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Maryland Bill of Sale

When selling or buying a vehicle in the state of Maryland, you will need a Maryland bill of sale (Form VR-181).

A Maryland bill of sale for a car transaction can be used as proof of the purchase of the vehicle, used as a legal document should any disputes arise relating to the vehicle and will be needed when the buyer registers and titles the vehicle in their name, as set out by the MVA.

The Maryland bill of sale must be signed by both parties and must be notarized by a state-authorized notary public.

You will also need Form VR-197, also known as the Odometer Disclosure Statement.

If you are registering a vehicle on behalf of the owner, you must complete Form VR-470 (Vehicle Power of Attorney)

Key Details on a Maryland Bill of Sale

The Maryland Motor Vehicle Administration provides a Maryland bill of sale for a car that you may use, or you can create your own.

If you choose to create your own Maryland bill of sale, it must have the following information:

  • Date of sale
  • The full legal names and addresses of both the seller and the buyer
  • Details about the vehicle, which must include the VIN, make, model, year, color, body type, and odometer reading
  • The amount that the vehicle was sold for
  • Signatures of both the buyer and seller, which must be witnessed by a notary public

The original Maryland bill of sale should go to the buyer and a copy made for the seller.

Registering a Vehicle in the State of Maryland

If you are registering a vehicle for the first time, you must do so immediately after you have purchased the car. This can be done at an MVA office. If the vehicle was purchased from a dealership, the dealership will usually take care of titling and registering the vehicle. If your vehicle is out-of-state, you have 60 days from the date of residency in Maryland to register the vehicle.

Renewing vehicle registration 

Vehicle registration is renewed every two years and can be done in a variety of ways:

Where to register a vehicle 

If you are titling and registering a vehicle in your name for the first time, you will need to do so in person at your local MVA branch, at a participating location that handles licensed tag and title services.

Documents Required for Registering a Vehicle in Maryland

You will need to have the following documents with you when you register and title a vehicle for the first time:

  • A current and valid Maryland driver’s license
  • Form VR-181 (Maryland bill of sale)
  • Completed Form VR-197 (Odometer Disclosure Statement)
  • Completed Form VR-005 (Application for Certificate of Title)
  • If you are registering an out-of-state vehicle, or you have purchased a used vehicle, you will need to have a safety inspection done from an accredited station
  • If your vehicle has over one lien against it, your will need to complete Form VR-217, (Security Interest Filing Statement)
  • If your vehicle is leased, you will need to provide a lease agreement
  • Funds to cover the appropriate registration fees
  • Proof of Insurance from a registered Maryland insurance provider.
    The policy must have the minimum requirements:
    • $30,000 to cover bodily injury (per individual)
    • $60,000 to cover bodily injury (for two or above individuals)
    • $15,000 to cover any property damages
  • If you are registering and titling a vehicle on behalf of the vehicle’s owner, you must complete Form VR-470 (Motor Vehicle Power of Attorney)

Safety Inspection Certificates

Maryland state law requires you to have your vehicle inspected if it is an out-of-state vehicle or you have purchased a used vehicle. A safety inspection is carried out by an authorized Maryland inspector at any one of 1,600 stations. An inspection certificate is only valid for 90 days.

Authorized inspection stations can inspect:

  • Passenger vehicles
  • SUV’s and light trucks that have a GVW rating of 10,000 pounds or under
  • Trailers without air brakes that are no more than 20 feet long

You can make an appointment by phone. Vehicles that are unable to get registered because they need a safety inspection can be given a temporary 30-day registration that allows you to legally operate the vehicle to bring it to an inspection station.

Sales Tax

When registering a vehicle, you will be required to pay Sales Tax. In Maryland, the state excise tax is 6% of the vehicle’s purchase price. You may be exempt from paying sales tax if you are a military veteran or classed as disabled. 

Free Templates

Following are some free downloadable templates for you:

Maryland DOT Vehicle Bill of Sale Form VR-181

Maryland Motor Vehicle Bill of Sale Template


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