Nebraska Car Bill of Sale Form | How to Register Your Vehicle?

Nebraska Car Bill of Sale

When buying or selling a vehicle in the state of Nebraska, you will need to complete a car Bill of Sale for Nebraska. A bill of sale is a form of legal documentation that shows proof of the sale. This can protect the seller or the buyer if any discrepancies occur regarding the vehicle. For example, if the vehicle was ticketed after the date of purchase, the seller can prove that the car was no longer owned by them. 

A car bill of sale for Nebraska may also be required when the buyer registers the vehicle at the Nebraska DMV. A bill of sale in Nebraska needs to be signed by both the seller and the buyer and the document needs to be notarized.

Other Requirements 

Along with a bill of sale for Nebraska, the seller must fill out an Odometer Disclosure Statement (can be acquired from the DMV). This is only required for vehicles that are under 10 years of age or that weighs under 16,000 pounds.

If you are registering a vehicle for a third party, you will need to complete a Motor Vehicle Power of Attorney.

Creating a Bill of Sale for Nebraska

You can either download the Bill of Sale form provided on the DMV website or create your own. If you choose to create your own car bill of sale for Nebraska, you need to include these key elements:

  • Date that the document was created
  • Legal names and full contact details of both the seller and the buyer
  • Details about the vehicle, which should include the make, model, body type, year, odometer reading, color, and VIN.
  • Price that the vehicle was sold for and method of payment
  • Standard terms of purchase, for example, the buyer is purchasing the vehicle as it is.
  • Signatures of both the seller and the buyer

The bill of sale should be written in plain English without the use of any legal jargon. The original bill of sale must be given to the buyer for registration purposes and a copy should be made for the seller’s records.

Bill of Sale Forms

Following are a few Nebraska bill of sale forms that are customizable as per needs:

Nebraska Bill of Sale 03-22-01

Nebraska Bill of Sale 03-22-02

    Registering a Vehicle in Nebraska

    If you are a new vehicle owner, you will have 30 days from the date of purchase to register your vehicle. Your registration must be renewed every year. By law, in order to operate a vehicle on the highways and roads of Nebraska, the vehicle must be registered, unless it falls under an exemption.

    Where to register ?

    Vehicle registration is done via Nebraska’s Department of Motor Vehicles. This can be done in person or by mail at your local county treasurer’s office. Registration renewals can be done in person, by mail, or Online.

    Documents required for registration in Nebraska 

    When registering your vehicle for the first time, you will need to provide the following documents and information:

    Emissions Testing in Nebraska 

    Currently, Nebraska does not require emissions testing. However, vehicles registered in the state of Nebraska are required to have a vehicle inspection done, which includes an odometer and VIN check. There are some exemptions, which can be found on Nebraska’s Emissions website. If you require emissions tests to be done for your vehicle, you can book one in for a registered emissions testing center in your county.

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