event date. With ticket templates, you do not require to put a lot of effort or hire a graphic designer. All you have to do is browse through professionally-made ticket templates, move or change design elements like images, icons, colors and fonts and you’re good to go! You can choose to share your brand new ticket design with the rest of the world to drum up more excitement or even sell them.

A ticket template contains information about the right offered by it, validity date, the price of the ticket, and terms and conditions like how many people can use one ticket and the charges. The purpose and scope of the ticket help you decide on the content. A big card contains the name of the sponsors along with the details of the concert like the artist, timing, venue, and pictures attached to it. A small ticket has minimum features like timings, seat numbers, and screens.

Essential Elements of an Event Ticket

The following are the essential elements of an event ticket template.

Every event has a name and a logo for identification. A unique name and logo help the function stand out from the rest.


With details on the venue, attendees get the exact address and directions on how to get there.


Set a date and indicate on the ticket. The participants need to check and clear their schedules and highlight the engagement on their calendars.


The early bird catches the worm, and in this case, the best seats. Just as the date, time of the event helps attendees organize their means of transport to the venue early.

Name of sponsors

The logo and names of sponsors help improve the credibility and enhance the transparency of the event. The name also strengthens the business relationship between you and the sponsors.

Event program

The program is mostly found in large tickets and gives the attendees a schedule on what they are to do at what time or who is to perform at a particular time.

Contact information

The contact information enables the attendees to communicate with the event organizers in case of emergencies and for any clarifications.

Ticket number

The ticket number helps participants find their seats and is usually written on its top or at the side.

Terms and conditions

A lot of terms and condition and texts make a ticket looks complicated and tedious. Less content adds sophistication to the card. Clauses and restraints act like the rules of the event.


Having a picture is not a must, it depends on the event. For special occasions, you may need the images in it, but if the function only requires admission, there will be no need.

Let it be readable and straightforward yet attractive with the appropriate colors, designs, and font and do not load it with inappropriate content.

You can choose to add a barcode, for verification to admit attendees to the event. The barcodes ensure that the tickets are authentic thus prevent selling or creating counterfeit cards.

Brand recognition

increases the chance of retaining participants for the next event and represents a unique image and personality to the target audience.