Accounting Cover Letter: How to Write (with Sample Letter)

So, you just came across a job advertisement that announces a promising accounting job, with requirements and qualifications you meet? Well, you had better submit your resume alongside a cover letter and other necessary documents ASAP because you might just get lucky to be called for an interview.

Ours is to help you increase your chances of getting positive feedback by teaching you how to write a great cover letter.

How to Write an Accounting Cover Letter

This is how to write a nice accounting cover letter.

  • Be precise—the accounting profession entails a wide range of jobs. Make sure that you precisely address the particular job as well as the position that was advertised.
  • Professional course and training—do not exclude any professional course or training you have undertaken from your submission.
  • Professional associations—highlight any professional association of which you are a member as long as it is relevant.
  • Showcase your value—this is the part where you should highligh any achievements you have made in your past relevant positions, as well as commendations you received from your bosses. This is a great way to demonstrate your value.
  • Set yourself apart with impressive statistics—tell the employer how you helped the various companies you have worked for in the past reduce costs, increase revenues or witness an improvement in another area by this or that percentage.
  • Tell the employer how you will contribute to the company—use your skills, experiences and achievements to exemplify how you will use them to make positive contributions to the company if hired.

The Do’s and Don’ts


  • Do you keep the letter short? One page is the maximum length for cover letters, with the ideal length being between 250-350 words or around four paragraphs.
  • To address the cover letter to the right organization, and correct member of staff
  • Do pluck out the best bits of your resume to use throughout your cover letter
  • To customize or tailor the letter for every role you are applying for.
  • Do end the cover letter by thanking the employer for their time


  • Don’t use any unprofessional or outdated contact details. Always use the most relevant, detailed, and most professional contact details.
  • Don’t just copy and rewrite your resume in your cover letter
  • Don’t call out experience or skills gaps in your cover letter
  • Don’t use company-specific terminology or language. Stick to what is easily understood and known at an industry level

Accounting Cover Letter Template

Dear Mr./Mrs./Ms [Hiring Manager’s Name]

I hereby apply for the senior accountant position, which your organization [company name] advertised on its website yesterday. My qualifications and professional background strongly match the requirements to fill this position.

I have worked for [name of your previous company] for four and a half years as a senior accountant. In those years, I have acquired more knowledge and experience that will be very valuable to your company. With great organizational and problem-solving skills, I believe I can contribute positively to this organization if hired.

During my tenure, I made two impressive achievements. In my third year with the organization, I helped the company reduce operating costs by 20 percent, thus receiving a commendation from my boss. Then in my final six months, I had the company’s tax obligations drop by 5 percent.

As a member of the AICPA for more than five years, I have attended numerous seminars organized by this association to further hone my skills and stay updated with new standards and practices in the accounting profession.

Attentive to detail, result-oriented, and a great team leader, I would like to put those qualities together with sharp skills and vast experience to use for the benefit of your organization. If considered, I am confident that I will play a key role in the future growth of your organization. I have done a great job for many organizations with a proven track record.

By Errol

Accounting Cover Letter (Examples)

cover letter for accountant in word format

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accountant cover letter sample doc

cover letter for accounting

assistant with no experience

application letter for accountant position for fresh

cover letter for accountant in word format 01


Drafting a great cover letter is an essential step in your job search journey. When writing your cover letter, make sure that you properly reference the requirements listed in the job description. In the letter, also make sure that you reference your most outstanding or relevant qualities to help your employers see why the position would best suit you. By following the sample provided, we believe that you will be able to write a cover letter that best highlights your experience and qualifications. If you are ready to apply for your next role as an accountant, download our free sample templates today and get started on your journey.

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