Short-Term (Vacation) Rental Lease Agreement Templates

Vacation Rental Agreement

A vacation rental agreement is a contract that governs the use of a piece of property for the purposes of vacations. It is similarly signed between the owner of a property and the vacationers. Its length spans the entire duration of the vacation and is in many cases renewable.

Much like the many kinds of lease agreements, this one spells out the penalties for violating the terms of the lease. It also states the amount of money which shall be remitted to make use of the premise, and the kinds of activities which the tenants are prohibited from engaging in while at the facility.

Different states have different laws that govern the drafting of such contracts. It is hence absolutely essential that it complies with the said rules and regulations. Any variations will often lead to untold adverse side effects.

When to use this agreement?

Hosting Vacationers

When hosting vacationers rather than ordinary tenants or business events, it is necessary to draft and enter into this agreement. This way, it will be possible to draw a clear distinction between the various events and make appropriate arrangements to handle them as the need may be.

Too Short Occupancy Periods

Similarly, if it happens that some people come to occupy your premises for too short durations of time, it is necessary yet again to draft this agreement. That way, it will be possible to handle this agreement uniquely and ward off any undesirable confusion later on.

Tax Compliance

We have already explained that different states have different laws that govern the drafting of such forms. Some states, as a matter of fact, do confer tax breaks to those states that host vacationers. To tap into such incentives, it is in your best interest to leverage the agreement altogether.

What to include?

  • The names of the two parties concerned
  • The total number of occupants of the building
  • The entire duration of the lease
  • Rental payments due as well as when the remittances are to be paid
  • The physical address of the said piece of property
  • The condition of the building plus the amenities and facilities it confers to you
  • Penalties that each party is to suffer in violation of the terms that govern the agreement.

How to write?

To help with drafting this agreement, it is recommended to use a template as a guide. This is a document that contains a step-by-step wizard that guides a person from start to finish with regards to the steps involved in actualizing the agreement.

It is recommended to use this template as the requirements are often too long and confusing. Moreover, the actual forms do vary from state to state. Chances are that you are not familiar with the requirements of your state. Only a specially tailored form or template may offer the needed go ahead.

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