Free Printable Place Card Templates (Word, Illustrator)

A place card template is a piece of paper that is used by different individuals, such as employers, event organizers, or married couples, to guide the people attending their event to their respective seats at the table. Using a place card will help you avoid commotion as each person will be aware of their designated seat.

The best way to prepare a proper place card is by using a template, as it offers more styling options like calligraphy to include the required information. You can also use MS Word to create them for your event. Ensure that your template contains all the required details, such as the name of the person, and matches the style, that is, the font and color of the escort or table card used. Also, keep in mind that you should use simple words when writing your details.

You can create and use templates for different types of events. They offer a sense of formality and respect towards the attending guests as they will feel recognized and appreciated. This article will guide you on why you should use it after creating it using MS Word or downloading a pre-made template. Whether you are an employer, a couple planning a wedding, or an event organizer, it is advisable to use a place card template as it is significantly beneficial.

Free Templates

Free Place Card Template - Downloadable Word Document

Editable Place Card Template - PDF Format

Printable Place Card Template - Customizable Example

Illustrator Place Card Template - Ready-to-Use Design

Sample Place Card Template - Printable PDF

Free Editable Place Card Template - Download Now

Printable Place Card Template - Customizable Design

Word Place Card Template - Editable Format

PDF Place Card Template - Example for Events

Illustrator Place Card Template - Customizable Design

Free Printable Place Card Template - Editable Word Document

Editable Place Card Template - PDF Sample

Printable Place Card Template - Ready-to-Print Example

Word Place Card Template - Downloadable PDF

PDF Place Card Template - Editable Design

Illustrator Place Card Template - Free Example

    Why You Should Use a Place Card Template

    You should use a place card in your event for many reasons. First, it is essential to promote organization among the attending guests. With these templates, you will be aware of the number of guests meant to attend your event, ensuring that you have enough seats for them. Also, assigning each guest a particular seat will ensure that you avoid uninvited guests at your event.

    That means that any guest attending your event will be someone you have invited who knows where they are required to sit. Since your guests will know their exact seats at a table, it is easier to organize and cater to guests’ needs with specific requests, for instance, breastfeeding mothers, couples, or even guests with allergies to certain drinks and food. Place card templates also aid the wait staff when it is time to serve as they already know where to find each guest.

    Essential Steps for Making a Place Card Template

    When creating place cards for your event, you can use a template. With a template, you will save more time and effort during the creation process. Also, using a custom template will guide you in including the required content and how best to edit it with a bit of a personal touch. The most effective way of doing this is by using Microsoft Word.

    Here are the steps you should follow when creating it in MS Word:

    Step 1: Open the downloaded template

    You need to open the downloaded template in MS Word. You will click on the file tab and then you will select open. When the menu opens up, browse the downloaded template and open the file.

    Step 2: Fill out the card

    The next step is to fill out the template by clicking the placeholder of the default name, highlighting the default name, and then typing over your first name alongside the event’s name.

    Step 3: Customize the card

    You should then proceed to customize the place card to suit your requirements. First, change the default text to include the font, font size, and content you want by highlighting the text and clicking on it to access a pop-up menu you will use to make the changes. You can also change the color of the text to ensure it matches your event colors or the color of your business logo for better cohesion. Next, proceed to change all the default text present in the template to include what you want. Finally, you can also choose to delete the text or the entire text box by highlighting it and clicking the Delete key.

    When it comes to entering guests’ names and their table numbers, you should highlight the names and table numbers provided in the template and then type the appropriate information using your chosen font, font size, and color. Before adding the images, you can test print at this stage to ensure you are coming up with the right design for your event.

    Step 3: Print

    The final step is to print the document. Ensure that you set it to the custom size to prevent the printer from printing the standard 8 ½ x 11 sheet. Click on the File tab, then Page Setup on the menu that appears. You will be able to customize your page at this point. When it is time to print, click File once more and then print to access the print interface where you can make the necessary changes before pressing OK and printing.

    Apart from place cards, planning the sitting and table arrangements in an event will also require you to use an escort card. However, a place card is not the same as an escort card. These two cards may be used in the same types of events but are different in so many ways. While a place card is meant to provide guests with directions regarding their designated seats, an escort card is meant to guide them to their assigned tables. That is why escort cards are also called table cards.

    Difference Between Place Card & Escort Card

    Apart from place cards, planning the seating and table arrangements in an event will also require you to use an escort card. However, a place card is not the same as an escort card. These two cards may be used in the same types of events but are different in many ways. While a place card is meant to provide guests with directions regarding their designated seats, an escort card is meant to guide them to their assigned tables. That is why escort cards are also called table cards.

    Place cards are usually placed on a folded napkin at a dinner place or directly on the table above the dinner plate. In contrast, escort cards are placed on a table found at the entrance of an event, usually in alphabetical order. In the former, you should only include the guest’s name, which should be specific even if there is a couple or child, but for escort cards, you will need to include the name of the guest(s) and their table number.

    In escort cards, you can use the title of the guest (Mr., Ms., or Dr.) and their second name or their first and last names without a title. You should use one card for married couples by using the titles Mr. and Mrs. Families can also have their names included in one escort card. For an unmarried couple, you can also use one card but start with the name of the woman and then the man’s name underneath. Also, ensure you include the specific names of people plus ones in the same escort card and avoid using the term “guest.”

    In place cards, however, you should write the first and last names of the guests. Ensure you include the name of every single guest, from couples, families, and children to plus ones.

    Final Thoughts

    Whether you are an employer who just invited shareholders and employees to an event or an event planner organizing an event that involves sitting around tables, you need place cards for such events. there is better organization of guests as they will be aware of their respective seats, hence, preventing confusion at the tables. You can create your own using MS Word or a free-to-download and customized template from our website.

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