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A door hanger is a marketing tool used by businesses worldwide. It is usually hung on a door knob or on the door itself. The main purpose of this marketing tool is to market an organization’s product or service to potential customers and clients.

This marketing strategy has been around for a long time, with one of the earliest documented instances dating back to 1887 in America. Door hangers were seen as an alternative to advertising because they were cheaper and more convenient than other methods at the time. In addition, it was easier for companies to reach potential customers without being aggressive when marketing their products or services, which many people saw as an advantage back then.

This article discusses the advantages of door hangers and certain effective practices. It also directs business owners on how to create customized door hangers.

What is a Door Hanger?

Door hangers are printed pieces of paper with a hook that can be posted on doors, mailboxes, fences, or cars.

They can be used as a marketing tool for any business, including retail stores, real estate agents, car dealerships, law firms, restaurants, and other businesses. Since door hangers are eye-catching and easy to distribute, they are highly effective.

In addition to promoting businesses or events, door hangers can be utilized for various non-commercial purposes. These include charity fundraising events, political campaigns, and religious outreach.

Advantages of Using a Door Hanger

Door hangers offer a unique and useful way to communicate a message directly with potential customers. They can be distributed quickly without causing intrusion. Door hangers have hooks that allow them to be firmly affixed to the door without verbally engaging with residents.

Some benefits of using door hangers to market your product or service include the following:

Allows you flexibility

Door hangers offer you great freedom regarding when and how you utilize them. You can utilize them as a one-time strategy or build a campaign around them. The content you place on your door hangers can be anything from a simple advertisement for your business to a comprehensive brochure that educates consumers on a particular topic.

They can be customized

Door hangers are easy to customize, and you can include a call-to-action that prompts the prospective customer. They allow the customer to contact your business about a specific concern or to request a service or product. You can customize your brand’s logo and include relevant information you deem necessary, such as the benefits your product or service offers and the advantages of doing business with your organization.

Useful for small area markets

If you are running a small business in a densely populated area, door hangers can be a useful way to advertise your brand. By offering valuable content to the population of a small area, you build trust and may attract customers to your business. Whether you are a massage therapist looking to fill some bookings for the week or a small business looking to cement your brand name in a new neighborhood, door hangers are an effective way to make a long-lasting impression.

Ensures your customers get the message

Most forms of advertising tend to be ignored by people. For example, television, newspaper, and radio ads are getting replaced gradually. Door hangers, however, ensure your customers get the message. This ensures that potential customers will see your advertisement. The combination of visual imagery and text on your door hanger will appeal to the consumer, triggering a sale. Employing the use of door hangers is the best way to promote your product or service.

They are noticeable

Unlike many direct marketing tools, door hangers are easily visible and accessible. When you place a hanger on a home or car door, you make it nearly impossible for the customers to ignore your information. Because people often take the information they see on the doorstep of their homes, there are good chances they will learn more about your business or cause.

They are inexpensive

For most businesses, the cost of printing and distributing door hangers are relatively low, especially compared to other direct marketing methods such as direct mail. The relatively low cost of door hangers compared with their effectiveness makes them a very cheap form of advertising.

Information to Include on a Door Hanger

Because of their varied use, door hangers are ideal for initiating conversations, building rapport, and establishing trust with prospective customers. The information on the hanger plays an important role in securing this outcome. An effective door hanger should be designed with the viewer in mind. It should be eye-catching and noticeable while providing necessary information in an easy-to-follow format. 

Door hangers should include the following information:

Company information

Your organization’s name and logo on your door hanger should be clear, concise, and colored. This information will capture the attention of potential customers. You must think carefully about the tone and style of your writing to make it appealing to potential customers. Even if the consumer is not interested in what you offer, you may still expose them to your business and trigger a future interaction.

Product and services

Ensure the items or services you promote are legible and prominently displayed on the front of your door hanger. Colors that merge into the background should be avoided, as should fonts that are difficult to read. Whether you are promoting a new hardware store or law firm, the product or service your organization offers should be distinct.

Special offer

You may include a special discount or incentive your business is offering. These may include sales or special prices. Special offers may incentivize your potential customers and prompt a sale.

Call to action

Include a phrase to trigger an immediate response, encourage a sale, or prompt potential customers to contact your business. For example, you may write “Buy Now!” or “Hurry While Stocks Last!”. A creative and effective call-to-action will ensure that your potential customers remember your message and actively want to learn more about what you have to offer them.

Method to contact

Although it may appear pretty simple, include your business contact information on the door hanger. Even if a potential customer is uninterested in what you are promoting, you may expose them to your website and phone number. They may not require your products or services today, but they may in the future.

Discount coupon

Increase the effectiveness of your marketing with door hangers by including a detachable promotional coupon. Make sure the coupons are eye-catching and visible. A coupon also enables you to monitor the effectiveness of your campaign as the clients will use the coupon presented on your door hanger.

Door Hanger Templates

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    Effective Practices to Boost Response Rate

    By now, you have probably comprehended how to use door hangers for advertising your product or service. After all, they are easy to pick as you walk towards your house or car. However, getting people to spend on the product or service that you are advertising takes work. 

    The following practices should be employed when designing and distributing door hangers:

    Research the demographics

    Before you begin your door-hanger marketing campaign, you must assess your target audience. Door-hanging campaigns have a distinct target population from other forms of direct marketing. Your target audience is frequently confined to a certain section of your city. Avoid drawing broad distinctions about the population in a certain location. Determine who buys your product or service, who does not buy your product or service but should, what area of your town or city has a good chance of not knowing about your business, how much your product or service costs, and your competition. 

    For example, it would not be wise to promote an auto repair shop in a community full of individuals who ride bicycles. Instead, center your efforts on areas that would benefit from auto services.

    Set your goals

    After settling on your target audience, define what you seek to achieve with your door-hanger marketing campaign. By setting goals, you ensure your business will reap maximum profits with your door-hanging campaign. You can aim for a fixed dollar amount, a specific number of individual buyers, or track your earnings per unit sold. Finally, remember to set realistic and achievable goals so you do not financially stretch yourself or your business.

    Create a campaign

    Create an effective marketing campaign to make the most of this powerful marketing tool. To make your work easier, employ a schedule and chart the area you want to distribute your door hangers. By doing so, you stand a better chance of drawing attention to your message, making it more likely that your target audience will take notice. Additionally, an effective campaign will minimize your expenses while maximizing your profits.

    Choose the right printer

    Use the appropriate printer and paper for your door hanger. Otherwise, they may be destroyed when exposed to extreme sunlight, rain, or snow. Consider using a printing and marketing provider to get discounts since you will be printing door hangers in bulk.

    Use a full-color door hanger printed on premium gloss paper to enhance consumer trust that you are a reputable firm with whom to do business. Choosing the right printer for your door hangers ensures that your campaign will succeed. 

    Use a standard size

    Make sure you choose the right size and shape for your door hanger to create an appealing design. The standard size is 4.25” by 11” or 4.25” by 14”. When deciding on the dimensions, consider that your door hanger’s purpose is to market your business. Additionally, consider how much space you have to work with and what kind of message you want to relay.

    Keep designs simple

    Keep your door hanger simple and free of unnecessary words and pictures. Your aim is to grab prospective customers’ attention and direct them to a solution to their problem and a call to action. Only promote one product or service of your company on the door hanger. Prospective customers will be confused if you provide too much information, and they may completely disregard it. Consider a minimalistic approach when designing your door hangers.

    Format your door hanger professionally

    Ensure that your door-hanger marketing campaign is professional. Otherwise, your intended audience will disregard your offer. Whether you are using a template or designing the door hanger yourself, format it professionally to ensure your campaign is effective. Based on your research, leave your door hangers for clients likely to purchase your goods or service. By doing this, you will save money and avoid frustrating those who are uninterested in your business.

    Track responses

    Any good marketing campaign measures its progress. One approach to accomplish this is to include a coupon on the door hanger. Assign scannable QR codes of website links to door hangers you will disseminate in different areas. You will know how many people viewed the hanger this way. Naturally, some consumers will overlook the coupon. However, you may estimate how many individuals interacted with your door hanger.

    Gauge your success

    Evaluate the number of sales or customer interactions arising from your door-hanger marketing campaign. You may use this information to determine whether the campaign was successful or if there is room for improvement. With this insight, you can determine whether or not to run another door-hanger marketing campaign. Gauging your success will assist you in making sensible financial decisions.


    As a business owner, door hangers are an effective method for you to deliver your message to prospective customers or increase brand awareness. You can create custom door hangers with creativity and imagination to promote your business.

    When deciding where to hang your door hanger, choosing a spot that can be easily seen is important. Place the door hanger on a door knob or on the window next to it to ensure that everyone will see it and take notice. Door knobs are an ideal location as you will get maximum exposure for your message.

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