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one page lease

The ‘one (1) page lease agreement’ is a contract that is entered into between a landlord and a tenant. As its name implies, this lease is only one page long and is hence simpler to enact. Its whole life spans one month and covers such issues as the monthly rent payable, start and end dates, and the responsibilities that each party takes care of. It is employed for residential applications alone without any State disclosures.

Rental Application

Before a landlord leases out a premise to a tenant, he has to screen the applicant to see to it that the applicant concerned meets all the thresholds and conditions necessary for staying on that premise. The ‘rental application’ endeavors to screen individuals to see to it that they meet the thresholds required.

Some of the areas inspected are criminal records, credit background checks, employment, and income levels. They are the ones that form the bedrock upon which the suitability of a tenant applicant is assessed.

What is included?

  • Name and address of the property concerned
  • The terms of the lease, i.e., start date, end dates and the conditions of the lease
  • Security deposit (amount of money held in trust throughout the period of occupancy)
  • Landlord’s agent who may act on his behalf when he is absent or out of touch
  • Uses to which the tenant may devote the premises to
  • Who settles the utility expenses like water, power, internet connectivity, garbage disposal, sewerage, and gas?
  • Terms and conditions spell out how evictions may be carried out if need be
  • Payments by the landlord for legal and utility fees
  • Care and maintenance of the premises by both parties and what they handle
  • How the destruction of the premises from such agents as damages, accidents, and third parties are handled
  • Interruptions of services and how they are tackled if and when they arise
  • Renewables of the charges and when the same might take effect
  • Pets, whether they are allowed, which one you may bring along, and the way they have to be handled and preserved.
  • Notices – how they are drafted, who drafts them, and how the same is delivered to the party concerned.
  • Signs – If the tenant may put any signs, and if so, which signs these are and what extent they may be utilized or displayed.

How to write?

Given the complex nature of these agreements, drafting a high-quality one might not really be a walk in the park. That is why you badly need some external intervention. The intervention may only be provided for by way of a template to that effect. The template basically asks a few relevant questions and takes you through one step to another.

That way, you will see to it that you handle all questions and draft a comprehensive article or letter. This is by far the most reliable way of going about this issue as it aids even those who have never attempted to draft this agreement before.

One (1) page lease agreement template

I do provide a free ‘One (1) page lease agreement template,’ which can certainly be of help to you.

One 1 Page Residential Lease Agreement

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