Sample Software Developer Cover Letter (Writing Guide)

Many software developer job applicants fail to get a call for an interview, following their application. This is simply because they did not write a great cover letter or pay attention to all the requirements for that job. Other reasons could be that they never emphasized how they would contribute to the company’s future growth or their letter was just too generic and fluffy.

Consider the following tips if you want to write a cover letter that will see you get called back for an interview.

Tips for Writing a Perfect Software Developer Cover Letter

Showcase Your Most Relevant Skills and Experience

Every IT job will require experience in certain areas. This can be a particular programming language, software or anything else. For instance, if the position for which you want to apply, requires candidates to be familiar with Java or Linux, you can talk about projects you have completed, using that language or software. You can also mention certifications you have earned for it.

Make Sure You Meet All the Requirements

Hiring managers are very categorical with the skills they look for when it comes to software developer jobs. It is normal to not have all of those skills, despite being a qualified developer simply because computer science is diverse. If the job requires you to have HTML, CSS and Java skills, but you only have the first two, do not bother to apply because you will not be shortlisted for an interview, most definitely. Only send your resume and cover letter every single skill that was indicated in the advert.

How Will You Add Value to the Company

Tell the hiring manager how you will contribute to the company’s future growth. Now is the best time to talk about achievements you have helped any company you have worked for in the past make.

Be Brief and Concise

Hiring managers normally have to review hundreds or even thousands of cover letters at any one time. Taking that into account, be brief and to the point with your cover letter. Every sentence you write needs to contain information that is valuable to the employer.

Sample Software Developer Cover Letter

Errole CollinsGreen Park Avenue

Newark, 07097


Computer Global

Brooklyn Avenue

New York City, 1001

Dear HR Manager

I wish to apply for the software developer position at your company, which was advertised on the company’s website this morning. As a Bachelor’s degree in computer science holder with HTML, CSS and Java certifications, I am glad to let you know that I have all the relevant skills required for this position.

In software development, every new project comes with its own challenges. I love undertaking challenging projects because I get to experience a sense of fulfillment, following the completion of one. Another reason why I love doing challenging projects is that they give me an opportunity to put my problem-solving skills to the test.

I have a vast amount of experience in software development, using HTML, CSS and Java languages. In my previous employment with Software Ventures Ltd, as a software developer, I was able to develop CCTV camera surveillance software called GiboSpy. Over 80 percent of the latest CCTV camera systems now use this software.

If hired, I will bring my sharp programming and coding skills plus rich experience onboard. With that, I will do a great job with your software products just like I did with my previous company’s products.

Feel free to ask me any question regarding your project or my application. Otherwise, I look forward to hearing from you soon. Until then, I would like to thank you for taking the time to review my application.


Errole Collins

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