32 Free Event Ticket Templates (Word | PDF | AI | PSD)

Many people see a ticket as something that gives them entry to an event. For others, it’s more than this. People keep tickets for reasons such as a reminder of a favorite concert, a movie show, or a winning game.

A ticket is defined as a voucher that indicates that the owner is entitled to attend an event such as a theater, amusement park, or tourist attraction. It can also suggest that the person has a right to travel by bus, train, or plane ticket.

With ticket templates, an event will be more organized, and agents will have access to all the information they need to provide an excellent service experience. You don’t have to ask your customers the same questions multiple times.

The art of designing a ticket can be challenging. For example, if you organize an event, you want an attractive ticket that people will want to keep, not throw in the bin. You also want to heighten their excitement towards the event.

Free Templates

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    How To Make The Perfect Ticket Designs?

    Just like you have to properly plan your event or whatever you are using the ticket for, the ticket needs a proper design. Your ticket design has to look perfect.

    If you are wondering how to achieve that, here are a few tips:

    Make it simple

    You don’t want to overburden people with too much information, design, and color. Your ticket should be simple yet attractive and contain only the necessary information about the event or the purpose of the ticket.

    Present its purpose

    The first thing your ticket should show is the purpose for which it was created. This is what people want to know before any other information. Use a catchy title that states the purpose the ticket serves. You can also use colors, icons, and symbols to present the purpose of your ticket—


    A football club logo for a soccer event.

    Be concise content-wise

    Your event ticket should capture the essence of the event. Write the venue, date, and time of the event. The information should be within a small area of the ticket and written clearly and concisely. You can also add other necessary instructions.

    Use a template

    Your ticket design sets the tone for the event, whether it is a movie show or a dance festival. The easiest way to get the perfect ticket design is to use the template.

    Use size according to category

    Tickets are created for different purposes, and one size does not fit all. Make sure you use the right size for the event or the purpose of the ticket.

    Background design according to category

    The design for a train ticket will not work for a dance festival ticket. You need to use the format that befits your ticket category. You can check out templates.

    Text layout (formatting)

    Pay attention to your text layout. The ticket shouldn’t have too many texts in it. Proper spacing is also needed in the ticket as indicated in the templates provided below.

    Placement of serial, QR code, or a bar code

    This is important for people that didn’t print the ticket. They can show the soft copy at the check-in so that the people at the entries can scan the code on the ticket.

    Tickets with stubs attachment

    Some tickets come with detachable stubs. You can design your ticket with detachable stubs. When tickets are collected at the events, the attendees are left with the stubs, and most people, for example, football fans, love to collect stubs and keep them. Stubs can make your ticket more attractive to people.

    Ticket Sizes

    There is no rule for what size an ideal ticket should be when it comes to ticket sizing. Here is a list of the most commonly used sizes;

    • 5.5in X 2.125 – standard ticket size
    • 5.63″ x 1.97″ – raffle ticket with stubs. The detachable stub is 1.875″.
    • 1.97″ x 5.63″ – tickets with stubs. Easy-to-tear-off stubs – 1.875″
    • 3.5” x 8.5”
    • 5.5” x 2.125”

    What Should Be In Tickets?

    If you are reading this, the chance is you have an event, and you are thinking of designing the ticket template for your event or anything you need the ticket for. Of course, you want the ticket to be perfect – the right words, the suitable designs, etc. So you may be wondering what should be on your ticket.

    These tips will help you:

    • The most important information should be the most visible on the ticket. In most cases, they will include the event name or the ticket’s primary purpose. This should be in a larger font and easy to spot on the ticket.
    • The font color and style should create contrast between the background and the text of the ticket. If the text is lost in the background or challenging to read, it will clutter the design of your ticket.
    • Your ticket should have some space. Space will add balance to the ticket, and it will also make it more attractive.
    • Leave space in your ticket for information. A raffle ticket should have a room for people to write their contact information. Leave at least 0.25 inches of space for this.
    • Indicate the number of people that can be admitted with every ticket.

    What Makes Tickets Important?

    A ticket serves so many different purposes. While some serve as proof of purchase, some serve as an invite to an event. Why are tickets so important?

    Here are some of the reasons why;

    • Represents an event: The look of your ticket represents your event. The ticket’s design could set a mood of excitement and even mystery for attendees.
    • Markets an event: Your ticket isn’t just a piece of pretty paper that contains the details of your event. It also serves as a marketing tool to promote your event.
    • Acts as a souvenir: most people love to possess things that hold sentimental value, whether in terms of memories or wishes, etc. A ticket kept by an attendee afterward could act as a souvenir of the event and help them remember the memorable time they had at it.

    Types Of Tickets

    Tickets are used for different purposes, so there are different types of tickets. While some serve as a pass to access a place such as a park, some serve as a pass to attend an event. Here is a list of the different types of these tickets and their templates;

    Event tickets

    This type of ticket is created for events such as concerts, shows, carnivals, etc. The tickets will help you to promote your event. You can sell your ticket at the venue or online.

    • Concert ticket: This ticket will serve as a pass for anyone who wants to attend a concert.

    Free Concert Event Ticket Sample

    Free Download Event Ticket Template

    Editable Concert Ticket Template

    Free Editable Concert Ticket Sample

      • Conference ticket: Now, a conference ticket and a festival ticket cannot look the same even though they are both event tickets. A conference is a formal setting, so you have to design it to suit the purpose.
      • Birthday/wedding/anniversary/Baby shower etc., invitation ticket: The purpose of this ticket is to invite you to any ceremony or party you are having. The ticket design for this purpose should look attractive yet simple.

      Baby Shower Invitation Ticket Free

      Free Event Ticket Template Doc Format

        • Artfest ticket: This ticket serves as a pass for the holder to attend an artfest. An artfest ticket design should look attractive because of its purpose.

        Free Art Festival Ticket Template Sample

        Art Wall Event Ticket Free

          • Carnival ticket: The purpose of this ticket is to promote and invite people to attend your carnival. Your carnival ticket can be designed with vibrant colors, but not too much of that.

          Free Carnival Event Tickets

          Free Editable Carnival Event Tickets

            • Charity or fundraising event ticket: If you are planning a fundraising or charity event, you need tickets to help you know how many people will be attending to manage your resources for the event.

            Charity Event Ticket Sample

            Free Charitable Ticket Template

              • Banquet/Gala ticket: The purpose of this ticket is to invite people to your banquet or gala. There are so many design templates online to help you create the perfect ticket.

              Banquet Event Ticket Sample

              Banquet Gala Event Ticket

                Establishment ticket

                This type of ticket is given to visitors at zoos, museums, cinemas, etc. This is to make sure everything is organized. In this setting, you show your ticket before accessing entry. Visitors will have to pay a fee/token before being issued a visa. This is why the design is different from that of the ticket templates.

                • Amusement Park / Theme Park Ticket: Visitors need a ticket before they have entry access into a park. The ticket is proof that the visitor has paid the required fee to enter the park.
                • Zoo/Safari ticket: The purpose of this ticket is to ensure that visitors have paid the required fee to have access to the services. The Zoo/safari ticket design is simple.
                • Game ticket (Baseball/Basketball/Soccer, etc.): This ticket is for game centers or events. Viewers will need a ticket to be able to watch the game. The design can be a bit more attractive than the Zoo/safari ticket.
                • Museum Ticket: Visitors need a ticket before they have entry access into any museum. The ticket is proof that the visitor has paid the required fee to enter the museum.
                • Park and any tourist destination ticket: Tourists will need a ticket before they have entry access into any tourist center. The ticket is proof that the person has paid the required fee to have access.
                • Theater ticket: Art lovers will usually be issued a ticket before access into the theater. The ticket is proof that an individual has paid the required fee to enter the theater.

                Theater Ticket Sample Free

                Free Theater Ticket Sample

                  • Movie theater ticket: Movie lovers will be issued a ticket before they have entry access to watch the movie of their choice. The ticket is proof that they have paid the entry fee.

                  Free Movie Ticket Sample

                  Free Editable Movie Ticket

                  Movie Theater Sample

                  Movie Ticket Sample Free Editable

                    Transportation tickets

                    This type of ticket template is issued at transportation establishments such as train stations or airports. This serves as a pass to get on the vehicle.

                    • Aeroplane boarding passes ticket: This ticket allows you to board an aeroplane to a specific destination. It can be booked for a to and fro flight.

                    Aeroplane Event Ticket Sample

                    Aeroplane Ticket Sample

                    Free Aeroplane Event Ticket Template

                    Travel Ticket Free Printable

                      • Ship or boat boarding pass ticket: This ticket allows the passenger to board the ship or boat. It serves as a pass to show that the person is eligible to travel.
                      • Train ticket: This ticket can allow the service consumer to take a certain number of pre-purchased trips or unlimited trips within a fixed period.

                      Free Editable Train Tickets

                      Free Editable Train Ticket Sample

                      Free Printable Ticket Template

                      Train Ticket Example

                        • Bus ticket: Like a train ticket, the bus ticket can also allow the passenger to take either a certain number of purchased trips or an unlimited number of trips within a fixed period.
                        • Metro ticket: This ticket allows a passenger to travel by Metro. It can be for a certain number of pre-purchased trips or unlimited trips within a fixed period.
                        • Cab/taxi ticket: Taxi tickets give passengers access to board a taxi/cab.

                        Gaming ticket

                        • Gaming Tickets are a form of redeemable points used to grant users access to certain games.
                        • Raffle ticket: this is used by gamblers. They have numbered tickets obtained by gamblers. Each ticket has the chance of winning a prize.
                        • Lotto ticket: This is the ticket required to win a lottery. The player buys the ticket with a chosen set of numbers.
                        • Bingo card/ticket: The Bingo card is used to play the bingo game. The cards contain a total of three rows and nine columns. Each row contains five numbers and four blank spaces that are randomly distributed along the row.
                        • Horse racing ticket: Just like other game tickets, you need a ticket to race a horse. The ticket serves as a pass.

                        You have to validate any ticket you buy online, and this can be done with the barcode or the QR code of the ticket. The red code is the barcode, and the blue is the QR-Code. You have to check both codes with your data, either with a smartphone or manually.

                        Download the Regiondo ticker scanner app for iOS or Android. Use the camera of your mobile phone to validate the ticket. Open the Regiondo app and use the camera function. Hold the smartphone at a proper distance to the barcode to let the app identify the code automatically.

                        Manually – There is a sequence of numbers below the code. Enter the numbers in your dashboard manually.

                        Tips On Designing And Preparing Event Tickets

                        Have you fully decided to create and design the ticket? Now, here are some tips you could remember in the process in order to attain well-designed, effective tickets;

                        • Prioritize functionality over the aesthetics of your ticket. This means the purpose of the ticket comes first before the looks. Pay more attention to why you are designing the ticket.
                        • One design doesn’t fit all tickets. The ticket will be more colorful than a bus ticket. Choose the appropriate design for your ticket.
                        • Make the subject or purpose of your ticket obvious. This should be the first part of the ticket that will grab people’s attention/
                        • Don’t let the designs and images on the ticket overshadow the texts. Make sure the texts are readable.
                        • Make sure the texts are arranged adequately on the ticket.
                        • The details of the event are essential. Do not forget to add the location, date, and time.
                        • Let it show on the ticket that it is legitimate. Ensure that indicators of legitimacy are included on the ticket.
                        • A spot on the ticket should contain legal disclaimers or terms and conditions.

                        The Perks Of Good Ticket Design

                        You may see your ticket as just an invite to an event, but some people see it as something worth keeping or remembering their favorite festival or trip overseas. A good ticket can excite a person, regardless of how small its canvas may be. So when designing your ticket, remember that you are creating something worth keeping.

                        • Appeal – How you design your ticket allows people to visualize what to expect from the event. It can spark interest and curiosity, enabling the ticket to promote your event.
                        • Exclusivity– A ticket can make the holder feel special, knowing that only several people have it. For example, Charlie Bucket was one of the five lucky children who found a golden ticket to Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory. However, I bet he won’t feel so special if the tickets were printed on A4 paper with plain Times New Roman text.

                        A thing of sentimental value – A ticket can be a thing of sentimental value for some people. It can commemorate an essential aspect of an individual’s life. The design of the ticket can help that person remember that day by just staring at it,

                        Frequently Asked Questions

                        How do you print tickets?

                        When you purchase a ticket online, an option to print will be found on the event or establishment’s website. Connect a printer to your computer and print out the ticket.

                        What paper is used for tickets

                        You can use A4 paper to print your ticket in color or black and white.

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