40 Free Cornell Note Templates (with Cornell Note Taking Explained)

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Cornell Notes system is also known by the name of Cornell note-taking system. It can improve the listening skills and studying skills of a student. It can be quite interesting to follow this particular system in order to get the most from the lectures. It is suitable for the students of the college and higher secondary school. Thus, if you are a student who finds it tough to take notes, read on for more details.

Who Invented the Cornell Notes?

The Cornell method of note-taking was invented by Walter Pauk in 1940. He was a professor of education at the Cornell University. The use of this particular method is also quite prominent in “How to Study in College” book. You should read this book if you want to get more details on this particular subject.

What is the Purpose of Cornell Notes?

The purpose of Cornell notes is to make note-taking easier for the students in a way that they would be able to recall the lecture quite well in the future. It is devised in a manner that it would make it easy for a student to jot down the notes. There are columns to note the key points of the lecture and for the questions. Following the format of Cornell notes would assist in improving the listening skills of a student.

Thus, Cornell Notes for you can be quite amazing as these can assist in improving the listening skills.

Why Cornell Notes are so Effective?

Surprisingly, note-taking is never part of most schools’ syllabus. Therefore, students have to learn either by instinct or imitation. Every so often, we write down notes word for word. We write down information that we don’t even process at all. But the question is, is it more effective to use the Cornell notes template?

This method helps both high schools and college students. Its main objective was supposed to help students process large amounts of information during lectures. By making them Cornell notes examples, they can easily organize their thoughts, listen more attentively, and take notes much faster.  

How to Create Cornell Notes on Microsoft Word?

Using Cornell notes on the word would be quite interesting as everyone nowadays especially who is in college or high school has an idea of using the Microsoft Word. Thus, there is a change in using the Cornell Notes System. To learn more about using Microsoft Word to crate Cornell notes, please refer to the following guide.

Free Cornell Notes Templates

It can be quite useful to use templates as it is easy to print them out especially when these are black and white as they would not be costly. It makes it easier to get an idea about the relevant content.


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Steps in the Cornell Note-taking System

In order to take the Cornell notes, there are certain steps to follow such as:

  • You should record the lecture notes.
  • You should review their notes and make a column for the self-test.
  • You should summarize the notes.
  • You should test your knowledge.
  • You should rehearse the information in the notes but on a frequent basis.

How to Properly Take Cornell Notes?

When taking notes mention name of course or topic at the top of the page and do not forget to enter the date. The largest section of the page would be ideal for taking the notes. Take notes carefully and listen well. The right-hand side is for noting down information while on the left side one can note important questions. At the bottom of the page, one can write the summary keeping in view as if they are trying someone else to understand these notes.

Avoid the Following Mistakes while Taking Cornell Notes

Keep the following points in mind in order to avoid mistakes when taking Cornell Notes:

  • It is important to listen to what lecturer had been saying when taking the notes rather than just plainly writing it without listening.
  • It is important to keep in mind that taking notes is different from highlighting text, which is why it is important to summarize the key points of the lecture and note it.
  • There is no need to note down each and every detail. Key points would be enough and when taking notes, it is important to write on a specific topic.
  • Review the notes thoroughly and avoid not taking the notes at all.

Basic Cornell Notes Format

A horizontal line divides the page, which is at 2 inches from the bottom of the page. A vertical line, which is 2.5 inches would be at the left-hand side. The right-hand side is for taking the notes whereas the left-hand side would be for asking questions if any during the lecture. The bottom of the page would be for writing the summary of the lecture.

Taking notes, especially when you are in a rush, can be very difficult, and often, because of such haste, you may end up writing something that you may fail to understand when you refer to it later. Stay organized with our easy to use Cornell Note Templates that will help ensure you easily take notes and understand them when you refer to them later. Download the templates provided and tailor them to suit your needs.

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