How to Write an Invitation Letter (Free Templates)

For informal invents, a simple call or text may suffice. However, for formal events, a written invitation letter is the custom.

An invitation letter is a written document requesting the presence of a person or group of people at a certain event.

Furthermore, an invitation letter may be sent by mail or email. Printed and hand-written invitations are sometimes more effective than an invitation letter sent by email. A host is required to write an invitation letter to invite business partners for a meeting, guests for a formal event, or to notify anyone of a formal event they will be hosting.

A business invitation letter aims to briefly describe the essence of the event and communicate the importance of the invitee(s) presence at the event.

Note That: A formal invitation is best sent at least two weeks before the event.

The invitation must be set in advance to allow invitees the time to plan the event into their schedules. If the host is dealing with guests that have a tight schedule, the host needs to provide enough time for them to include the event in their plans.

Another type of invitation letter is the invitation let to a friend; this invitation letter is used for visa purposes. The letter serves as a guarantee that the host will take care of the invitee during the invitee’s stay in the foreign country. The host must be a resident of their country they are inviting the invitee to.

Remember: An invitation letter needs a persuasive tone especially if the goal is to get maximum positive responses.

Purpose of Invitation Letter

An invitation letter serves several, different purposes, and the purpose of the invitation letter determines the way the invitation letter would be drafted. Typically, invitation letters are used to invite guests to a social event, business function, or a foreign country.

Invitation letters serve two purposes:

  • Inviting the guest to the event and
  • Ensuring the attendance of the guest.

Typically, two tenses are employed when writing an invitation letter, the present tense and future tense. While the present tense is used to convey information about the event, the future tense ensures the attendance of the invitee.

There are different types of invitation letter based on the purpose of the invitation letter:

  • General invitation letter- A general invitation letter is used to invite guests to any social event, formal or informal. Events may be organized by a company or an individual for various purposes, including fundraising or generating awareness. For such events, a general invitation letter should be used to contact and invite all invitees.
  • Business invitation letter– A business invitation letter is used to invite business associates within and across organizations to business events, meetings, and other business-related events. A business invitation letter may be addressed to an organization, office, or individual. 
  • Visa invitation letter- A visa invitation letter is usually dressed to the embassy of the country the host is inviting the invitee to visit. It is used to invite friends, family, business partners, and other people with whom the host has a personal or official relationship.

Pre-Writing Checklist

The content of an invitation letter is typically limited to a single page, but on some rare occasions, it may exceed a single page. Note that other relevant information about the event to be attached. However, emphasis must be placed on organizing the information in a we-structured text for easier understanding.

A host preparing to write an invitation letter, needs to consider the following tips:

  • List potential visitors- The first step to writing an invitation letter is to make a list of all the invitees. If the host is inviting a guest personally, they should mention their name accurately, the host also needs to decide the nature of the letter (either formal or informal) and write the invitation letter accordingly.
  • Dig out essential information- The host should ensure that they have all the relevant information about the event. It is also important to take brief notes of the main points that may need to be highlighted on the letter of invitation. It is also important to take note of any special instructions for the guests as well as any required responses. Also, the number of guests and if the event has a dress code should be considered.
  • Choose the tone of the letter- Invitation letters to a friend require an informal tone. However, if the author is writing on behalf of an organization or to an embassy, keeping a formal tone is the only way. The writer also needs to consider the format of the letter. The author should consider the type of paper the letter will be printed on and if the host’s organization has designated forms for such purposes.

Making the invitation letter

Generally, there is no singular approach to write a good invitation letter. However, there are a few pointers to consider. The invitation letter aims to persuade the invitee to visit the event in question and as such, we have compiled several widely used steps for the host to consider as they write the invitation letter.

The subject line

The subject line must represent the main purpose of the letter. If for instance, the host needs to write a letter, inviting a travel agent for an annual tour of hospitality services in the UAE, the subject line should state as follows:

“Invitation for annual hospitality tour in the United Arab Emirates”

Use a letterhead

If the host is writing a letter of invitation as a representative of an organization, they will be writing a formal invitation, and the host will be required to use the company’s letterhead. Although using the company’s letterhead is optional, it sheds a more professional light on the authority of the company.

Start with a salutation

The invitation letter should begin with a formal salutation. If the host is writing to a recipient that they know, the host should write their first and last name. For example: “Dear Steele Harvey “. If the host does not know the recipient’s name, the host can write “Dear sir/Madam” follow the salutation by a comma and skip a line.

Endeavor to find out the name of the recipient for a more personal salutation. With the salutation done, the host may begin the body of the letter with any of the following phrases:

  • It is our honor to invite you…
  • Our company requests the honor of your presence at…
  • We would appreciate your presence at the event that will be held…
  • It would be my pleasure if you would attend…
  • I would be glad to have you as my guest…
  • On behalf of the company, we would like to invite you….

The body of the letter

The first paragraph of the body of the letter should clearly state the purpose of the event. However, the first message the host needs to pass across to the invitee is the respect and pleasure in inviting them to the event. The host may then proceed to mention the venue of the event and the date and time. The relevant information about the event should be at the beginning of the letter of invitation to allow the reader to find necessary information without having to read the letter all over.

The second paragraph of the letter of invitation should identify the sender as a constituent and describe the aim of the event. In addition to the aim of the event, the second paragraph of the invitation letter should also state why the invitee should attend the event.

The host may attach more details about the event. If the event uses a program, the host should list it in the letter of invitation. Special guests or activities may also be mentioned in the letter of introduction.

Some events require invitees to take special steps, so the host should include any additional instructions that the invitee needs to follow.

Examples of special instructions include:

  • Dress code
  • Bringing certain items or papers
  • Bringing a copy of the invitation to the event
  • Completing the registration form
  • Returning gifts

If the nature of the event implies receiving gifts but the host does not want to receive any gifts, the host should mention it in the letter of invitation by specifying “No Gifts Please”

Also, the host needs to include the following details in the letter of invitation:

  • Purpose of the event
  • Venue of the event
  • Date of the event specifying the day of the week.
  • Arrival time (optimal)
  • Special program or activities (optional)
  • Request for a reply (optional)
  • A map, directing guests to the venue (Optional)

Closing and signature

The host should express gratitude for considering the invitation, and also mention that they are looking forward to seeing the invitee at the event. The host may also schedule a call to get their response, if the host intends to call to get their response, the host should mention the date on which they intend to call. If the host requires them to confirm their presence by email or fill in the form, the host should ensure that they specify the deadline.

Be sure to include the contact information (phone number, email, and others) after the body of the letter. If the host is writing as a representative of an organization, the host should specify the Title of the author. This makes it easier for the recipient to contact the host with any questions they may have related to the event.

Here is an example of a good closing.

“Thank you for your consideration. We sincerely hope that you accept our invitation and look forward to your presence.

Sender’s name
Company Name
City, State
Contact phone number:
Email; [email protected]

Proofreading the letter

Before sending out any formal letter, it is essential that the letter be read over it a few times to ensure that there are no errors. The invitation letter is no exception to this rule. The host must take care to ensure the use of correct grammar, punctuation, and spelling. The host should read the letter over a few times to ensure there are no errors and the text contains no incomplete sentences.

Invitation letter for Visa

An invitation letter for a visa is usually written to an embassy to get a visa. Some countries require immigrants t get a visa before they can enter the country. An invitation letter is one of the requirements of the visa application process. There are many variants of invitation letters for visas which include invitations from family and friends for a tourist visa, sponsor invitation letter, business invitation letter, college invitation letter, and hospital invitation letter.

Writing an invitation letter for a visa

Writing an invitation letter for a visa requires the host to address the letter to an embassy, and as such, it is a formal letter.  Also, there are certain requirements the official at the embassy pays attention to, and including these requirements is the best way to ensure that the host will get a positive response. Follow the steps below to write an invitation letter for a visa.

  • Step 1: Specify the date the letter was written. For instance, November 10, 20XX
  • Step 2: Write out the name of the embassy. You may visit the website of the embassy to ensure that the spelling is correct.
  • Step 3: Include the embassy contact information like address and phone number.
  • Step 4: Write out the salutation. You may choose “Respected Madam/Sir” or “Dear Visa Officer”
  • Step 5: Start the first paragraph. You should specify the name and the person’s status. Also, include the contact information such as the current address and phone number.
  • Step 6: Start the second paragraph. Specify the invitee’s name and passport details. Include details of the invitee’s purpose of visiting the country ad specify the relationship to the invitee. Include the trip dates and destinations within the country. Also, provide evidence of the trip funding.
  • Step 7: Write out the closing and attach a signature.  You may choose “Thank you” or “Kind regards”
  • Step 8: if you have attached any documents or images to the letter, make a note. Usually, the embassy does not require any additional documents, but you can still attach documents such as a scanned copy of the host’s ID or passport, r evidence of the host’s financial viability, or rental certificate.

Professional Invitation Letter Samples

We have provided a sample event invitation letter for the perusal to get a good idea of what a well-drafted invitation letter looks like. Here is a sample of an event invitation letter.

Sample event invitation letter

Dear Mr. Cleveland,

On behalf of Big weld LTD and associates, it is my pleasure to invite you to the opening of the 20th Annual Charity Big weld Charity ball. It would be an honor to have you as a guest of honor for the event.

The event takes place on Friday the 15th of September at the Grand Royal Hotel. Expected guests include Hollywood celebrities and Artists. The event will be opened officially by Hollywood legend, Morgan Freeman, and Chris Rock, a veteran Comedian, who will serve as the master of ceremonies for5 the event.

The program of the event is as follows:

6 pm: Opening Ceremony
7 pm: The opening performance by Beyoncé Carter
8 Pm: Celebrity fundraising meet and greet
9 Pm: Closing ceremony

Additional information:

• Enclosed is your VIP ticket for attending the event.
• You can invite one person as your guest.
• Formal attire is required.

Yours sincerely,

Mr. Stan Timothy

Sample invitation letter for visa


Dear Visa Officer.

Please be advised that we would like to formally invite Seth Freeman to visit our company in Moscow in June 2021 (June 1, 2021, until June 28, 2021). My name is Dimitri Pavlov, and I’m a citizen of Russia. I am working in the Russian petroleum ministry in Moscow. My passport number is . My home Address: Apartment B29 6 Marina Ave Moscow, Russia 786787 Kindly contact me if you need further information. Kind regards, Dimitri Pavlov Phone: *

Email: [email protected]

Free Templates

Following are the free customizable templates to be downloaded as per need:

Invitation Letter 01

Invitation Letter 02

Invitation Letter 03

Invitation Letter 04

Invitation Letter 05

Invitation Letter 06

Invitation Letter 07

Invitation Letter 08

Invitation Letter 09

Invitation Letter 10

Invitation Letter 11

Invitation Letter 12

Invitation Letter 13

Invitation Letter 14

Invitation Letter 15

Invitation Letter 16

Invitation Letter 17

Invitation Letter 18

Invitation Letter 19

Invitation Letter 20

    Tips to Write an Invitation Letter

    Here are some tips to consider as you write the invitation letter:

    • Use the proper tone for a formal letter.
    • The text should be positive and polite.
    • You must provide information about the event.
    • Ensure that you check the letter over again before sending it out.
    • Include the contact information (email, phone number, address)
    • Include any required special instructions.
    • If the letter requires a specific format, be sure to follow it.
    • Send the invitation letter before the event, giving enough time for the invitee to include it in their schedule.

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    Does an invitation letter need to be notarized?

    An invitation letter is used to let other people know that you would wish for them to attend your event or come to your country. It is a formal letter; however, it does not require the stamp of a notary to make it valid.

    What are the requirements of an invitation letter?

    The host sending an invitation letter to an embassy must meet the a few requirements: the host must be a citizen or a permanent resident under the law of the country in question. Also, the host must have a business or personal relationship with the invitee. In addition, the host must have a registered residential address. Finally, the host must have enough room in their resident for the invitee.

    What is the difference between formal and informal invitation letters?

    An invitation letter, based on the purpose, can be a formal or informal letter. A formal and informal invitation letter should have a major difference in format. While a formal invitation letter should be written according to a business letter format, and an informal invitation letter can contain some terms of endearment and designs.


    There are different types of invitation letters, and as such, the purpose of the better dictates the structural elements to be included in the letter. Therefore, we have provided this comprehensive guide with samples to help guide your writing process. We have also included free templates to make the process even easier. Download our free templates to write your invitation letter here.

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