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A certificate of completion is a document given to an individual/student, as a proof of recognition awarded by the college, that the student has successfully completed a specific course study. It is also defined as a document issued to an individual or a group as proof of project completion, having met all the required standards. For a certificate of completion to be legal, it must be approved by the state as well as meeting the Higher Education Coordinating Commission standards and criteria.

What this certificate represents?

The authority or legal importance of this certificate to the student career is that he/she has been approved by the state as well as the Higher Education Coordinating Commission, having met the standards and criteria pertaining to the course of study that the student has been awarded for. This means that the particular student has a defined work entry point and is equally qualified for the job as well as representing a collegiate-level work.

An individual certificate of completion represents the successful completion of a construction project in line with the required plans, specifications, and construction regulations. This means that the construction is legally safe and secure to be used by the public or for the intended use.

Designs of Certificate of Completion

A certificate of completion is a formal document; hence the design used to create this document should be formally accepted. There are so many designs used to create a certificate of completion, but it is equally important to use a design scheme with a taste relevant to the course. Different certificates of completion are awarded for different fields; hence there is a need to have a varied design scheme for these certificates. For instance, some certificate designs allow the use of a general photo representing the career field in general, while others completely restrict the use of photos.

Another design scheme to consider in a certificate of completion is the general appearance design of the certificate. This includes color, frame, images, and borders. Different certificates of completion accommodate different general appearance design. For instance, some allow a colorful frame design with bright colors, while others use a simple frame and dull or slightly bright color.

The last design scheme to consider in a certificate of completion is the wording design. There are a number of acceptable wording designs to use in a certificate of completion. They include straightforward certification of completion wording, elaborate certification of completion wording, and humorous certification of completion wording. For straightforward wording design, the certificate consists of easy, simple, and straightforward wordings. For instance, “Certificate of Completion. Awarded to, for the completion of, at, “. For elaborate wording design, the certificate consists of more detailed wordings, though precise, about the award than the straightforward design. For humorous wording design, the certificate consists of detailed wordings accompanied by humorous words. Humorous wording design is ideal for less formal fields.

Free Templates

Certificate of Completion Template for Kids:

Certificate of Completion Template for Kids

Certificate of Completion Template for Word:

Certificate of Completion Template for Word

Contractor Certificate of Completion:

Contractor Certificate of Completion

Sample Certificate of Completion:

Sample Certificate of Completion

Contents of a certificate

A standard certificate consists of the following basic contents.

1. Name of the institution.

The name of the institution awarding the certificate is the first part of a certificate. This also includes the institution logo. Both the name and the logo are usually situated at the top of the certificate.

2. Name of the receiver.

This is the name of the student or the person receiving the certificate.

3. Course description.

This is where the certificate specifically describes the reason for recognition or awarding, and it includes the name of the course of study. This part may also include the grade attained, among other details.

4. Official signature and date.

This is the last part of the certificate, and it includes an official stamp, signature, and the date when the certificate was issued.

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