How to Write an Employee Work Statement (with 12+ Examples)

Probably you have hired employees to perform specific tasks in your organization. To ensure that your employees fulfill those duties as per your expectations, you need to know the exact responsibilities of your employees. This is why an employee work statement is useful. It is a document which states the tasks an employee is supposed to perform every day, and for an extended period. An employee work statement is not the same as employee job descriptions. A job description gives an outline of the overall work an employee is supposed to undertake whereas an employee work statement gives detailed duties and responsibilities of an employee.

How to Write (What to Include)

This statement ought to be well-written and professional. Here is a simple way of writing an Employee Work Statement.

Outline employee’s duties and responsibilities before you hire

When you know the tasks, the employees are expected to perform, writing a work statement will be easier. You should know the exact duties the employees will be expected to complete on a daily basis, and the period you’ll engage them.

Specify the daily tasks and duties you expect your employees to complete

Ensure that your statement is as accurate and specific as possible. For instance, if you are hiring a sales person, you may state the number of potential new customers the salesperson is expected to meet daily.

List all the duties and responsibilities an Employee will be expected to Perform

Be sure to list all the duties you expect your employees to perform, but always leave a room for additional jobs. The economy is dynamic and keeps changing and so is your business. Such changes may require you to be more aggressive. It is advisable to ensure that your employee statement gives you the freedom to make changes or increase roles as you may deem fit for your business.

Make it Mandatory for your employees to sign the statement

You’ll also be required to sign the statement after the employees signs it. It ensures that you have a written agreement with your employees that they understand their duties and responsibilities.

Contents of a Professional Employee Work Statement

Some of the contents of a professional Employee Work Statement that an employer should include are:

  • The Name of the Employer and that of the employee.
  • All the duties and responsibilities of the employee.
  • Payment terms of the employee.
  • Hours of work and the duration of engagement with the employee.
  • The employees’ workstation.

Those are some of the contents of a professional Employee Work Statement. The employer is at liberty to add more depending on the nature of his business.

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Employee Value Proposition

    When you hire employees to work on specific tasks, you expect them to fulfill their duties and responsibilities. However, this may not be possible for the employee if they do not know what they actually are. Hence the reason for employee work statements. These documents are essential as they help spell out exactly what each employee has been tasked to do, the jobs they are expected to complete daily, and any long-term goals that you have hired them for. Make sure to follow the guide provided above and the link to the samples to help you come up with an effective employee work statement that will help you run your business smoothly.  

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