Free Printable Multiplication Worksheets (for Grade 3 to 5)

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A printable 13*13 multiplication worksheet is ideal for young mathematicians to learn and memorize the multiplication tables. Usually, children in grade 4 going upwards have begun studying many multiplication topics, including multiple digits multiplications, factors, and mental multiplication.

There are various methods of learning and memorizing multiplication tables for children in grade 4-6, namely;

Using Structured Drill To Memorize Multiplication Tables

This method is modeled so that the student sees the multiplication table structure in front of him or her without any given answers. The teacher then points at the multiplication problems randomly while moving up and down the multiplication table. The table may also be practiced backward if written correctly, with its first multiplicands missing.

Visualizing the table’s structure makes learning easier for the student because it reminds them of the skip-counting pattern. Structured drill multiplication tables provide the student with an auditory, visual, and kin-esthetic indication. This is possible because as the teacher points to the different multiplication problems up and down the multiplication table, they follow the same pattern. The teacher says out loud the problem(auditory) and, at the same time, points to the problem(visual).

The major objective of drilling is to ensure the child memorizes a given table of multiplication. It is usually done after the student understands the multiplication concept. As a teacher, your primary aim is to ensure that the child memorizes the mathematical facts and not counting whatsoever. While using the drilling method, the answers provided by the student should be instant. If the student is unable to recall the answers from her memory, provide the answer promptly to create a lasting effect on the student’s memory. Drilling lessons should always be brief, lasting between 5-10 minutes. They should also be frequent to ensure the student does not forget.

Using a two-digit Multiplication Worksheet Format

The 2 digit multiplication worksheet format may be of great use when learning how to multiply a two-digit by a two-digit number.

Using Short Multiplication Sheet Format

Free Multiplication Worksheets

Multiplication Worksheets Example

Sample of Multiplication Drills Worksheet

Sample of Multiplication Grade 3 Worksheet

Printable Multiplication Drill Worksheets Example

2 Digit Multiplication Worksheet Format

Sample of Short Multiplication Sheet

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