Part-Time Job Cover Letter Examples & Samples

A part-time job is a form of employment which lasts shorter than the full-time job. These jobs typically entail working fewer hours, in rotational shifts, and for project-specific assignments. They are mostly done by college students and those who operate squeezed schedules elsewhere. Though it entails working fewer hours, it is still necessary that you treat this job with the same degree of seriousness as the full time one. The main reasons here being that there are potentially many applicants out there and the need to show that you are truly serious.

A cover letter will highlight the contents of your resume to your hiring manager. It will also acquaint your would-be employer with information regarding yourself, what you currently do and how much contribution you are bound to make to the organization if hired.

How to write your cover letter?

How to Format?

A part-time job cover letter is formatted much like the ordinary job letter. There are no structural differences in whichever shape or form. Simply follow those steps, structural guidelines and procedures you would while drafting any other letter.

What to write in the 1st paragraph?

The first paragraph is devoted to issues introduction. Tell your employer in a nutshell who you are and what you currently do. Then go ahead to state that you have applied officially for the stated vacant position.

2nd paragraph

In the second paragraph, tell the employer about your availability. How many days per week are you available? How many hours per day are you available? Are you open to flexible operations? Alternatively, could it be that you just cannot operate outside those time schedules?

Final paragraph

Do you have any prior experiences? Definitely, all employers love those with experience. They are more likely to take less to settle in their new workplace. Also, such persons will make fewer mistakes and enrich the company as a whole. Be honest though as most people tend to cheat.

Closing of letter

Close this letter normally, just how you would do to an ordinary full-time job. Ask your hiring manager to refer to your attached resume. As always, state how enthusiastic you are to attend the interview. Finish off by appending your name and signature below.

Sample Part-Time Job Cover Letter


(Hiring Manager)
(Physical Address)
(Postal Address)
(City, State, ZIP Code)



Dear Sir/Madam/Mr./Mrs./Ms.

I am currently a junior at the University of Tennessee at Knoxville. As such, my weekdays are packed but free during the weekends. You indicated that you are looking for a weekend waitress at your restaurant.
Well, I am very much available. For one, I pursue Food and Hospitality Management course. This combined with my future aspiration as a seasoned waitress makes me feel appropriately qualified for this role. Moreover, working for you will also give me the experience I shall need later to launch my career after graduating.

Even though I have never acted in this capacity before, I still feel I merit the opportunity. The main reason being that I am available for a massive 18 hours every Saturdays and Sundays. To add to that, I am also comfortable working for the Federal minimum wage.

Attached is my complete resume and an in-depth explanation just what I am capable of. Feel free to get back to me for any clarifications of my skills.

I really look forward to attending the interview and hopefully, getting the job!


Part-Time Job Cover Letter Templates


Sample Part-Time Job Cover Letter

Pro-Tips for cover letter writing

Tip I: Keep it concise

When drafting this letter, keep it concise. Do not make it too long as the hiring manager might not even complete reading it. Bear in mind that there are probably not the only one applying for that position. You want to give the hiring manager some easy time.

Tip II: Get straight to the point

Next, get straight to the point. State clearly what you do in your full time, where you are at the moment, and what you hope to achieve in that role. Straying off course or incorporating too many unnecessary details will bore your hiring manager.

Tip III: Emphasize your availability

Make it plain to the would-be employer just how long you might be available. State also what you do in your full time which makes you largely ‘unavailable’ in the normal working hours. This way, it will be easier for your hiring manager to schedule you or gauge your suitability for the role.

Tip IV: Suggest your expectations

What exactly do you hope to achieve in this position? Do you want to raise money for your tuition, books, food, and upkeep, etc.? Could it be that you want to gain the basic skills which you might need to job hunt later after you graduate? This information will help the employer to know how to deal with you.

Tip V: Proof-read and Edit your letter

Lastly, of course, you want to proof-read and edit your letter. The cover letter is your first point of contact with the prospective employer. Also, you are competing against many other applicants. You hence have to make the cover letter appear professional and presentable.

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