Free Three (3) Day Eviction Notice Form (Pay or Quit) – Word | PDF

Notice to quit or pay

A “Three (3) Day Eviction Notice” is a form that is employed by landlords to notify their tenants that eviction proceedings shall commence within three days if the tenant fails to remit the outstanding rent arrears. This notice is issued out in three main circumstances.

These are when the tenant fails to remit the rent as agreed, violation of a tenancy agreement, and when the tenant commits an illegal activity which is inconsistent with the lease agreements. Like other documents of its kind, the various states stipulate the rules that govern its issuance and credibility.

How to fill Three (3) Day Eviction Notice Form

Step I: Download the form

Download the form first and foremost. Follow this link to access it:

Three Day Eviction Notice to Pay or Quit

After downloading it, print it out in a hard copy format. Take some time to read through the blanks spaces and explanations that are given forth. You have to be sure that you fully understand the terms and concepts used for the avoidance of doubts and ambiguities.

Step II: Fill the form accordingly

Now get down to the business of filling the form accordingly. In the first paragraph, enter the name of the tenant, the address of the property, the date when the present lease officially took effect and the state wherein the said piece of property is located.

Step III: Spell out the exact reason for the Notice

Move to the second paragraph. This requires you to spell out the exact reasons for issuing the notice. You will have to check the appropriate box in line with the violation of the tenant. These are:

  • Non-payment of Rent – Reveal the amount which is due and the associated penalties if applicable. Break this amount down month-by-month for the sake of dispelling any ambiguities or misunderstandings.
  • Infractions of Lease Agreement – This refers to the activity which the tenant has engaged in which violates the terms of the lease agreement. Accompany this with the notice period which is required to remedy the issue before eviction.
  • Notice to Quit – In case, in your opinion, the tenant no longer deserves to stay on your premises. Make it plain that he has only three days to pack and leave.

Step IV: Append the Signature

After you have filled out the form completely, you should now append your signature at the bottom of the form. If you are not the one filling the form, the agent whom you will have appointed to act on your behalf should be the one doing that. Turn over to the page to the next page to fill out the ‘certificate of service’ section also. Deliver the notice to the tenant thereafter.

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