12+ Salary Increase Letter Samples

Everyone at one point in their lives always wants a pay raise. You just have to come up with a case strong enough to support why you need a pay raise. A letter written in the right format could grant you the pay raise that you have always wanted. The salary increase letter format will not only be used now just in case they pay you require is denied but can be put in reconsideration later. The letter is also very important since it shows your boss how serious you need a salary increase.

Who are you supposed to ask for a salary increase?

The person that manages your salary or bonuses is the only person you are supposed to ask for a salary increase. People should always ask the manager for the pay raise since he/she is the one that is in charge of handling such important matters like a salary increase. He/she is also the one above every other employee in the organization. Different companies have different people that handle salary pay raise. The letter should help keep the request more formal and professional. I can be either a handwritten or soft copy.

What are you supposed to include when requesting a pay raise?

  • Your reasons for asking for a pay raise should be valid and justifiable. You are supposed to come up with a list of things that you have accomplished for the company you are working for over the years.
  • You should also put into consideration the last time you were given a pay raise. You should also ensure that you do not leave out the accomplishments that brought about a positive impact on the company.
  • Sometimes the amount of money that you are being paid is less than what you think you are supposed to get. Examples will be necessary when asking for that pay raise. It is very much advisable to Google in other sites the rates that your job offers or similar jobs in the industry.

What are you not supposed to include?

  • You should avoid acting like the victim and also complaining too much most importantly if the company has been facing a lot of hitch ups. If you like really to need a pay rise even when the company has been facing problems, you need to state why your work outshines and standing out.
  • You should ensure that you do not use other employees’ salaries to explain why you need the salary increment instead you should concentrate more on what you do best for the company.

Increase the Chances of “Yes” Response by Asking for Pay Rise When:

Sometimes asking for a pay rise can be an uphill task. This is because It is not a sure deal whether your request will be approved or not. Besides, if not done right you may leave a negative impression. It might be your right to ask for a raise but it also lies within your employer’s rights to deny or approve it.

To increase the chances of a ‘yes’ response it is advisable to request a pay rise when,

  1. The company or organization is doing well financially.
  2. You are in your employer’s good book; generally, your work should be impressive.
  3. The period you have worked is in accordance with the company’s policy of being eligible for a pay rise.
  4. The current market pay rate for your job coincides with what you are asking for.

If everything is in order, you can then confidently create your letter and submit it to the relevant authority.

Sample Salary Increment Letter

Below is a sample of a well written professional salary increase letter.

Peter McKerry

9782 E. Meadowbrook Street

Indianapolis, IN 46201


[email protected]


Human Resource Manager,

ABC Company,

8732 Cross St.

Nashua, NH 01234

Dear Sir,

I am writing to request for a salary raise. I have been working as a {Job Title} with your company {Job Title} for the past three years. During this time I have been dedicated to my duties and performed them to the best of my abilities; exceeding my supervisor’s expectations. In addition, I have been an excellent team player working concurrently with my colleagues and supervisors in the best interests of the company.

I believe my previous records in improving the company’s income plus my hard work and commitment justifies a salary hike. Additionally, my current pay is 40% lesser than the average annual salary payable to my position. To match up to the current standard rates and my efforts a salary hike of not less than {Amount) will do. Your consideration will be highly appreciated. In case you or would like to offer better terms or negotiate the proposed amount, I am available. Thank you in advance. Your’s faithfully, {Signature}

Peter McKerry


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When are you supposed to ask for the salary increase?

  • Ensure that the time is right before you ask for an increment. For instance, when the company is doing well and making good profits, you can as well ask for an increment.
  • If the boss likes you, and you are a hard-working fellow, then chances are that depending on the company’s culture you are entitled to ask for an increment.
  • If the company has been facing some financial problems and some people have been laid off then it will not be the ideal time to ask for an increment.

To ask for an increment you need to know how to write a professional salary increment letter. The format of salary increases letter should be relevant and straight to the point.