Formal Job Offer Letter Examples – Free Templates


An offer letter for a job furnishes the new employee with the conditions of the offer, benefit details, reimbursement, and job description (amongst other details). An employer typically searches for the best candidate who will suit the ethos and personality of the company and other workers through a recruitment process. Once a suitable candidate is found, a verbal offer for … Read more

Appointment Letters – Format, Samples, and Examples

Company Appointment Letters

As a recruiter or personnel in the human resource arm of a company, there are multiple skills required and necessary in carrying out the designated duty of hiring new staff members. One of such skill is drafting a proper appointment letter addressed to new employees. However, writing it professionally is an indispensable skill that many individuals struggle with. Whenever a … Read more

12 Free Bookkeeper Resume Templates – Examples

Bookkeeper Resume

Bookkeepers have always been important to society. It is believed that the profession stretches back to the early days of civilization when bookkeepers used clay tablets to keep account of the trade by barter system. Though the business world has evolved, firms can not function without bookkeeping, as statistics show that company profits increase by 15% after they hire bookkeepers. … Read more

10 Free Templates for Camp Counselor Resume

Camp Counselor Resume

A camp counselor resume is a document that is typically used to apply for a position as a counselor at summer camps by highlighting any of your skills or experience relevant to the position. Summer camp should be a safe space where children can interact, learn life skills and have fun. As a camp counselor, you should be able to … Read more

12 Free Human Resource Manager Resume Templates

HR Manager Resume

As an aspiring human resource manager, your resume is one of the most critical aspects of your job search process. Not only is your resume an opportunity to introduce yourself to a potential employer, but it is also essential to be polished, professional, and stand out among others. If you are applying for an HR manager position, certain elements should … Read more

12 Free Resume Templates for Data Entry Operators

Data Entry Resume

Data entry is a profession where employees are responsible for collecting, compiling, inputting, and manipulating information into a company’s computer systems–such as databases or spreadsheets. Therefore, it is essential to create a resume that showcases your most relevant experience and skills to land the job of data entry. Data entry heavily relies on computer skills as it is centered on … Read more

12 Free Financial Advisor Resume Templates – Word

Financial Advisor Resume

Like any other occupation, financial advisors must also write a resume when applying for a job. You’re in the right place if you’re unsure how to write it or haven’t done it in a very long time. This article will guide you through the entire process of writing and formatting a resume for the financial advisor position. What Is a … Read more

IT Manager Resume Examples [12 Free Templates]

IT Manager Resume

An IT manager resume is a written account of your education, professional experiences, and qualifications that you present to a potential employer when applying for an IT managerial role. It formally introduces you to the recruiter. Its objective is to present you as a suitable candidate for the job opening. Most recruiters will assess and score resumes using an Applicant … Read more

12 Free Marketing Manager Resume Templates

Marketing Manager Resume

Every successful company has a qualified marketing manager responsible for developing effective and beneficial marketing strategies. As a marketing manager applying for a job, you need to be able to sell yourself and your abilities to the hiring manager effectively. That means you should include a resume in your application documents. A marketing manager’s resume is an official document that … Read more

15 Return to Work Letters – Samples, Templates

Return to Work Letter

From time to time, employees will need a break from their day-to-day tasks to rest, recover, and travel. For these reasons, the employees should submit a letter for return to work following company guidelines to their supervisor. Employers also send it to the employee as a welcome note that details the return date, updates on changes in the company and … Read more

16 Resume Examples for a College Student (How to Write)

College Student Resume

Once you are done with college, you must think of the next step; employment. Getting a job requires you to create a resume that highlights your qualifications. A college student’s resume is a document showing a college student’s skills and qualifications. Unlike the ordinary resume, it relies heavily on the applicant’s college coursework, awards, and activities. Being a college student, … Read more

Functional Resume: Format, When to Use (Examples)

Functional Resume

When preparing a resume, your aim should be to prepare one that represents you well and increases your chances of getting the job. For example, a standard format that focuses on professional experience or work history might not be suitable for a job candidate with little to no experience. For such a case, you will need to use the functional … Read more

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