Facility Event Space Rental Agreement Template


A ‘facility event space rental agreement’ is a commercial contract that spells out the terms that govern the lease of commercial space. This contract ordinarily lasts around 30 days and is subject to the remittance of a non-refundable deposit. In many cases, it applies to weddings, corporate bonding, and graduation parties.

Note: It is recommended to get an advance deposit thirty (30) days prior to the event date.

What to include?

As hinted this document spells out the terms against which a property owner leases his property to a third-party tenant. It hence contains the following pieces of information:

  • Names of the property owner and the tenant
  • The physical address of the venue i.e. the state, zip code, and the city in which the property is situated.
  • The date on which the contract officially starts and ends
  • The amount of money for which the event is to be leased out as well as when the said amount shall be duly remitted
  • The date when the final payment shall be due
  • Any consequences which the late payments shall attract
  • Any other terminologies and anticipations which both parties ought to be on the lookout for.

NB: Though valid for a short time, it is not uncommon for the ‘facility event space rental agreements’ to be more complicated than the longer-term leases. You should hence take extra care to pay keen to all the fields and ensure that they are duly filled to the latter. At the same time, you also have to furnish as many details as possible for the avoidance of ambiguities.

How to write?

It is definitely impossible to draft such an agreement without the necessary help to that effect. That is why the use of the special ‘facility event space rental agreement template’ is by all means vital.

The templates generally provide a step-by-step guide to filling the form. It shall prompt you a couple of questions that are vital to the finalization of the agreement altogether. These templates are many and diverse. They are hence suited to the unique needs of each user and of the event in question.

To lay your hands on them, simply choose the agreement required agreement type from the list and start creating.

Facility Event Space Rental Agreement Template

Facility Event Space Rental Agreement

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