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Bookkeepers are some of the most valuable people in an organization setup. When drafting your bookkeeper cover letter, make sure it portrays you as a reliable person with a successful history in bookkeeping to get that job. Putting together a great bookkeeper cover letter is a significant step in getting an interview with your potential employer, but it can be tough to know what to include and how to format your cover letter. However, just like any other typical professional cover letter, your bookkeeping cover letter should be precise and professional.

A well-drafted bookkeeper cover letter must show that you understand the daily duties and responsibilities of the job, which include keeping accurate and updated accounting records, keying in daily receipts into the company books, and reporting vital accounting data to government entities or company owners. Your letter should portray a command of corporate accounting and an understanding of government filings. When you include information on your cover letter, ensure that it is specific on the size and number of companies you have worked for, as this information is very important to the hiring managers. It also increases your chances of getting the job.

The following is a step-by-step guide on how to write a great cover letter that lets you stand out before your potential employer.

Bookkeeper Cover letter Templates

Editable Bookkeeper Cover Letter Sample 01

Free Bookkeeper Cover Letter Template 02

    How to Write a Bookkeeper Cover Letter

    1.  Write your full name and include your contact information at the topmost part of your cover letter. Include your email address, phone number, and your official address
    2. Begin the cover letter by courteously addressing the recipient/hiring manager by their name and official title
    3. In your introductory paragraph, mention where you heard or found the job posting and express genuine interest in the position. If you were referred by someone who works in the company or who is recognized by your employer, mention their name.
    4. Use your first paragraph to describe why you would be the best fit for the organization as their bookkeeper. Add your most relevant skills and academic qualifications that make you the perfect fit for the position.
    5. In another paragraph, discuss your experiences, testimonials, and achievements related to this opening. Where necessary, back up this information with proven facts and evidence.
    6. Use your closing paragraph to thank the reader for considering your application and show your interest in discussing the position in more detail. You can also summarize your relevant experience, skills, and qualifications that will make you an asset to the organization.
    7. End the cover letter with an official sign-off followed by your full names.
    8. Ensure that your cover letter is single-paged or less in length
    9. Proofread your letter to check for grammatical mistakes and punctuation errors.

    When writing a cover letter, be it a bookkeeping cover letter or any other professional cover letter, keep in mind these four key questions to help you write a successful cover letter that will get you hired:

    Why do you want to work for that organization? What interests you about the company?
    Here, tell the reader about how your skills and personality match with what they do or what they believe in.

    Why are you a perfect fit for this position and the company?
    Talk about how your real-life experiences, skills, and past work meets the requirements of their job description.

    How do you personalize the letter?
    Customize your bookkeeper cover letter to the job you are applying for. Address the letter to the right recipient by their name and title. If you do not know who will be reading or receiving it, address it as “To the Hiring Manager” or “To the Hiring Committee.” Avoid the “Dear Sir/Madam” salutation tags.

    Have you proofread your cover letter?
    Most employers prefer to hire people who are keen and attentive to detail. Therefore, proofreading your letter to correct any grammar or spelling mistakes before sending out your cover letter allows you to show them this important skill.

    Sample Bookkeeper Cover Letters

    Sample 1:

    Bobby Jackson

    (313) 657-9088

    April 1, 2017

    Dear Hiring Manager,

    I am excited about the chance to apply for the position of Bookkeeper at Hilton View. Bookkeeping has been one of my prime skills. The success of a business relies on keeping a detailed record of financials. I am confident in my skillset, and I am excited to learn more.

    I was the Head Bookkeeper for over three years at Whitworth House, where I kept an outline of all financial records. Hilton view experienced much success in my time there. I am also great at working with a team.

    I have a master’s degree in finance and graduated with honors. One of my keys drivers to success in bookkeeping is paying attention to the small details. This skill has enabled me to help companies reduce expenditures.

    Thank you for your time and for considering my resume and cover letter. I am looking forward to learning more about the Bookkeeper position at Hilton View. I believe that my experience and skills will make me an excellent candidate for this position. You can reach out to me for any clarification.


    Bobby Jackson

    Sample 2:

    Sep 13, 2019

    Tony Miles

    224 Kensington Street

    New York, NY 22346

    (442) 225-0076

    Dear Mr. Miles,

    I am writing this letter to apply for the Bookkeeping position at your company with reference to the advertisement on your website this week.

    I can significantly impact your company’s ongoing success as I am an analytical and dynamic individual with a proven history of surpassing expectations.

    My current employment at Kimberly Hardware as a Bookkeeper has helped me to enhance my abilities in key viable areas like financial calculations, preparing invoices, etc.

    With my practical communication skills and working knowledge to identify opportunities, I can produce a suitable outcome working alone or in a team. I can also undertake customer service tasks together with general administration.

    I have attached my resume for your reference and would be gracious for a chance to meet with you soon to deliberate on my application further.


    Tony Brown

    Tips for Writing the Perfect Bookkeeper Cover Letter

    As a bookkeeper, your prowess lies in mathematical calculations and database management. You are able to make sense of the most complex data sets, but complicated grammar rules are probably not your expertise. To get that fancy bookkeeper job that you have been looking for, you will need an impressive cover letter paired with a great resume to get you through the door for an interview.

    The following cover letter tips will be very beneficial to you:

    Tailor your cover letter to the specific company

    Editing that one application letter that you previously used for another job seems quite easy, but a lack of customization will most likely result in fewer interview invitations.  Therefore, it is very important that you tailor your application to the specific company and position.

    Find out the company’s mission, culture, values, future goals, and the products/services offered before you begin writing your cover letter. Additionally, consider whether your experience, skills, and values match with the company. A company’s information may be found in the following sources

    • Social media pages
    • The media
    • Stack share
    • Glassdoor
    • Company’s annual report

    Write about your soft skills

    As a bookkeeper,  it is crucial to include your hard skills such as Microsoft Office Suite and Quickbooks accounting software in your cover letter, but that does not mean that you should exclude your soft skills.

    Soft skills are character traits or interpersonal aptitudes that affect your ability to work effectively and interact with others. As a bookkeeper, some of the soft skills that you may include in your cover letter are:

    • Communication skills
    • Teamwork
    • Coordination
    • Leadership skills
    • Reliability

    Your cover letter should include your soft skills and how they will contribute to your position’s performance.

    Finish your cover letter with a strong call-to-action

    you have already crafted a pro cover letter that highlights your skills and how you will help the organization in achieving its goals; the last step is to write an appealing call-to-action that prompts the hiring manager to invite you for an interview. You can finish off strong by using these two techniques:

    • Appreciate the hiring team or manager for taking their time and attention to read your application
    • Courteously request an invitation for an interview

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    What are the roles and responsibilities of a bookkeeper?

    A bookkeeper job description basically includes the following:
    • Conducting daily banking activities
    • Processing payments
    • Producing financial reports
    • Merging reports to third-party records, for example, bank statements

    What are the most important skills of a bookkeeper?

    • Attention to details
    • Integrity and transparency
    • Tech-savviness
    • Time management skills
    • Interpersonal skills
    • Transparency and integrity
    • Organizational skills
    • A way with numbers

    Is it hard to be a bookkeeper?

    NO. with the right knowledge and circumstances, bookkeeping can be as easy as classifying things properly.

    What is the role of bookkeeping in a business firm?

    Generally, the bookkeepers’ role is to oversee an organization’s financial data and compliance by keeping accurate books on accounts payable and receivable, daily financial entries and reconciliations, and payroll. Bookkeepers perform daily accounting duties such as monthly financial reporting, record payments, adjustments, and general ledger entries.

    How do you write a bookkeeper on a resume?

    The major takeaways include;
    • Carefully go through the job description and highlight the bookkeeper qualities that are listed there
    • Mention a bookkeeper resume objective immediately below your contact information
    • Avoid listing only your bookkeeper skills as outlined in the job description. Add a couple of items that the hiring manager didn’t ask for.
    • Include other sections to your bookkeeping resume that indicate you fit the job perfectly.

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