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Preparing for a wedding can be very challenging. However, the wedding planner will ensure the ceremony meets and satisfies all your requirements. Therefore, as you plan your wedding, it is crucial to consider everything that will make it successful. This is why having a wedding program is mandatory.

A program will ensure that the wedding plan you have is well executed. Additionally, the wedding program will ensure your plans are in motion. This means that all the wedding facilitators and guests will know how the wedding will unfold. In other words, a program is a schedule or a blueprint of how the wedding will be executed.

This article will examine what should be included in a wedding program and its importance.

Free Templates: Wedding Program Templates

To make it easier for you to prepare a beautiful and adequately detailed wedding program, you should check the available templates on our website. Our wedding program templates are free to download, easy to use, and can be customized. They help save you time and money while ensuring you do not have to prepare your program from scratch.

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    Why Should There Be a Wedding Program?

    A program for your wedding is crucial because it is a blueprint of how the whole ceremony will happen. A wedding ceremony highlights every activity that will take place and the timeline of each activity. As a result, the wedding facilitators and the guests will be able to follow along as the celebrations continue. In addition, most guests will hold on to the program as a reminder of the special day.

    Furthermore, a program is meant to make the guests feel welcomed and appreciated. Therefore, it can be used as an icebreaker for the invitees as they will feel more involved in the celebrations.

    This infographic is about creating a wedding program.
    This infographic is about creating a wedding program.

    Essentials to Include in Wedding Program

    Wedding programs are crucial if you want a systematic and organized ceremony. The program lists essential things to accomplish during a wedding.

    Here is a list of essentials to include in your program:

    The cover

    The cover is crucial as it portrays the wedding theme and the couple about to wed. In addition, the cover contains the couple’s names, pictures, wedding dates, and venue. The cover can also include a welcome note to your invitees. This will allow the guests to familiarize themselves with the couple and get comfortable in the ceremony.

    Order of events

    After the cover, the next page should contain the order of events. This list shows how events will happen before, during, and after the wedding. In most cases, the order of events includes the arrival of the guests, groom’s entrance, bride and bride maid’s procession, greetings, reading of the sermon, vows exchange, rings exchange, and pronouncement of the newlyweds.

    Note that the events should be listed in the order in which they occur. This will allow you to keep track of everything and maintain order throughout the ceremony. In addition, this will allow the invitees to follow along as the ceremony continues.


    Apart from the bride’s and groom’s names, the program can contain a list of other members. This includes a list of every member and the role they will be playing during the ceremony. For instance, the list may include the names of the bride’s parents, the groom’s parents, the maid of honor, the best man, the bridesmaids, the groomsmen, the readers, the name of the choir, and the officiator.

    This is a good way of acknowledging and appreciating every individual who took part in making your dream wedding a reality. However, providing a list of members and their roles is optional.

    Other elements

    Space should be assigned if other necessary details or events are included. This section details any traditions to be followed during the wedding. A section should honor special people, either deceased or alive. You can also quote a poem or a love message that the couple appreciates. In other words, this section includes any other elements that seem essential to the wedding ceremony.

    Optional Extras to Include in Wedding Program

    A wedding program can be simple or complex. It all depends on the choices and preferences of the engaged couple. A simple program should be able to guide you and the invitees on how the wedding should happen.

    Here are several extras that can be included in the program:

    A dedication statement

    A dedication statement is purposely written to honor all the individuals who have a crucial part in your love story. The ceremony dedication can be directed to your family members, a friend, or a loved one who has passed away. With this section, you can easily appreciate your loved ones for their participation in your love story as a way of honoring them.

    Readings and wedding songs

    Readings and songs are a significant part of any wedding. It is common for a wedding program to have readings from family and friends. Additionally, the program will contain songs and hymns that the couple loves. The readings and songs are primarily provided to ensure the guests can follow and sing along as the ceremony continues. This makes the guests enjoy the wedding and everything that comes with it.

    Reception’s directions

    Directions to the reception are only added to the program if your reception and wedding are in different locations. The directions to the reception will help the invitees know where the reception will be, what they can expect, when to get there, and how to get there. In addition, the directions will make it easier for the guests to navigate around. Adding a map can be helpful; however, this is optional.

    Reminder to unplug

    Every wedding is unique and offers different experiences. Therefore, this document can be a great way of allowing the guests to enjoy the ceremony. As a result, the invitees will put away their phones and gadgets to have a complete wedding experience. Therefore, you should inform guests about the unplugged wedding experience when sending them wedding invitations. This will allow them to come prepared.

    Tip: When designing a wedding program, you can match the program with the wedding theme. This includes adding a wedding menu and the colors used to decorate the wedding. This helps the guests soak in the beautiful day they are about to experience. The program should perfectly complement the theme of the wedding.

    Interactive Wedding Program Ideas

    In most cases, a wedding program tells the guests the type of wedding they will be attending. It will be exciting for your guests if you create interactive wedding programs for the ceremony.

    Here are ideas that you can use:

    Creative wedding program design ideas

    Creative ideas include:

    Classic wedding program

    This program typically allows all the wedding plans to be fitted on a single page. It is classy and straightforward because all the wedding details and plans are found on one page. You can make your wedding program card thick and colorful to match the theme of the wedding.

    Ceremony program booklet

    A ceremony program booklet is suitable when you have much information to present to your guests. The booklet will allow you to include the names of all members, the reception directions, traditions, acknowledgments, and so much more.

    Treat bag wedding program

    This bag contains snacks or food invitees can eat while waiting for the ceremony’s commencement. The bag is always printed with the couple’s names and decorated with wedding colors. The treat bag is provided to the guests at the venue’s entrance. The treat bag also contains details on how the wedding activities will happen.

    Mirror ceremony wedding program

    A large mirror is placed at the event’s entrance in wedding ceremonies. In most cases, the mirror contains the names of the couple and a detailed schedule for the day. However, the mirror should be designed to complement the wedding theme.

    Tropical leaf wedding program

    These are weddings where the program is written on a large tropical leaf. Such is suitable for individuals looking for a perfect tropical-themed wedding. Note that the colors used to write on the leaf should match the theme of the wedding.

    Chalkboard sign wedding program

    It is usually written on a medium-sized or large chalkboard. The chalkboard is displayed at the entrance of the wedding venue. It usually contains the couple’s names and other details relevant to the wedding theme.

    Wood sign

    It is suitable for an outdoor wedding ceremony. The names and the program of the wedding are engraved on a piece of wood and displayed near the entrance of the wedding venue. This way, the invitees will see and know how the wedding will transpire.


    This is a wedding program where the wedding details and plans are printed on handkerchiefs. This program is classic because the guests can keep the handkerchiefs for memory.

    Wedding party illustration

    Wedding illustrations are better because the invitees will get to know who the VIP guests are. In most cases, each VIP member’s picture and a small bio are printed in the booklet. This not only makes the guests feel comfortable, but it also makes them have fun and enjoy the ceremony.

    Banner wedding program

    These are wedding ceremonies where instead of handing the program stationaries, a large banner containing the couples’ names and program details of the wedding is displayed for every guest to see. The banner is decorated with flowers and colors that match the theme of the wedding.

    Read all about it

    This wedding program suits those who want a unique and different way of highlighting their wedding ceremony. This program is displayed on a newspaper-like cover. In addition, it includes your engagement picture and love story, making it suitable for a modern wedding.

    Blank space

    This is a simple program where the first page contains decorations and designs at the top and the couple’s names at the bottom of the page. Unfortunately, this leaves a huge blank space in the middle of the page. Other wedding details are listed on the next page of the program.

    Business on the front and party at the back

    This is a simple yet complicated program where the front page is lightly detailed while the back page is heavily detailed with all wedding plans. In most cases, the front page only contains the names of the couples and the wedding date.

    Custom stamps

    After designing a wedding program, couples can design and customize their stamp. The stamp can include their initials. The stamp can be used on the wedding cards and any other wedding stationery you will provide on that day.

    Ribbon bows

    This simple design includes adding elegant ribbons to your wedding program. The ribbons should have colors that match and complement the theme of the wedding.

    Latest wedding program designs

    Several wedding programs have emerged to be eye-catching and trendy. Below are some of the designs:


    Watercolor wedding programs are trendy and attractive. They allow you to choose and add a watercolor background to your schedule and other stationaries. Ensure that the background color you select either blends or complements the color theme of your wedding. 


    This elegant program design uses monogramming to create a fancy and trendy program. The program design incorporates the colors of the wedding and includes all the necessary wedding details.

    Simple and minimalist wedding program

    Some couples love to have a simple but classy wedding. Therefore, a simple and minimalistic program allows them to have all their wedding details in a simple and concise document.

    Vintage wedding program

    Vintage-themed weddings are always deemed classy and trendy. Therefore, including traditional programs, attires, and stationaries will make your dream vintage wedding a reality. In addition, the card will have all sorts of vintage themes.

    Floral design

    This is a wedding program with a floral theme. The program includes a floral background that matches the theme of the wedding. On the other hand, flower seeds may be placed in the program cards, allowing the invitees to plant the flowers for future memories.

    DIY wedding program ideas

    If you are designing your wedding program from scratch, there are several ideas that you can use.

    Below are workable ideas that you can use:

    Ceremony program fans

    These program fans are suitable for outdoor activities. To make one, you need sticks the size of a Popsicle, ready-made program cards, and glue. You will glue the sticks to the middle back side of the program card. This enables the invitees to cool themselves if the weather is too hot.

    Couple photo

    The best way of personalizing and making your wedding program unique is by adding your engagement photo to the cover of your program. This is a good way of making the invitees relate to your ceremony and celebrate with you.  

    Quote design

    In this case, you can include your favorite quotes. The quotes can come from poems, songs, or a book. The quotes should have a personal meaning and attachment to you and your partner. This will give the program a special meaning.

    Confetti toss

    A confetti toss is a pocket available on the program that allows the attendees to participate in an exit toss. This is an excellent way of making the invitees comfortable and participating in the wedding ceremony.

    Tip: It is customary for the couple to be sprinkled with confetti whenever they leave the wedding venue. Therefore, providing the invitees with confetti or something similar is essential. This will allow them to participate in the wedding and have something to shower the couple with.

    Tips to Consider

    The main focus of creating your wedding program is to achieve a creative result that expresses your personality.

    Below are some tips to prepare an excellent program for your big day:

    Use extensive and legible fonts

    You must ensure that you use large and legible fonts for the sake of older people who might find it hard to read smaller and fancy fonts. A large font will ensure that individuals like grandparents can easily read the document. Also, find beautiful legible fonts since extra fancy ones may be difficult to read.

    Order extras 

    To ensure that you are on the safe side, it is best to order extra wedding programs. Then, if guests take extra copies or some of them are blown away by the wind, you are sure that all your guests will still get one.

    Distribution game plan

    It is important to have a distribution game plan. You should have an effective distribution method to ensure that all your guests receive your wedding programs. You can place them on the chairs, instruct your bridal team to distribute them or even place them at the entrance of the ceremony where the guests can easily access them.

    Use a perfect size

    Although there is no standard size for wedding programs, it is best to have a perfect design for your guests to hold. A perfect size is between 8.5-11 inches by 5.5 inches. This gives you enough space to include all your wedding details. If you are using a booklet, you should make it double-sided with a few pages to ensure your guests have a chance to focus on the wedding itself.


    The final, most important tip is spelling and grammar checks. You must ensure that your information is factual. Also, the names included in the program should be correctly spelled. Finally, before you print your programs and hand them to your guests, you should review the details to ensure everything is correct.

    Wrapping Up

    You have enough details on what a wedding program should look like and how you can make one. Apart from this document highlighting how your wedding ceremony will occur, it is a good and fun way of engaging and encouraging your invitees to participate in the ceremony. Also, this program is designed to help you have the wedding of your dreams.  

    As a result, it is crucial to create a proper program that embodies your and your partner’s personality, inspirations, and love. This way, you and your guests will have a tremendous and unforgettable wedding ceremony. 

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