30 Sample Invitation Letters for Visa (Family, Visitor, etc.)

An Invitation Letter for a Visa is written to invite an individual to visit you in a foreign country.

You must be a resident of that country to write and send this letter to your friend, family member, or any other person of your choice. An invitation letter is also known as an invitation letter to a friend.

It should highlight how you plan on taking care of them once they arrive in the country. The letter will be used to inform the embassy consul that you are inviting a particular friend and you will be taking care of them for the period they will be in the country.

There are different invitation letters apart from an invitation letter for a visa. For instance, you can write a business invitation letter to persuade the invited person, group, or company to attend the event, inform the invited party of the essence of the event, or advise the invited party on the importance of them attending the gathering.

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    Types of Invitation Letter

    There are different types of invitation letters that you can write. An invitation letter can be handwritten, typed, printed, and sent through email or post. The first and most crucial step is considering your audience and the information you want to share with them. Also, keep in mind that handwritten invitation letters are more effective since they feel more personal and sincere.

    Here are some types of invitation letters you may write:

    Invitation from family and friends

    This invitation letter invites a friend or family member to visit them in a foreign country. If you have several friends or family members in that country, the best option is to pick a family or friend who has been a resident of that country for a long time.

    Also, it is best to choose a person who has a stable job. You should also establish and provide evidence of your relationship with the individual. For example, you can use a birth certificate to prove your relationship with this family member.

    Free editable Visa Invitation Letter template

    Printable Visa Invitation Letter example

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    Editable Visa Invitation Letter sample

    Printable Visa Invitation Letter form

    Free Visa Invitation Letter example

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      Business invitation letter

      A business invitation letter is prepared and sent by a business partner or another company to you as an invitation. The letter is meant to invite you to visit another country for a business meeting or other business purposes. The company’s manager or representative writes a business invitation letter.

      It should establish the relationship between the sender and recipient of the letter, highlight all the business activities to be accomplished during that time, and mention the job position, salary, and details of your current employment.

      In case you are the one writing the business invitation letter, it is necessary to prepare it two or more weeks before the date of the event. This way, the invited party can plan and schedule the event in their time. Also, you are more likely to see the invited people attend the event if they receive the letter.

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        Sponsor invitation letter

        For this case, a sponsor invitation letter is written and sent to invite you to attend a conference, give a speech, or even make a presentation. The person who sends you this invitation letter is usually the one sponsoring the event and would like you to make an appearance.

        Whatever the case, this invitation letter is meant to inform you why you were selected, the period of your stay, and the schedule for all the activities. The sponsor might be an individual, a company, or even the event organizer. They are responsible for all the activities you might indulge in at the event.

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        Free Sponsor Invitation Letter Template

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          Hospital invitation letter

          If you need to go for treatment in another country, you will receive a hospital invitation letter from the target hospital. For instance, you may require a hospital invitation letter for you to receive treatment from a physician in the U.S. You will need to start by first applying for a B-2 tourist visa for medical reasons at your embassy.

          Your treatment needs must be proven to be only accessible in that hospital in the U.S. before you can receive a hospital invitation letter from that particular hospital. You will also need to prove that you can afford all the payments arising from the treatment before the B-2 tourist visa is processed and an invitation letter is sent to you.

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            College invitation letter

            A college invitation letter is another invitation letter you can either write to or receive from someone. It is meant to welcome you to attend different college events. For example, you will receive a college invitation letter if the sender wants you to attend a college fest, conference, party, wedding, or other college events.

            If you are writing this invitation letter, ensure that you maintain a respectful and convincing tone. Your tone is meant to encourage the recipient of your invitation letter to attend your college event.

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              How to Write an Invitation Letter for a Visa?

              Since an invitation letter for a visa is an important document, you should know how to write one appropriately. Therefore, here is a step-by-step guide on how to write an invitation letter for a visa.

              With these steps, you will be able to write an invitation letter containing all the components required in the letter:


              The header is considered the first part of the letter. The details that must be included in the header are usually written on the top left side of the letter. These are the details you will write at the beginning of the letter:

              • Date: The date is essential for preparing the letter and must be included.
              • Embassy name and contact information: Since the letter is written to the embassy, you should include the embassy’s name. After this, you must write the embassy’s address and other necessary contact details required in the letter.
              • Salutation: You should also include greetings meant for the person to whom you are writing the letter. The recipient of this letter is usually an individual at the embassy. For example, “Dear (Visa Officer).”


              The details in this section should be written in the introductory paragraph of the invitation letter for a visa. This information about you is essential as you invite another person to stay in a foreign country. Therefore, ensure that the information is correct and complete.

              • Write your name: Include your complete and official name in the letter.
              • Your person’s status: Your citizenship status is also required as you must be a citizen of the country to invite someone to visit.
              • You need to provide your contact information: You must include your contact details such as phone number, email address, and complete location address as it is the requirement of the letter.


              The body is the most crucial section of the letter that must be positive and convincing so that your friend or family member can visit you. This section must be written to elaborate on your purpose.

              This part must contain the following information:

              • Write friend’s name and passport information: You need to provide details of the person you want to visit, their full official name, and their passport information.
              • Specify the purpose of their visit: Since you invite them into the country, you need to explain why they visit you. You need to explain the genuine purpose of their visit.
              • Tell your relationship with them: You need to highlight your relationship with them and provide evidence of that relationship.
              • Specify trip dates: The embassy will also require details of the dates they will be staying with you. For example, you need to include when they will arrive and when they will leave.
              • Write the names of places you’ll visit: Since your friends or family members are outsiders to your country, you need to indicate the names of all the places they will visit with you.


              The final section is also essential and includes asking the embassy to reach out for further information or clarification. You should then close your letter by thanking them in anticipation of their positive response.

              Invitation Letter for Visa Template

              For reference to how an invitation letter for a visa is supposed to look, here is an invitation letter for visa template that you can use. It will act as a guide as you write your invitation letter for a visa:


              [Embassy name]

              [Embassy’s contact information]

              Dear [Visa Officer]My name is [provide your full official name] and I am [offer the status of your residency]. My passport number is [include your passport details] and I work [include your employment status to indicate that you are capable of taking care of the person you want to invite].I would like to [inform them of the invite plans]. [Provide the name and passport information of your friend or family member]. [State your relationship with them and give the reason for their visit]. [Give information about the dates for the trip and include the names you will visit].[Invite the embassy to contact you for further information and provide your contact details]. [Thank them in anticipation].

              Kind regards,

              [Your full name]

              Invitation Letter for Visa Sample

              Here is an invitation letter for a visa sample that you can use as an example as you write your invitation letter for a visa:


              [Embassy name]

              [Embassy’s contact information]

              Dear [Visa Officer]My name is Estella Rebecca and I am a citizen of ABC country. My passport number is[passport number] and I work at the QRY hotel in ABC country as a hotel manager.I wish to formally invite John Stevenson to visit ABC country as from 17th January 2022 to 17th February 2022. He is my father and I have attached a copy of my birth certificate to validate this relationship.

              I will be responsible for taking care of him during the stated period as he comes to ABC country to visit me, his daughter. Please feel free to reach out to me for further information and for any clarification. My home address is [details of home address]. You can also reach out to me on my [phone number] or [email address]. Thank you so much and I hope to hear from you soon.

              Kind regards,

              [Your full name]

              Quick Tips

              When writing an invitation letter, there are some considerations that you must observe to ensure you have a complete and adequate letter. Here are some of the tips you should have in mind when writing this letter:

              • Write using a pleasing and convincing tone
              • Be polite and stay positive throughout your letter
              • Provide all the required information about the invitation
              • Confirm that you have the correct details in the letter before sending it
              • Ensure you include all your essential contact details for more accessible communication with the embassy
              • If there is a provided format for writing this letter, ensure you follow it when writing your invitation letter for a visa
              • If there is a deadline for this, ensure you send the letter earlier to give more time to the embassy to cross-check the information you have provided.

              Frequently Asked Questions

              What is an invitation letter for a visa?

              An invitation letter for a visa is written to an embassy to enable you to invite your loved ones to visit a foreign country. It is an important document that is required by most countries. The letter provides information about you and allows a friend or family member to invite you into the country if you prove that you will care for them during their stay.

              Do you have to write an invitation letter?

              When inviting someone into a foreign country, most countries require an invitation letter for a visa alongside other application documents. It is, therefore, necessary to write an invitation letter. Also, for other occasions like the ones mentioned in the article, it is a polite, personal and sincere way of inviting a person, group, or company to attend your event or occasion.

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