50 Amazing Christmas & New Year Gift Certificate Templates

The event of Christmas is the event that brings happiness with it for everyone. Everyone waits for this day because it is time one can send any special gift with a beautiful message to the loved ones, and every person also expects to receive the gifts from the people who are close to them. Blank Christmas gift certificate templates are the best thing that can be given to any of your friends, family members, and other relatives or colleagues.

Christmas gift certificate templates are essential for everyone as they are simple to make and do not require a large amount of cash to buy them from the market or even make them by yourself for your loved ones. Moreover, it helps you in the situation where you feel perplexed about what to give as a gift to a particular person, so in that situation, sending printable Christmas gift certificate templates to them with a small and sweet message is always a good idea.

If you want to make it by yourself, you don’t need to have master-level skills. You only need to have a creative mind. But, on the other hand, getting creative ideas is also not difficult. This problem can be solved by searching our website’s Christmas gift certificate templates. Our website has different Christmas gift certificate templates, including printable Christmas gift certificate templates and blank gift certificate templates. In this way, you will get two options; one is to make the gift certificate by yourself after getting the idea from the template. The second thing that can be done is download that printable Christmas gift certificate template and then simply edit it according to your requirements.

Collecting ideas from the templates related to printable Christmas gift certificates will save your time so that you will not have to think about different ideas for a long time before their execution. A Christmas gift certificate template seems to be simple, but your efforts are associated with it, which you have specially made for your loved ones. The other person who will receive this gift will also be amazed and thankful for your efforts.

So it is easy for you to make a unique gift certificate for all the close people and make its theme colorful same as that of the Christmas event, by seeking help from the templates of printable Christmas gift certificates which are easily downloadable from the internet all over the world.

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Free Christmas Gift Certificate Sample

Printable Free Christmas Gift Certificate

Christmas Gift Certificate PDF

Cookie Themed Christmas Gift Certificate

Christmas Tree Gift Certificate Sample

    Essential Elements of a Christmas Gift Certificate template

    Differently themed printable Christmas gift certificate templates are available online. The same is the case with the cards you can buy from any market store. For example, you can choose a sophisticated and formal themed certificate to send to your boss or your colleagues and employees. On the other hand, you can go with choosing a colorful themed gift certificate if you are going to send it to your siblings, friends, or any other family members.

    The message written by you in the certificate for a particular person will be a source of great joy and happiness for them because the warmth of your emotions and feelings will be felt by them while reading it. And it is also an easy way for anyone to express their feelings and send them to their loved ones.

    The Christmas gift certificate templates are free to download, and you can edit them on your computer or laptop and then get them printed; it will not cost you much compared to purchasing a Christmas card from the market.

    Whether you choose to make a blank Christmas gift certificate yourself or purchase it, some essential things should be looked for, and those should be on the card. These elements must be there to make sure that it is delivered to the right person at the right time. Some of the essential elements of Christmas gift certificate templates have been enlisted below:

    • Full name of the receiver.
    • Complete and accurate address of the receiver.
    • Full name of the sender.
    • Contact details of sender and receiver.
    • Date of sending the certificate.
    • Title of the gift certificate.
    • Description of the gift.
    • A short message from your side.
    • Any wish for them.
    • Any image related to the theme of your gift certificate.

    These things are essential to be ensured because you will want to send your gift right to the person within the specified duration.

    Usage of Christmas Gift Certificate Templates

    The reason for sending a printable Christmas certificate template as a gift may vary from person to person. Different factors may lie behind this decision. Christmas gift certificate templates can be given to different people for different purposes because the only purpose cannot be to wish everyone on this occasion. Therefore, giving these certificates on Christmas may vary for the people and businesses.

    Some of the reasons which may persist in this regard have been given below as:

    To Show Love to Someone Special

    One of the main reasons for sending the printable Christmas certificate template to your loved ones is to express your gratitude and love. Your efforts explicitly made for them in making customized gift certificates according to their personality will surprisingly impress them differently. Their emotions on receiving this beautiful gift from you will be an amalgam of great joy and getting emotional, but they will also appreciate your efforts made for them.

    To Save Money

    Another reason which lies behind the decision of sending Christmas certificates to your loved ones can be to save your money because you do not need to spend a large amount of money for making the Christmas gift certificate for a particular person as compared to buying gifts for them which require a specific amount of money to be spent. Gift certificates sent on Christmas day are simple but hold many emotions within them.


    When you make a Christmas certificate by yourself or edit the gift template, you will choose the theme according to the preferences of the person to whom you will send it. This factor will make your card personalized, specifically for that particular person only. You can choose to add your picture with them to give it a more personalized look. The person who will receive this gift will also get amazed after knowing about your concern and care about them, which will be expressed through your personalized gift certificate.

    To Show Appreciation

    You might have been helped by someone from your family members or friends during your hard times. But you did not find any appropriate chance of thanking them, so Christmas is the most suitable time when you can thank them for being there for you whenever you need them. So a tiny Christmas gift certificate can be sent their way to thank and appreciate them for everything they have done for you.

    Confer Discounts and Boosts Sales

    If any business setup is giving Christmas certificates to people, their purpose can be to promote their discount offers. In this way, more people will come to know about their offer, and their sales rate will also increase. At Christmas, everyone wants to buy new clothes and other things for decorating their houses so if they get those things at a discounted price, they would surely prefer to buy from them.

    Christmas Gift Ideas

    It might be a confusing question for everyone that what to give as a Christmas gift to their loved ones. This decision often becomes tough for us. We want to keep the gift as a surprise for our relatives and friends, so we also do not want to discuss it with them about it. To solve this problem, some of the different Christmas gift ideas have been given below, which may help you in deciding one for your loved ones:

    Gift Certificates For Free Holidays:

    Any of your friends may want to go to a particular place for a long time but could not go there so you can gift them a voucher for free holidays as a Christmas gift certificate. They will surely love to see the voucher to spend holidays at that place where they wanted to, and they will become delighted by realizing that you remembered their wish and fulfilled it by giving them a Christmas gift.

    Stunning Christmas & New Year gift certificate template

    Creative Christmas & New Year gift certificate template

    Christmas & New Year gift certificate template in Word

    Customizable Christmas & New Year gift certificate template

    Christmas & New Year gift certificate template with Adobe Illustrator

    Beautiful Christmas & New Year gift certificate template design

    High-quality Christmas & New Year gift certificate template

    Editable Christmas & New Year gift certificate template

    Download amazing Christmas & New Year gift certificate template

    Free Christmas & New Year gift certificate template PDF

      Gift Certificates For Service Vouchers:

      You can gift any of your relatives or friends different kinds of service vouchers as their Christmas gift certificates. For example, the service vouchers may include vouchers for providing cleaning services, for performing different household chores such as cooking, washing dishes, doing laundry, etc., services for renewing their garden, package of any beauty salon from where they can get any service they want or providing them with the services of a babysitter, etc.

      So there are many kinds of service gifts you can offer them through their Christmas gift certificates. You can choose to give the service vouchers of any of these facilities depending on the person’s particular needs to whom you will be giving it as a gift.

      Get a free Christmas & New Year gift certificate template

      Beautiful Christmas & New Year gift certificate template design in PDF

      Editable Word Christmas & New Year gift certificate template

      Stunning Adobe Illustrator gift certificate template for Christmas & New Year

      Downloadable Christmas & New Year gift certificate template

      PDF gift certificate template for Christmas & New Year

      Professional Christmas & New Year gift certificate template

      Elegant Christmas & New Year gift certificate template

      Printable Christmas & New Year gift certificate template

      Unique Christmas & New Year gift certificate template design

        Activity Gift Certificates

        Different people have their interest in different kinds of activities. For example, some people are excited about concerts or musical nights, some of them love to visit the museums, go on any camping trip, or are interested in watching a movie of their choice. So you can also give them the tickets for any of these activities. For this purpose, you will have to think and consider their preferences regarding the activities they are fascinated with.

        Customizable Christmas & New Year Gift Sports Match Templates

        Festive Christmas & New Year Gift Discount Voucher Templates

        Creative Christmas & New Year Gift Concert Ticket Templates

        PDF Christmas & New Year Gift Restaurant Voucher Templates

        Downloadable Christmas & New Year Gift Cinema Ticket Templates

        Free Christmas & New Year Gift Raffle Ticket Template

          Personalized Gift Certificates

          These types of Christmas gift certificates require your skills to be implemented. You can design any gift certificate according to a specific theme. For this purpose, you will have to use your skills related to the artwork. When you send the self-made gift certificates to your friends or relatives on the occasion of Christmas, they will be pleased after seeing the efforts you had made for especially for them.

          Festive Christmas & New Year Gift Certificate Template

          Customizable Christmas & New Year Gift Certificate Template

          Gift Certificate Template

          Christmas & New Year Gift Certificate Template with Free Editable Design

          Editable Christmas & New Year Gift Certificate Template

          Free Christmas & New Year Gift Certificate Template

            Best Easy Ways To Make Your Own Christmas Gift Certificate

            You can edit the Christmas gift certificates after downloading them from the internet. Editing the template is essential as you cannot send it as it is any person because you will surely want to change the information over it before sending it to any of your friends. Different online software is available for editing them, and some expert-level editing software is also there.

            Some templates are specially designed for MS Word because they can be easily edited there. For example, templates of Christmas certificates are also available in different designs; you have to download them and open them in the MS Office for editing them.

            You can also use Microsoft word for editing the Christmas certificates. It is convenient to use and easily accessible by everyone, so choosing to edit the templates on it will be easy for you. For example, you can change the color theme add images and your message in the form of text by using all the available options in MS Word. Once it is done, you can print it and send it to your loved ones by putting it in an envelope.

            Some websites give you the option of having freely downloadable Christmas gift certificates. Many different styles of these certificates are also available on the website named wordlayouts.com, from where you can easily download your favorite template and can easily edit it by opening it in the MS Word available on your computer or laptop.

            Christmas Card Template Free

            Christmas Gift Certificate Sample

            Free Christmas Card Sample

            Santa Claus Christmas Gift Certificate

            Merry Christmas Sample Free

            Free Printable Christmas Gift Certificate



              Theme Design Ideas For Creating Christmas Gift Certificates

              Some people might not know what kind of theme design will be best for giving a Christmas gift certificate to a particular person. If they do not have any prior experience, they might choose the wrong design for any person. So going through some of the design ideas will be vital for choosing a suitable design theme.

              Following are some of the designs that can send Christmas certificates as gifts to different people.


              Such Christmas gift certificates have a simple design and give you the option of writing anything over it, whatever you want to write. Such simple themed certificates are good for sending formally. These can be used by different people who are running their businesses which may include:

              • Hotels.
              • Restaurants.
              • Retail stores.
              • Spas.
              • Superstores
              • etc.

              These simple theme templates can be edited according to the type of information you want to convey through it, and you can also change their color theme according to your concept.


              Different creative ideas can promote any sort of new service being provided by a particular business. They can use it for:

              • Promotions.
              • Discounts.
              • Freebies’ offers.
              • Trip offers.
              • Holiday themes etc.

              Creative theme designs can also help you make a Christmas certificate for your friends or family members by having a combination of different colors to make your gift colorful.


              These design themes are specifically designed for Christmas day, having the image Christmas tree or Santa over it. You can also choose these for sending it even to your friends. Different businesses can also use it to give to the customers and tell them about their newly introduced services, especially to make their Christmas day memorable.


              The design themes for kids are specifically made colorful with lots of exciting and attractive images, including that of the Santa. Children will love to receive such cute little gifts and will become happy. You can write the name of Santa in place of the sender’s name to make the kids excited about the gift.

              How a Gift Certificate Template can Help?

              Save your family the trouble of trying to figure out if that is a drawing of a Christmas tree or a snowman. By using a template, you can have a professional design with lines dedicated to telling what the gift certificate entitles the recipient to, the recipient’s name, how long the gift is valid, and who the gift is from.

              You can type out all of this information or you can print out blank gift certificates and write in your details by hand. This is a reasonable gift for your kids, adults, and your grandpa. Give your grandpa a certificate that says you will give him an hour of your time so he can tell you all his tall tales to someone. Show your spouse that you are willing to give a one-foot rub once a week for three months.

              If you are a child and need to give your parents a present, a Christmas gift certificate is the perfect gift. It will only cost you your time. You do not have to print it. Email it to them. Tell your mom that you will make up your bed every day or do the laundry for her once a month. Give your dad a gift certificate that says, “One hour of yard work.” Your parents will appreciate your efforts and you will feel pride in giving them a present they will treasure forever.

              If you run a business, a Christmas gift certificate template gives you the option of branding them for your company. You can give them to employees or customers. Employees can enjoy one free extra break given at any time. How about giving your star employee the best parking spot? There are many ways you can use a gift certificate to reward your staff at the company’s Christmas party. As for customers, you can offer 10% off their next purchase or something free with the next purchase. The sky is the limit when it comes to creating your own Christmas gift certificate.


              Are Our Christmas Gift Certificate Templates Editable?

              The answer is yes. There are hundreds of thousands of free templates for Christmas certificates available online. These templates can be easily downloaded from any website, and there are different software by which you can edit them easily. In addition, a step-wise process of editing such templates is also available, and by following those steps appropriately, you can edit the certificates according to your requirements.

              How Do You Customize Christmas Gift Certificate Templates?

              Different templates are there on the internet that requires editing to make them customized as per your requirements. You can change all the information by opening the template in any editing software, or you can also use MS Word for this purpose as it is easy to use and everyone knows how to use it for such basic needs.

              Difference Between A Christmas Gift Certificate And A Voucher?

              A Christmas gift certificate is different from a Christmas gift voucher. The Christmas gift certificate can be used to send a message to your close ones; you can also attach it to any product you want to gift your friend. On the other hand, a Christmas gift voucher is for different purposes. It can be given to any of your friends to give them a free treat in their favorite restaurant, buy them a movie ticket, or give them a tour package. All these things can be gifted as a Christmas voucher to anyone.

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