20 Manager Resume Examples: Format, Skills, Templates

Managers have the ultimate responsibility of managing the workflow and productivity of their team within an organization. Whether a large or small team, managers ensure the workplace functions smoothly and efficiently. In addition, they strive to increase the productivity of their teams by ensuring that they have all the resources needed to optimally contribute to the organization’s profitability and success. 

As a result, job seekers vying for various managerial positions must draft a resume or CV that genuinely demonstrates their capacity to effectively manage, inspire, motivate, and nurture their team while maximizing output and profitability.

Writing a professional and impressive CV can be challenging for most applicants because they have to resist the urge to write one that summarizes only their employment history rather than one that demonstrates their skills, experience, achievements, and professional recognition. 

Many applicants know the importance of a CV but do not know how to properly convey all the information and ensure that it is compatible in terms of format, content, and skill level. In this regard, this article will aid in your comprehension of the fundamentals of creating a stellar resume for a managerial position.

Manager’s Resume Templates: By Type

Professional Editable Assistant Manager Resume Sample as Word File

Professional Editable Business Development Manager Resume Sample as Word File

Professional Editable Construction Manager Resume Sample as Word File

Professional Editable Event Manager Resume Sample as Word File

Professional Editable General Manager Resume Sample as Word File

Professional Editable Hotel Manager Resume Sample as Word File

Professional Editable HR Manager Resume Sample as Word File

Free Downloadable Marketing Manager Resume Sample for Word File

Free Downloadable Nurse Manager Resume Sample for Word File

Free Downloadable Operations Manager Resume Sample for Word File

Free Downloadable Recruitment Manager Resume Sample for Word File

Free Downloadable Restaurant Manager Resume Sample for Word File

Free Downloadable Sales Manager Resume Sample for Word File

Free Downloadable Store Manager Resume Sample for Word File

    Explore Different Resumes and Formats Before Writing

    There are only so many best formats for writing a CV, and various employers may have their own preferences. The format that will be most suitable depends on your experience level, work history, the industry you are applying to, and the job position you want. However, it is best if you are familiar with the basic resume styles before deciding on the most effective format for your specific situation.

    The most common manager resume formats are the following:

    Chronological resume format

    This is the most preferred format for a CV because it is highly organized, updated, and easily read. It lists your employment history in reverse chronological order, with your current or most recent employment first, followed by a list of skills relevant to the job you are pursuing.

    Functional resume format

    This basic but effective format uses bullet points to show the skills and experience you possess. You must focus on the relevant skills for the job you are striving for. This is a great alternative to the traditional chronological resume format, provided you can demonstrate those skills through your experience.

    Combination resume format

    This type of format combines the above mentioned types to give your prospective employer a more thorough overview of your employment history, skill sets, experience, and achievements.

    A typical CV for a managerial position should be written following the chronological format because it emphasizes the experience you possess in a more detailed and easy-to-follow manner.

    Adopt Proper Formatting Guidelines

    You must follow certain guidelines to make sure that your manager’s resume is polished and professional, in addition to choosing an appropriate format. These include the following:

    • Fonts: Use a standard font type that is professional and legible, such as Times New Roman or Arial Black. The ideal font size is 11-12 points with section headings slightly larger or in bold.
    • Margin: It is essential to ensure that your resume does not have too much blank space in the page margins because this will detract from your professional qualifications. Consider setting 1-inch margins for all four sides of your resume.
    • Spacing: Use a lot of white space between different sections of your resume so that the hiring manager can easily navigate through the information in your resume.
    • Length of the resume: Although the overall length depends on your work history and experience, a typical CV for a managerial position should not exceed two pages. Keep it brief because the hiring manager only has a finite amount of time to review each resume before deciding whether or not to call you in for an interview.

    Templates for Manager’s Resume

    Great Comprehensive Manager Resume Sample 01 for Word Document

    Great Comprehensive Manager Resume Sample 02 for Word Document

    Great Comprehensive Manager Resume Sample 03 for Word Document

    Great Comprehensive Manager Resume Sample 04 for Word Document

    Great Comprehensive Manager Resume Sample 05 for Word Document

    Great Comprehensive Manager Resume Sample 06 for Word Document

      What Qualifies a Good Resume?

      An excellent resume for a managerial position does not have to be long or overly complicated. It should, nonetheless, be brief and concise and include the details an employer needs to know about you, your accomplishments, and your potential. You must first read the job description, make note of the essential qualifications and work history the employer seeks in qualified applicants, and then adjust your resume to reflect the demands of the position. 

      The job description also includes specific keywords that hiring managers often use to shortlist candidates for interviews during the selection process. Therefore, it is advisable to identify these keywords and include them in your CV because they improve your document’s rankings on search engines and in the Applicant Tracking System (ATS), which ultimately improves your chances of being invited for an interview. 

      Now that you are aware of what makes a strong resume for a managerial position, the next step is to decide how to include those components in your CV. The section that follows explains how to write an effective and professional resume for a manager position.

      Make a compelling summary or objective statement

      The first thing employers will notice is the summary statement in your CV, which is the first impression of your professional life. It demonstrates to prospective employers your level of experience, skills, and expertise, as well as your suitability for the job.  The summary statement should be short, concise, and to the point. It should highlight your skills and experience for the job you are applying for, demonstrate your value proposition, and persuade the hiring manager that you are the best person for the job. However, remember that including this section in your CV is optional and typically recommended for job applicants with extensive managerial experience.

      A resume objective statement is a brief summary of your experience, skills, work ethic, and goals. This statement should typically be included on your CV below the section for your contact information so that hiring managers can quickly get an overview of your goals and accomplishments before proceeding to your work history. A resume objective statement is useful for applicants who have little experience managing teams. Below are examples of summary and objective statements:

      Summary statement examples

      • An accomplished manager with more than ten years of experience in key managerial positions in various organizations. I have proven strategic planning, process analysis, and problem-solving skills, which I have successfully applied to drive continuous improvements and exceed organizational goals. In addition, I am proficient at managing teams of people to achieve common business objectives and managing projects from initial conception to completion.
      • A proven performer with exceptional communication skills and a distinguished track record of implementing organizational strategies, leading collaborative project teams, and driving execution to timely completion.

      Objective statement examples

      • An experienced and accomplished manager seeking an opportunity to lead an outstanding marketing team with an international corporation, where I can continue to implement my successful leadership styles and improve organizational performance.
      • An accomplished manager with a demonstrated record of building collaborative teams and implementing innovative solutions within companies that utilize computer-based technology. I am a critical thinker who brings strategic intelligence and initiative to the organization and will drive continuous organizational improvements.

      List work experience using action verbs

      After writing an appealing and compelling summary or objective statement, the next step involves listing your work experience. The work experience section should be written in reverse chronological order, i.e., list your most recent job experience, followed by previous work experiences.

      Always use action verbs in your manager resume that describe what you did at each job and quantify the results of your actions where possible. This should include achievements like reducing errors, finding new ways to increase sales, developing strategic plans for the growth of the business, or any other measurable achievement that demonstrates your competence for the position you are applying for.

      However, remember that this section should be customized to the requirements mentioned in the job description. Hence, you have to read it carefully, take note of the essential responsibilities and duties, and then adapt your work experience section to match the requirements.

      The following list of common action verbs can be used to demonstrate your adept management and leadership abilities: 

      • Facilitated
      • Managed
      • Coordinated
      • Mobilized
      • Led
      • Designated
      • Directed
      • Mentored
      • Governed
      • Administered
      • Nurtured
      • Delegated
      • Supervised
      • Masterminded
      • Championed
      • Orchestrated
      • Fostered
      • Oversee
      • Command
      • Conducted
      • Helm
      • Appoint
      • Trained
      • Steer
      • Guide
      • Coach
      • Pilot
      • Head 
      • Superintend


      December 2006-present
      Marketing Manager
      NewCo. Ltd San Francisco

      • Created an engaging employee wellness program that improved fitness levels and reduced healthcare expenditures by $34 million annually.
      • Instituted a corporate social responsibility (CSR) model for sustainable growth by developing an internal marketing program that fostered employee engagement
      • Reviewed the company’s product portfolio to improve customer satisfaction and maximize sales opportunities.

      Include your best managerial skills

      After listing your work experience, highlight the most critical managerial skills, knowledge, and experiences that differentiate you from other applicants. Use positive language to highlight your best traits and most significant achievements in this section. Keep in mind that this is the most crucial section of your manager’s resume, so devote some time to customizing it to the requirements of the position.

      A helpful tip is to preview the job description beforehand and make sure that your resume effectively highlights the soft and hard skills needed for the job, such as the following: 

      Soft skills

      • Delegation
      • Problem-solving
      • Strategic thinking
      • Relationship building
      • Leadership
      • Organization skills
      • Team building
      • Time management
      • Public speaking
      • Compassion
      • Conceptual skills
      • Coaching/mentoring
      • Critical thinking
      • Creativity
      • Decision making

      Hard skills

      • Finance
      • Project management
      • Budget management
      • Digital marketing
      • Hiring
      • Business development
      • Agile
      • Business knowledge
      • Logistics
      • Proficiency in MS Office, etc.
      • Familiarity with CRM, salesforce, etc.


      • I have proven strategic planning, process analysis, and problem-solving skills. I work strategically with management to create a clear vision shared throughout the organization to ensure alignment and focus.
      • I am proficient at managing teams of people to achieve common business objectives and managing projects from initial conception to completion.
      • As a marketing manager, I have accomplished several challenging projects by meeting aggressive timelines and exceeding organizational goals.
      • I have exceptional interpersonal and communication skills for building relationships and leading collaborative teams. I also possess exceptional listening skills, tactful written communication, and a proven ability to convey information to executives easily.

      Quantify your achievements

      Quantifying your accomplishments in your CV will significantly increase hiring managers’ interest in you, increasing your chances of being shortlisted for an interview. It is an excellent way to show what or how much you have achieved in your previous job. It also allows you to demonstrate how you will apply critical management skills such as planning and organizing to help the company achieve its objectives.

      Consider adding one or two achievements per job to demonstrate your managerial qualities and use numbers, percentages, or cite specific examples. For instance, if you increased sales in your previous job, write in your manager’s resume that you increased “sales by 5%” instead of saying “increased sales.” 


      2015- Marketing manager, NewCo. Ltd San Francisco,
      Launched a highly targeted employee wellness program that reduced absenteeism by 10%.
      2012- Marketing manager, NewCo. Ltd San Francisco,
      Created a comprehensive marketing strategy that accomplished $200,000 in annual sales

      Provide your education details 

      Education is a strong indicator of your suitability for a particular managerial position. Employers are always interested in your educational credentials to determine whether you have the necessary qualifications for the job.

      This section should incorporate the following details:

      • Mention the degree
      • Provide the institution’s name and graduation date
      • Mention the professional honors obtained

      Applicants with little professional experience should add the following additional details to their CV:

      • Relevant coursework
      • Favorite fields of study
      • GPA, if it is above 3.5
      • Thesis title
      • Extra-curricular activities and achievements.


      Master of Business Administration
      New York University, 2015
      Honors: Dean’s List all four semesters
      GPA 3.8
      Member of the GSP Fundraising Committee
      Coursework: Marketing Strategy, Project Management, International Business, Strategic Sales Management

      Add other sections 

      It is also a good idea to add more content to your CV besides the main sections to give hiring managers a clear picture of who you are and why you would be a valuable asset to their organization.

      Examples of additional sections to incorporate include:

      • Membership and associations
      • Publications
      • Language skills
      • Professional interests
      • Professional development activities and relevant training attended
      • Certifications
      • Conferences

      Professional Tips

      There are some specific tips to remember when writing your CV to ensure you write a professional and effective CV that hiring managers will notice.

      These include: 

      Adapt your resume to the job description

      It is a good practice to carefully review the job description of the position you want to apply to and tailor your resume. You can effectively show how you meet or exceed the job requirements by drawing comparisons between the job description and your qualifications and experience.

      Avoid irrelevant content

      Be very selective about the information you put in your CV. The length should be kept to a maximum of 1-2 pages, and all written material should clearly demonstrate how you are the best candidate for the job.

      Include relevant keywords

      Your CV is a marketing document that can help you promote yourself to prospective employers. Hence, make sure to maximize it by using the right keywords.

      Proofread the document before submitting

      Spelling and grammar mistakes can completely ruin your chances of being invited for a job interview; hence, it is crucial to check for any errors. If possible, seek the help of someone professional who can proofread your CV from a different perspective and spot any errors you may have made during your review. 

      Key Takeaways

      • Resumes are a critical part of any job application process, as they convey enormous information to help recruiters make an informed hiring decision.
      • Unfortunately, most resumes tend to be filled with irrelevant content and do not effectively showcase the applicant’s skills, strengths, and relevant experiences. A well-written CV can make a significant difference in whether you are noticed and invited for an interview or whether your application is completely ignored.
      • To ensure that you write a professional resume, adopt the correct format and structure to make it easier for hiring managers to quickly scan your document and assess your suitability for the job position.
      • You should keep specific CV writing tips in mind and follow them throughout the entire writing process, such as adapting your skills, achievements, and experience to the job requirements and adding relevant keywords to optimize your search engine.
      • Be selective about the facts you mention and ensure that all the information provided on it is accurate and relevant to what you are trying to communicate. At the same time, do not try to include too much information, as it would be too time-consuming for the hiring managers to read it. 
      • Do not forget to proofread the resume before submitting it.
      • If writing your CV is proving to be a challenge for you, you might want to use one of the online templates, such as those found on this website, to get some inspiration and ideas.  

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