10+ Free Gift Coupon Templates for Anything (Word | PSD | AI)

Coupons are nothing new; they are widely used in all sectors of commerce, including those based on both goods and services. While previously they were particular to retail stores and outlets, they have now spread to other sectors, such as restaurants, movies, clubs, etc. They are used to eliminate excess inventory and for promotions and marketing campaigns. A coupon is an easy way to encourage someone to buy a specific product.

A gift coupon template is a perfect way to ensure that you have them ready for time for Christmas shopping or other events. They are also straightforward to give as gifts. Therefore, customers will typically buy them for their friends or relatives for special occasions, such as birthdays, weddings, or holiday presents. Discount coupons are the most common type. This article will instruct retailers on how to design a polished and professional gift coupon using a template.

Free Gift Coupon Templates

Great Printable 100 Dollars Gift Coupon Template 01 as Word and Pdf Format

Great Printable 100 Dollars Gift Coupon Template 02 as Word and Pdf Format

Great Printable 100 Dollars Gift Coupon Template 03 as Word and Pdf Format

Free Editable Upto 100% Gift Coupon Template for Word and Pdf format

Great Printable Christmas Gift Coupon Template as Word and Pdf Format

Free Editable Upto 250% Gift Coupon Template for Word and Pdf format

Free Editable Upto 60% Discount Coupon Template for Word and Pdf format

Free Editable Upto 50% Gift Coupon Template 01 for Word and Pdf format

Great Printable 100 Dollars Gift Coupon Template 04 as Word and Pdf Format

Free Editable Upto 30% Gift Coupon Template for Word and Pdf format

Free Editable Upto 50% Gift Coupon Template 02 for Word and Pdf format

Free Editable Upto 50% Gift Coupon Template 03 for Word and Pdf format

Free Editable Upto 50% Gift Coupon Template 04 for Word and Pdf format

Free Editable Upto 50% Gift Coupon Template 05 for Word and Pdf format

    What are Gift Coupons?

    A gift coupon is a promotional tool used by retailers, sellers, and manufacturers that shows the holder is eligible for a discount on a particular product or when purchasing from a specific retailer or manufacturer.

    They can be printed or digital and distributed on-site, online, through email, social media, or mobile applications.

    How can they increase your sales?

    Coupons are a great way to give someone a gift when you do not know what they want or to let them select a gift of their own choice. Using them attracts more customers and gives them an incentive to buy your products. Examples of such incentives include discounts and special offers. As a result, they are effective marketing tools and consequently boost sales.

    How can this be? When customers buy gift coupons, it is a pre-paid future purchase. Here, there are two outcomes: either the customer can use them and add money to their account to make a purchase, or they may never use it. Regardless of the customer journey, your business is bound to make money.

    However, it is even more beneficial if they use it since studies have shown that customers spend more (an estimated $59 more) in the store than the coupon’s value, which leads to more sales. Also, some customers tend to continuously load it to the point where they can use it as a form of payment. Studies have shown that 44% of consumers attribute shopping at new businesses to having a gift coupon, while 8/10 customers are reported to purchase more than one as they are the most requested gifts. All these factors have a significant impact on sales.

    Information on a Gift Coupon

    The complexity of the coupon will vary from case to case and depend on the information you want to include.

    However, it will typically have certain essential elements. A standard coupon will contain the following:


    The title is the name of the voucher. It can be a ‘Free Holiday Voucher,’ ‘$80 Birthday Voucher,’ or ‘25% Welcome Voucher. The title should be short but communicate enough information about the coupon. To draw your customers in, the title should be in bold font. Words like “free,” “$X,” and “X%” are known to have more pull and effectively communicate the offer.


    The body contains detailed content and information about the voucher in several lines. It should explain to the customer what the offer is and what they should expect to get from redeeming it. Be specific, as vague explanations may seem insincere and lead to misinterpretations and conflicts with the customers. For example, you can state that the coupon will be used to purchase items A, B, and C.


    Another critical part or component when creating a coupon using a template is the terms and conditions section, which outlines more information on how it can be redeemed and any other rules, regulations, and limitations (if any) for utilization. A suitable disclaimer should be short. Lengthy disclaimers with endless rules and conditions repel customers. Examples of disclaimers include “valid for in-stock items only”, “not for any prior purchases”, etc.  


    The coupon should specify the expiration date. The expiration date shows its redemption period and eligibility criteria. Do not include an extended expiration date to prevent customers from saving the coupon for later, which may result in their forgetting about it. A short expiration period encourages them to use it at the earliest possible opportunity. For example, you can have a seven-day validity period.

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    How do I Create a Gift Coupon Using a Template?

    You can create one using a template and customize it using different document editing tools. However, as MS Word is a commonly used and accessible tool, the steps below will discuss how to do it in that program as an example.

    The procedure is as follows:

    Step 01

    Create a new document. Click “File” in MS Word, then click “New.” A pop-up window will appear. Go to the search bar and search “coupon.”

    Step 02

    Choose a template based on your preferences. Several templates will appear, and you can go through the options before settling on a template that benefits your business, product, and service. Then click “Create,” and the template will be loaded into your Word file.

    Step 03

    Modify the information on the template. Change the existing information (title and body) to reflect what your offer will entail. Also, modify the font, font size, and color scheme to match your brand or marketing campaign. Use an attractive title that will attract customers and an appropriate font size to make it more visible. In several sentences, write the body section addressing “What is the Coupon for?” and “How to Redeem the Coupon?”

    Step 04

    Add the disclaimer and expiration date. Go to the disclaimer section and write down the applicable terms and conditions. Then add an expiration to limit its validity. You can use small, legible fonts to write the disclaimer and expiration date. Then, place the disclaimer and date in a strategic position so that they are not missed by customers and do not interfere with the title and body of the document. 

    Step 05

    Select the design you want. Since most templates will come with several pre-installed designs, select the ones that best achieve your objectives of attracting customers. Edit the text as needed.

    Step 06

    Save the template. Your work should now be complete, and you can save the document. Be sure to name your template with keywords related to your sale so it can be easily identified among other documents. Save the document to your computer or an external hard drive. You can also print it and make copies of it.


    From a visual perspective, the design must be attractive to the customers. For example, a coupon displayed on a plain white background may seem dull and unappealing to customers, while the same one placed on a colorful background may appeal to them. In addition, you should customize it as the seasons change to make it appear up-to-date. Finally, including your business’s logo and colors is also a way of making it more attractive.  

    Bottom Line

    There are many types of gift coupons: some can only be used at a specific store, while others can be used at multiple stores. Every retail company and grocery store has its own rules and restrictions on their use. Therefore, as a disclaimer, you should include the relevant terms and conditions. A good design will help increase sales and maximize redemption rates. Customers will be drawn to a well-designed coupon while avoiding a vague one. In order to make it appealing to customers, it is advised that you put the necessary time and effort into designing it. Make it unique by using colors that correspond to your brand and your product or service.

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