24 Teacher Assistant Resume Examples + Writing Tips

A teacher assistant resume is a document that describes to prospective employers the skills and accomplishments of a job applicant or candidate.

This document is usually used by education students or recent graduates seeking employment as teaching assistants at schools, colleges, and universities.

A teacher assistant is an entry-level job that allows you to build a career in education. Assistants play significant roles in the academic sector. Firstly, since class sizes have been determined to affect students’ performance, assistants help to reduce the pupil to teacher ratio, which ultimately shrinks the large class sizes in order to foster more positive test scores. 

The average salary of a teaching assistant is estimated to be between $21k and $24k. In the last 20 years, the average pupil-to-teacher ratio has been reduced by a massive 21% through the use of teaching assistants. Consequently, this lowers stress for teachers who are assigned large classes and can thus focus on small-sized classes. Aides are also used as a one-on-one intervention method for students who struggle academically.

The US Bureau of Labor Statistics projected that the need for teacher aides would increase by 4% from 2019 to 2029. This increase was observed to come from job openings left after employed aides vacated their positions. This has been proven to improve the academic performance of such students. Often, teacher assistants offer their services to special education and ESOL (English for Speakers of Other Languages). 

A resume is important because it provides documentation of past achievements and potential skill sets you bring to the field of teaching and education. A resume can be customized to promote your strengths while compensating for any weaknesses. This article aims to provide you with a general overview of resume-writing tips for a teaching assistant.

5 Simple Steps to Writing a Teacher Assistant Resume 

A resume serves as a document that will showcase your skills, experience, and interests that fit the job requirements. 

To succeed in writing a good resume, you should consider the following five simple steps:

Step 1: Write a strong resume summary or objective 

Start your resume with a strong and clear summary or objective statement. Since this is the first thing that your potential employer will read, it should provide a clear overview of what skills you possess, what motivates you, and how your skills can add value to the company. The main purpose of this statement is to give an overall view of your potential, so be sure to highlight your accomplishments rather than just listing responsibilities. This resume summary section of your resume should only be a few sentences long. You can research the prospective employer to determine their prioritized values and qualifications. 


An aspiring educator with a great desire for knowledge who has demonstrated the ability to think creatively, solve problems, and maneuver through challenging situations. Adept in planning curriculum, instructing, administering tests, and delivering presentations. Assisted three teachers in 2020, each with 30 students, to reduce the capacity of each class to abide by COVID-19 regulations. Possesses the skills and experience to work independently, communicate effectively with parents and pupils, and develop positive relationships with colleagues.

Step 2: Give details of your employment history 

For this section, you will need to focus on your professional experiences. You can highlight your experience at the elementary, middle, high school, and tertiary education levels (college and university). The work experience is presented in the form of a chronological listing of your employment history (from most recent to oldest). For each position, the candidate may wish to provide basic information such as the name of the institute, the supervisor’s name, the position title, and details of duties and responsibilities. 


High school physics assistant teacher
St. Laudmere High School, Portsmouth, OR  
September 2021- January 2022

  • Organized practical lessons with the physics lab technicians every Tuesday and Thursday.
  • Performed demonstrations to teach different principles in physics.
  • Reviewed and graded project reports for 60 students every term.
  • Counseled a group of 15 students per term.
  • Participated in the Physics Department team that raised Physics from 6 out of 11 to 2 out of 11, the best-performed subject.  

Substitute Teacher Assistant
City School District, City, State
September 2016 – July 2017

  • Filled in for absent lead teachers and provided instruction and supervision to students in various subjects
  • Adapted lesson plans and instructional materials to fit the needs of each classroom and grade level
  • Assisted with classroom management and behavior management
  • Provided individualized support and instruction to students with special needs or learning challenges
  • Maintained a positive and supportive classroom environment.

Different levels will have different responsibilities, as discussed below:

Kindergarten-level teaching assistant

The responsibilities associated with this level include:

  • Help the teacher with in-class duties such as setting up props, handing out learning materials, and distributing stationery and art supplies. 
  • Enforce in-class rules and school protocols.
  • Oversee the reporting and release of students in the morning and afternoon. 
  • Greeting parents as they arrive and depart with their children.
  • Supervise students during playtimes and recess. 

Elementary level

Teaching assistants at this level will be responsible for the following:

  • Watch children during playtime, recess, and lunchtime for safety purposes. 
  • Create worksheets for students to use in class.
  • Oversee tests from distributing, monitoring, collecting, and preliminary grading. 
  • Organize and facilitate parent-teacher meetings.
  • Create lesson outlines.
  • Take charge of students with special needs, language disadvantages, and learning disabilities. 

Middle/high school level

Teacher aides at this level will undertake duties such as:

  • Create lesson outlines and prepare exam papers.
  • Oversee students during offsite class excursions and school events. 
  • Substitute for the teacher during absences such as winter and summer. 
  • Supervise students during recess times.
  • Enforce discipline within the class.
  • Prepare classrooms in readiness for lessons and tidy them after classes. 
  • Coach underperforming students.

Tertiary education level

Teacher assistants at the tertiary level of education will have the following responsibilities:

  • Create attendance lists and exam schedules.
  • Oversee the enrollment of students in each class.
  • Record classes and transcribe notes afterward.
  • Administer exams and monitor tests.
  • Hold one-on-one tutoring with students who are behind on the curriculum.
  • Administrating the class’s online notice board, sending notifications, and replying to suggestions, complaints, and queries.
  • Forwarding feedback from students and parents.  

Step 3: Add relevant education

Education is a major requirement on a teacher assistant’s resume. This section does not have to be detailed. It only shows the course you took and the honors you received. You can mention the institution, location, GPA, and year of completion (month and year or year alone). If you completed your degree more than 15 years ago, consider not including the graduation date to avoid age discrimination. If you have not graduated yet, you should provide the “expected graduation date.” Also, include your GPA if you scored above 3.5. Under this section, you can also mention other details such as academic awards (e.g., Dean’s List), extra certifications, and academic projects such as theses, research, dissertations, etc. 

Recent graduates should consider placing the education section before the experience section. This section should be written in reverse chronological order – most recent first, then going backward. Your education section gets progressively smaller as your experience grows. 


Hawkins College, Chattanooga, TN
Bachelor of Science degree in Physics, 2018
GPA 3.5/4.0
Milton Harvey High School, Pretoria, TN
High school diploma
GPA 3.0/4.0

Step 4: Highlight your skills 

List a range of skills to emphasize your adaptability in different situations. Try your best to show some practical skills in 6-12 bullet points. Since you are applying for a teaching assistant position, your resume should highlight the skills that will be useful in this particular position (e.g., knowledge of different teaching methods, confidence to plan lessons and work independently, etc.).

Aim to highlight technical skills as they are easy to test and hence prioritized by employers over soft skills. Technical skills are also prioritized because they reflect your knowledge and specific know-how of a particular process or technology. While soft skills are desirable to illustrate your ability to work with other people, list mostly hard skills. 


You can mention any specific training as a technical skill. For example, a diversity and cultural competency training or a behavior management and intervention training. 

Technical aptitude

Experience with educational technology, such as digital whiteboards, learning management systems, and student information systems. Examples of these are presentation tools such as Powerpoint, Spreadsheets (Excel), instant messaging software (Whatsapp), and instructional software such as Google Docs, Blackboard Springpad, Classkit, PowerSchool SIS, Empatico, and Blabber. You can also mention digital teaching tools such as smart projectors, interactive whiteboards, digital textbooks, iPads/tablets, tables, and noticeboards. 



  • Team-building
  • Conflict resolution
  • Teaching skills
  • Empathy
  • Planning and designing
  • Learning new concepts and tasks
  • Excellent communication
  • Positive reinforcement 

Administrative skills

  • Conversant on ESOL curriculum
  • Patient
  • Effective classroom management
  • Active listening
  • Creativity
  • Dedicated
  • Decision-making skills
  • Tolerance
  • Counseling
  • Microsoft Office Suite (Word and PowerPoint)

Presentation skills

  • Promethean interactive knowledge of whiteboards and smart projectors
  • Adaptability
  • Reliability
  • Trustworthiness
  • Optimism
  • Observation skills
  • Imaginative
  • Stress management
  • Calmness
  • Questioning skills
  • Coaching
  • Critical thinking
  • Fairness
  • Passionate
  • Self-motivated
  • Supervising skills

Step 5: Add additional sections 

You may also include other pertinent information such as courses taken, volunteer work, internships, certifications, awards received, community involvement, training, research projects, and any relevant extra-curricular activities. Most employers also consider certifications as positive additions to your resume.

Also, certifications may be necessary, especially in states where teaching assistants are required to undertake certain courses on best classroom practices and to identify child abuse. For example, in New York, there are four licensure levels teachers can obtain based on their level of classroom responsibility. In such cases, mentioning your certifications can increase your chances of securing the position.

Note that to practice as a teacher assistant, you do not necessarily have to have studied teaching. You can be a teaching aide based on what you majored in. Including the relevant certification can be useful in making a good impression on the potential employer.



  • Autism Certification, National Autism Association, completed in 2020.
  • Classroom Management Certification, Teach for America, completed in 2019
  • Teaching Assistant Training Course, American Association of Teacher Education, completed in 2018.

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      Some Tips for Writing an Effective Resume as Teaching Assistant

      When it comes to applying for a teaching assistant position, a well-crafted resume can be the key to getting noticed by potential employers. However, writing an effective resume can be a challenge, especially if you’re unsure of what to include or how to present your qualifications.

      In this article, we will provide some valuable tips and insights to help you create a compelling and impactful resume that highlights your skills and experience as a teaching assistant:

      Choose the right format for a teacher assistant resume 

      The format of a resume is very important because it can greatly influence its effectiveness. Since teaching assistants are expected to have a wide array of capabilities, such as being responsible, flexible, highly adaptable, etc., the resume format should demonstrate these qualities effectively. 

      This document can be formatted in three ways: chronological, functional, or a combination format.

      A chronological resume provides information emphasizing experiences based on the date of employment. So, use this format if you have several years of experience in education or a related field.  

      A functional format is organized based on a skillset rather than experience. This format lets you focus on your strengths and showcase them clearly without attempting to include irrelevant information. It is thus best suited for beginners or applicants with diverse experience where some skills are transferable to a teacher assistant position. 

      Lastly, you can use a combination format if you want to incorporate both your teaching experience and transferable skills. Both candidates with and without teaching experience can benefit from the balance between skills and experience that this format creates. 

      Using action verbs 

      Be sure to use action verbs when stating your duties and achievements in the work experience section. Using action verbs in a resume can help to make it more engaging and dynamic, and can help to convey your skills and achievements in a more compelling way.

      Some examples of action verbs are:

      • Coordinated
      • Advised
      • Assisted
      • Improved
      • Solved
      • Coached
      • Led
      • Trained
      • Communicated
      • Controlled
      • Mentored
      • Trained
      • Created
      • Oversaw
      • Monitored

      Impeccable formatting 

      You should format the resume like any other professional document. That implies you use consistent fonts, font sizes, formal spacing, and margins. Formatting also influences whether your application will be shortlisted through the ATS. You can use a professional template to determine the correct formatting to use.  

      Frequently Asked Questions

      How long should an assistant teacher’s resume be?

      Your resume should not be longer than two pages if you have extensive experience. However, with less than 10 years of experience, one page should be enough. Resumes should not be long since employers will normally have to review multiple applications and may not want to review long documents. A simple, legible, and direct resume should be effective in any case. 

      How many bullet points do you include with each job in a teaching assistant’s resume?

      Usually, it would be best to include six bullet points or less for each job you have worked. A resume is not meant to cover every achievement or duty you performed; simply highlight a few noteworthy achievements and duties. You can elaborate on the rest in your cover letter. 

      How can you highlight team experience on the resume?

      To highlight your teamwork strengths in your resume as a teaching assistant, you can mention your experience working collaboratively with teachers and other staff members to create lesson plans and assist in classroom activities. You can also mention any group projects you have worked on in the past, highlighting your ability to communicate effectively with others, delegate tasks, and contribute to a shared goal. Additionally, you can mention any team-building activities or initiatives you have led or participated in, such as peer mentoring or group training sessions. Finally, make sure to use action verbs such as “collaborated,” “coordinated,” and “facilitated” to emphasize your role as a team player.
      Experience is better illustrated by using action verbs when highlighting duties and achievements and quantifying them. You can focus on skills and achievements that show your ability to interact with other people.

      Should you include references on your resume?

      Not necessarily. References are not needed in the current job market. You can include the statement “references available upon request” at the end of your document. 

      About This Article

      Megan V.
      Authored by:
      Award-Winning Resume Writing, Cover Letters, Executive Bios, Public Relations
      Megan V. is an acclaimed resume writing professional, celebrated repeatedly as one of the "Top Ten Best Resume Writers in the Bay Area," a title she proudly reclaimed in 2023. Transitioning from her extensive experience owning and steering a public relations agency since 2009, Megan has tailored her writing prowess to cater to individuals seeking standout resumes, compelling cover letters, and detailed executive bios.

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