Roommate (Room) Rental Agreement Templates

Roommate (Room) Rental Agreement

A roommate is a person with whom you share the same room. This could be a fellow student, colleague or acquaintance usually in a university, college, or work setting. Roommates typically share the same amenities as televisions, lounges, kitchen, and dining rooms that exist in the same facility.

Generally speaking, each roommate is responsible for his share of the cost of rentals, food supplies, and the other utility expenses that arise out of the use of the facilities concerned. They nonetheless spend the same time and make use of the facilities jointly.

What is the Roommate Rental Agreement?

A roommate rental agreement is a pact that is entered into while leasing out the rooms and units. It is signed by the two parties concerned and plays the role of spelling out the terms under which the two parties shall relate while at the same time utilizing the amenities provided for.

Examples of these terms are the house rules, financial arrangements, rules of engagements, and the settlements of bills. It is also referred to as ‘roommate contract,’ ‘rent a room agreement’ or ‘joint lease.’

What a roommate agreement outlines?

As hinted above, a roommate agreement outlines the terms of references under which the two occupants of the room shall abide by. These include but are certainly not limited to:

  • Responsibility of the settlement of rent and utility expenses. These are the answers to such questions as the amounts allocated for each person, the due date for the rental pays, the manner in which the dues are settled, and so on.
  • Security deposit chargeable and the other incidentals.
  • Cleanliness and maintenance schedules. They are accompanied by a breakdown of the responsibilities held by each party — alternatively, the cleaning company to be contracted for the job.
  • Quiet times set aside, overnight guests, noise emission levels, and parties.
  • The way in which space is shared out plus the décor.
  • Defining the rules regarding smoking, drinking and other extra-curricular activities.
  • Relocation notice and the associated deadlines.
  • Dispute resolution mechanisms and approaches.

How to write a roommate agreement?

Considering that this agreement is ordinarily too complicated and sensitive, you just cannot go it alone. You have to acquire and make use of some templates that are geared towards the attainment of that very end. This will require that you employ some templates or take a wizard to create the room rental agreement.

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Is roommate agreements legally binding?

Not really! This agreement is subservient to the ‘master lease’ which is signed and entered into between the landlord and the parties that rent the spaces provided. As such, it is only applicable and enforceable up to the extent to which it is consistent with the terms that are set forth in the master lease.

How to evict a roommate?

We have already stated that the ‘roommate agreement’ is not legally binding. That means that the violation of the agreement in any way cannot be used as the basis of evicting the roommate at fault. The worst that may happen is to notify the landlord or janitor of the breach of the terms. Thereafter, they shall take over and pursue the most logical course of action.

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