Executive Assistant Cover Letter [14 Best Examples] with Guide

An Executive Assistant Cover Letter is a one-page document written and submitted along with the CV or resume of a job seeker interested in being an executive assistant in a company or an organization. 

An executive assistant cover letter is a candidate’s introduction to the employer. It provides detailed information on the candidate’s work history, professional skills, and personal interests for the job. An executive assistant cover letter can be used by applicants with no work experience and those with experience but hoping to upgrade to an executive assistant position. It is an opportunity for job seeker to advertise their skills and explain why they are the best candidate for the position.

The following is a breakdown of the jobs and responsibilities of a typical executive assistant:

  • Performs basic accountancy practices
  • Manages the calendar and work schedules of the management
  • Relates with the clients
  • Deigns and maintains a robust filing system
  • Plans for meetings
  • Maintains an accurate track of all records
  • Puts in place the various travel arrangements
  • Plans events and other outdoor activities
  • Types and prints documents
  • Prepares reports and other official correspondences
  • Processes expense reports
  • Takes minutes of all proceedings

The qualifications required for the job of executive assistant include the following:

  • Must have attained a high school diploma as a bare minimum requirement. Those who possess a bachelor’s degree or higher in a business-related field have some strategic advantages.
  • Appropriate certification has to be obtained for the skills and core competencies, such as software programs and switchboard management.
  • High level of trust and confidentiality with regards to handling sensitive pieces of information. This may be vouched for by the number of years that the said professional works or has already worked.

Free Templates

By using a pre-built template, you can ensure a professional and polished appearance, showcase your skills and qualifications effectively, and highlight your suitability for the role. The templates provided here offer several technical benefits, saving you valuable time and effort. Best of all, they are available for free download, offering you a hassle-free solution for creating a standout cover letter.

Free Executive Assistant Cover Letter Example 01 for Word format

Printable Executive Assistant Cover Letter Sample 02 for Word

Editable Executive Assistant Cover Letter Example 03 for Word format

Free Executive Assistant Cover Letter Sample 04 for Word

Free Executive Assistant Cover Letter Sample 05 for Word

Free Executive Assistant Cover Letter Example 06 for Word

Editable Executive Assistant Cover Letter Example 07 for Word

Printable Executive Assistant Cover Letter Sample 08 for Word

    How to Write an Executive Assistant Cover Letter

    A well-written executive assistant cover letter can interest the employer in reading the CV.  Therefore, job seekers should ensure that the executive assistant cover letter is well-formatted to give the employer a good first impression.

    The following guide can be used by a job seeker when writing an executive assistant cover letter:

    Step 1: Header

    First, a proper executive assistant cover letter header should be created. The information contained in the header is the first thing a hiring manager or employer sees, and a poorly written header can look sloppy and unprofessional.  A job seeker can improve the quality of their executive assistant cover letter by matching its header to that of the CV or resume.

    The header should include the following information:

    Personal information

    The job seeker should provide their full name, job title, and contact details ( phone number, email, or LinkedIn) in the header. This information helps the employer identify whose cover letter they are reading. A job seeker’s personal information also enables the employer to get in touch with them concerning the status of the application.

    City and date

    The header of an executive assistant cover letter should also contain the city and date. The city informs the employer of where the job seeker is based; therefore, they can discern if the applicant will have to relocate if selected for the job. The date is an indication of when the executive assistant cover letter was written.

    Hiring manager’s details

    The hiring manager’s full name, company name, and company address(city, street address, and zip) should be written in this order. This shows that the job seeker is clear about whom the executive assistant cover letter is meant for.  It also helps set up the right tone by ensuring that the employer reading the letter is not ignored.

    Step 2: Introduction

    Secondly, a job seeker should ensure that the executive assistant cover letter has a well-formatted introduction. The letter should be left-aligned, have a 1-inch margin, and an elegant readable font type such as Arial, Tahoma, Verdana, or Helvetica. It should also have a line spacing of 1.15 and should be one page to show professionalism, organization, attention to detail, and adherence to business etiquette.

    The introduction of an executive assistant cover letter is composed of the following:


    A job seeker should start the introduction with an appropriate salutation to the employer/hiring manager. Addressing a hiring manager or employer directly in the salutation of an executive assistant cover letter demonstrates that the job seeker is serious about the position. It also sets an appropriate tone for a cover letter.

    Briefly introduce yourself

    The introductory section of an executive assistant cover letter should be brief and enthusiastic. A cover letter should not be uninteresting, as it can deter the hiring manager from reading it at the onset. An enthusiastic self-introduction demonstrates self-confidence and can help the job seeker stand out.

    Briefly state why you’re interested

    An executive assistant cover letter should also state why the applicant is interested in the position in a few sentences. These sentences should indicate the job seeker’s excitement to work in the company and how occupying this position matches their goal. It enables job seekers to demonstrate that they are ambitious and motivated to work as executive assistants.

    Step 3: Body

    Thirdly the body of the executive assistant cover letter should go into further details about a job seeker’s qualifications and skills for the position. The information provided in this section should relate to the job of an executive assistant. The job seeker should first read through the job description details advertised to identify what the hiring manager or employer is looking for. The following information should therefore be provided in the body of the executive assistant cover letter:

    Your executive assistant skills

    The body of the executive assistant cover letter should highlight the job seeker’s skills in the position. The skills mentioned should demonstrate the job seeker’s competence and confidence in their ability to perform the duties designated to them. The jobs seeker should mention the following types of skills in the executive assistant cover letter:

    Technical skills

    Technical skills are sets of abilities used to perform the tasks of the executive assistant position. Acquisition of these types of skills requires a job seeker to have specialized training or education.  A job seeker should have key technical skills that include proper data entry using technological know-how of Google Drive and Microsoft Office(Outlook Word and Excel), scheduling and time accounting software, accounting software(Intuit Quick Book and Sage 50 Accounting), customer relationship management(CRM) software(Blackbaud The Raiser’s Edge) and project management software(Microsoft SharePoint, Microsoft Project and Oracle Primavera Enterprise Project Portfolio Management). The job seeker should also be able to use web conferencing software.

    Soft skills

    The job seeker should also list their soft skills in the body of the executive assistant cover letter. Soft skills are character traits and relational skills that portray the job seeker’s relationship with other people. Therefore, they depict how well a job seeker can interact with individuals they will come across while occupying the executive assistant position. A job seeker should mention soft skills that should include time management, organization, problem-solving, patience, good communication, prioritization, multitasking, leadership, competent decision-making, and collaboration.

    State your past accomplishments and experiences

    The job seeker should state any past accomplishments and experiences in the body of the cover letter, which will give them an advantage over other applicants. They should be mentioned in one or two paragraphs to ensure that only relevant achievements and experiences are mentioned. The job seeker can also quantify the accomplishments mentioned to demonstrate the extent of their impact. The achievements can be quantified by mentioning measurable figures such as dollar amounts, periods, volume, and percentages.

    For example:

    In the previous position that I occupied as an administrative assistant, I managed to formulate a budget plan that reduced our business expenses by 25%. This was achieved by using available business resources and therefore significantly reducing wasteful spending.

    Note: The stated accomplishments should not be a repetition of those stated in the resume, as this can annoy the hiring manager or employer.

    Step 4: Conclusion

    Finally, the conclusion of the executive assistant cover letter should leave a lasting impression on the hiring manager or employer. The job seeker should ensure that the cover letter ends on a positive note. This can be done by including the following:

    A strong closing statement

    An executive assistant cover letter should have a strong closing statement that is polite, passionate, and confident. In addition, the job seeker should ensure that the statement is a genuine appeal for consideration for the executive assistant position. A genuine statement helps the job seeker reinforce the information provided in the body of the executive assistant cover letter.

    Call to action

    A call to action is when a job seeker expresses their readiness, interest, or availability to further discuss the position with the hiring manager or employer. The job seeker should offer to meet the hiring manager or communicate via phone on how they can contribute to making the company better.

    Thank the employer/hiring manager

    The job seeker should finish by thanking the employer or hiring manager for their time and consideration, demonstrating professional etiquette. They can also express interest in appearing for an interview at a convenient time. This shows that the job seeker is confident in the skills and qualifications advertised in their executive assistant cover letter.

    Sign off

    The job seeker should conclude by signing off with a respectful and professional word or phrase. An appropriate sign-off indicates the end of the executive assistant cover letter. A job seeker can use words like sincerely, regards, yours truly, etc.













    Dear [Recipient’s Name],

    With honor and great enthusiasm, I write this letter to apply for the executive assistant position at your company as advertised at [where you found the advertisement]. I am currently interested in [state why you are applying for the position]. In addition, I have been a [state you title] for [period you have occupied the position], which makes me more than qualified for the position.

    During my time at [current company/organization of employment], I have used my [state skills related to an executive assistant] to improve the company’s operations. I also have experience using [ state abilities related to the executive assistant and how they have been used].

    Other qualifications that I offer include: [list down qualifications according to the job posting/advertisement]

    I believe that you will find my qualifications and skills more than adequate. I have attached my CV for your considerations. I hope that I can discuss my application further at a convenient time.

    Thank you so much for being so considerate.


    [Applicant’s name]

    Executive Assistant Cover Letter Examples

    Following are some examples mentioned to make you understand better:

    Example 1: Mid-Level Executive Assistant Candidate

    Dan Jacobs

    Administrative Assistant

    Phone:555 876 2390


    California, February 13,2019

    Mrs. Sony Brown

    HR Manager

    Global Solutions

    456 Cornwell Street

    California, Ca 24567

    Dear Mrs. Brown,

    I have for a long time admired the work that takes place at Global solution, and I recently learned of your need for an Executive Assistant in an online advertisement. I am currently looking for a challenging, insightful, and engaging role.

    I am creative, ambitious, and driven, and I believe that my eight years of experience as an Administrative Assistant qualify me for the position. In addition, I have used my excellent communication skills, time management skills, and multitasking abilities throughout my career to improving office efficiency in the company I work for.

    I am currently responsible for scheduling meetings, managing the calendar, travel arrangements, and the budget. I am also responsible for drafting and proofreading presentations and managing the smooth running of internal affairs. I also have experience in systems and programs like Microsoft Office, MINDBODY, QuickBooks, and Adobe InDesign. During my time, I have been able to reduce our inflated budget by 45% by managing cuts in some sectors of the company.

    My experience and outstanding work ethic will exceed your expectations. I welcome any opportunity to meet and discuss my application further with you. You will find my CV attached at the back of this letter.

    Thank you for your consideration.


    Dan Jacobs

    Example 2: Entry-Level Executive Assistant Candidate (No Experience)

    Jamison Banks

    Phone:777 234 1791

    Email: jamison@gmail.com

    Houston, March 5, 2019

    Mr. Alex Black

    HR manager



    Houston, Tx 89654

    Dear Black,

    I am delighted to be applying for an Executive Assistant position as advertised on your company website. I recently graduated from Texas State University, where I majored in Finance and Business Administration. I have kept track of the growth and development of your company even during my time as a student.

    I am a good timekeeper, detailed oriented, and resourceful. During my time as a student, I was responsible for organizing and scheduling annual teleconferences between students from our university and Chicago state university; therefore, I am proficient in using web conferencing software. I am also trained to use accounting software and project management software like Microsoft Share point.

    My goal is to grow my knowledge and proficiency in business technology eventually, and I believe that our combined goals can make the company even more extraordinary. I have attached my detailed resume. I would love to discuss my application further at a convenient time. I appreciate your consideration.

    Yours truly,

    Jamison Banks

    Sample Letter

    Following are some samples given for you:

    [Your Name]

    [Your Address]

    [City, State, Zip Code]

    [Telephone Contacts]

    [Today’s Date]

    [Hiring Manager’s Name]

    [Company Address]

    [Company City, State, Zip Code]

    [Telephone Contacts]

    Dear [Mr. /Mrs. /Ms.] [Hiring Manager’s Name],

    Re: Application for the Position of Executive Assistant

    Kindly accept my application for the position of executive assistant with your company. I came across your job advert on (xxx website), and I am pleased to state that my skills do match the requirements of your job perfectly.

    I do have the experience to schedule meetings, prepare and execute agendas, and take care of your daily operations with minimal to no supervision at all. In my present role, I have handled all duties and responsibilities with utmost zeal and reliability.

    Among these are the preparation of reports and orders, handling of domestic and international travel reservations, organization of monthly meetings, and honoring appointments and reminders. My stint at this organization has seen me bring down the operational costs by a substantial 12% margin.

    I eagerly anticipate a call for an interview and follow-up from you. It is my joy and pleasure to make the lives of your company executives better and easier. Feel free to get to me as soon as possible.

    Best Regards,

    [Your Signature]

    [Your Name]

    Executive Assistant Cover Letter Email

    To: e-mail address

    Re: Applications for the position of a Junior Executive Assistant

    Dear Mr. /Ms. /Mrs. [Hiring Manager’s Name],

    I noted that you are in search of a Junior Executive Assistant to facilitate the lives and operations of your senior managers. Well, I am delighted to forward my application for the same here and now.

    It is noteworthy that I hardly possess any expertise or experience in the field. I graduated from school just the other day. This notwithstanding, I still feel I deserve the chance owing to my unbridled passion for matters front office and executive assistance.

    Moreover, I do not see myself changing careers any time soon. This means I am very available for your use and service in the long run. I also possess great zeal, which I plan to leverage to make myself better at your organization.

    Kindly go through the contents of my resume for an in-depth peek into the skills I have and the value I have the potential to bring on board.

    Best regards,

    [Your Name]

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    Final Thoughts

    Remember that an executive assistant cover letter aims to introduce the job seeker to the hiring manager or employer. It also advertises their qualities and experience to the employer. Therefore, when writing an executive assistant cover letter, a job seeker should ensure it contains their personal information, the hiring manager’s details, an appropriate introduction, the candidate’s skills and achievements, and a compelling conclusion.

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