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Server Waiter Job

A server cover letter is an official letter that is drafted to support an applicant’s credentials for the positions of a waitress or a waiter. It is basically a summary of the contents of a resume and the kinds of qualifications that make one suited for the task of waitressing.

Like any other cover letter, this one also showcases the academic qualifications of the applicant as well as past work experience. In the event that the applicant had never served in such a capacity before, the letter will highlight the trait of hospitality, which is crucial for the job.

What to include in a Server Cover Letter?

Academic Qualifications

You should start by showcasing your educational qualifications. Many restaurants do require their personnel to have studied in a reputable culinary institute. Make it plain to your prospective employer that you indeed possess those and many other relevant qualifications.

Past Work Experience

All employers definitely want someone who possesses some work experience over and above mere academic qualifications. It is definitely in your best interest yet again to prove to your employer that you indeed own the relevant experience. Do mention your immediate former employer.

Suitability for the Job

It could be that you have the necessary academic qualifications and work experience. But just how suited for the job at hand, are you? Attempt to draw a connection between your skills and expertise on the one hand and the demands of the new job role on the other hand.

Special Skills

Other than merely being able to serve meals, could it be that you possess some other relevant skills? Some of these include listening, the ability to work for long hours, courtesy, diplomacy, and so on. These ones will set you apart from the other applicants and boost your chances of being selected.


Most restaurants operate outside normal working hours. It is in order yet again to make it known to you how flexible you might work. Are you available on Sundays? Can you show up for work early in the morning? Is it possible for you to stay on at the workplace till late in the night?

Sample Waitress Cover Letter Email

Subject: Application for the position of a waitress

Dear Hiring Manager,

In response to a job advert that you posted on your site to the effect that you want a waiter to join your team, I do happily and enthusiastically submit my application for the same. I feel qualified for the job by virtue of being able to work under extreme pressure, possess strong customer service traits, and have vast experience in the food industry.

I have been working as a waiter for 5 years now in my present employment. My stint here at Plank Seafood Provisions has inculcated to me the virtues of patience, composure, and courtesy. This is not to mention that I have worked with and served many patrons.

Considering that I pursue waitressing as a full-time career (I have no other job), I am available for work in a whopping 18 hours each weekday. Moreover, I can also work full days on Saturday and half a day on Sunday.

Attached to this email is my resume, which contains all the details you need to consider me for this vacant role. If and when I come over for an interview, I shall offer more explanations to the information I have enclosed therein.


Your Name
Physical Address
e-mail address

Waitress Cover Letter Email Example (Word Format)

Waitress Cover Letter Email Example (Word Format)

Sample Cover Letter for Food Service Manager

[Today’s Date]
[Hiring Manager’s Name]
[Company Address]
[Company City, State XXXXX]

[e-mail address]


Dear [Mr. /Mrs. /Ms.] [Manager’s Name],

Re: Application for the post of a food service manager

I understand that your company has a vacancy in the position of a food service manager. Well, I am pleased to submit to you my application for the said role officially. Several factors combine to make me feel deserving of the stated role.

For one, I hold a Master’s degree in Catering from the prestigious XYZ College. Then, I first worked as a waiter for 5 years. The proprietor of the restaurant was so pleased with my services that he elevated me to the role of chief supervisor.

This is the capacity I have been serving in for the last 6 years. You also indicated that you want someone who can work for long hours, including night shifts. I fit these two bills well by virtue of pursuing catering as a full-time career.

Peruse through my resume to get to know further about my accomplishments, key experiences, and skillsets. Many thanks in advance for inviting me for an interview.


[Your Name]

Food Service Manager Cover Letter Sample (Word Format)

Food Service Manager Cover Letter Sample (Word Format)

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